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thanks for streaming our games!

a late joiner submission :D

a late joiner submission :D

I don't usually see people try narrative games for this jam, so it's really fun when someone does come up with something lovely to go through and digest the story. The art is really cute, and despite the short playtime, the characters already feel close and loveable. The story ramps up a little too quick though and made me quite confused.  

CLOSED! I'm no longer seeking for teams to join.

Hi, I'm a game composer. My works are mostly ambient, calm tracks, kinda C418-y.

You can hear some of my stuff here:

My Discord: fsnowdin#1391 

DM if interested!

I'm glad the experience was smooth for you. After the flower scene it's really vague what to do next so you getting lost was more on my fault. Thanks for streaming the game!

Great little experience. Despite being a bitsy game, some parts of the game looks gorgeous!

Game hay đấy. Cho 1 cái follow này =)). 

Despite my best efforts, I've basically been unable to follow the theme in almost all the jams I've participated in, lol. Wymia started out with a premise that involved the Heartbeat theme but the story gradually progressed to make the premise obsolete.

Thank you for playing and for the praise!

Those two areas you screenshotted didn't have proper collision blocks placed. The hallway area one is especially nasty because I deliberately took time to check for this bug throughout the area but still missed that place, lol.

The forest area bounds bug is new though. I totally forgot there was piece of flavor text there that I just dragged out of the level to get rid of (oh what you do in a game jam...). By returning to the level from outside the map, you returned to a previous scene from a leftover exit point.

Lol, about the Wymia name. I literally just picked it because it sounded good. Nothing else. Are you Polish? I never could have imagined the word would mean 'udder' in Polish. Tbh, this is pretty hilarious.

Thanks for continuing the bug reports!

If you load the game after the credits scene, it returns to the game state before the ending so seeing Wymia on the ground isn't a problem. I take it that you're trying to interact to her without the talk bubble popping up and that's what causing the crashes. I'll see into that.

Yeah, all the scenes in the game have the player in them. The credits scene are just me moving the camera while the player is out of bounds. I actually forgot to freeze the player movement in the scene you mentioned so that's why you can move around, lol. 

Thanks for playing the game and for the plenty of bug reports! Really appreciate it!

After the flower scene, you're pretty much done with the guy. There's someone else at the area with the multiple little rooms you may be able to help (he has more dialogue than it looks) who will convince the red hood guy to help you (to be frank, the hints for this part aren't clear at all, sorry for that). The crashing bug is new though, thanks for letting me know about that and for playing the game!

After the flower scene, you're pretty much done with the blue guy. There's someone else at the area with multiple little rooms you may be able to help though...  What you need to do at points in the game isn't very straightforward or clearly hinted at; I learned that in a game jam, your vomit draft writing IS the final writing... I can see myself working on this little game for a while more.

I love the artstyle for Mission Zigloton, btw :)

Thanks for playing and for the kind words.

The title screen blew me away. This game is definitely professional-tier! Look forward to the full release.

I agree. A game's music is what stays with long after I've completed the game; sometimes the music makes or breaks an entire game for me. Unfortunately, I was fixing bugs and making new art assets right up until the last hour of the jam... I decided to not hastily compose the game's entire soundtrack in mere hours and just work with what I already have.

Thank you for playing and for the praise!

Thanks for playing and the kind words! There definitely would have been full music and sound effects if there was enough time left in the jam, lol. All sorts of ideas for Wymia's music is still waiting to be realized.

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Since this version is no longer supported and is unavailable for download, can you open-source this dialogue system and give it a free license?

Thanks for your interest in the game! We have been making good progress recently. Stay tuned!

Imo, since basically 100% of a visual novel is reading words I found it pretty draining to play for a long time. If I pick up a VN, I’ll be reading continuously until the game ends. That’s pretty tense, even if it’s just reading. Having the ability to move around and explore can be a soothing experience in between major events.

Thanks for playing!

Our artist wanted to try out pixel art for this game but then realized trying out something new in a 48hr game jam wouldn’t turn out so good, lol. Pixel art is easier to animate with so that’s why only the character sprites are pixel art. The game may look very differently in the future, so stay tuned.

Thanks for the honest feedback!

Exposure matters. This is probably the least sucky way I can show my game around. You probably have seen people who will comment on your page with the only goal of advertising their game.

The game was initially made for the Lux Jam but since the development time fits this jam I decided to submit here as well.

Yeah, we decided to get by ignoring the theme and not having a core gameplay loop. The 48hrs were pretty intense and still we needed to scrap a lot of things.

Thanks for having played the game!

We pretty much spent all of our time on developing the settings for the game (and what’s in the game currently is only a tiny bit of the whole story) so there was not much focus on having a core gameplay loop. Integrating more gameplay into my games (all are story-based) is a personal goal.

Thanks for playing!

You’re not wrong. That’s how we aimed for the gameplay to be as we wanted to put emphasis on the exploration of the town. Thanks for playing!

Glad to see you have had a great experience. Thanks for playing the game!

We took a lot of inspirations from real life cults (Jim Jones, Heaven’s Gate, etc.) for the game. Thanks for the rating!

The game right now only contains only a tiny tip of the entire story. There's still so much more to come for Seeker. Glad you liked the music! It was improvised on the piano and recorded with a really bad Android phone but the overall reception of it has been great, I hope to truly finish it in FL someday as it's my favorite piece. Thank you very much for having played the game.

The game is still in very early stages, and tbh I joined the jam more to force myself to push out the game than to compete, so that's why I didn't adhere to the plague theme as much. Also, I'm not that good at art either but knowing some simple color theory and messing around with light and particles system in Godot can make a massive difference.  Thanks for playing and keep making games!

Thanks for the kind words!

Absolutely! The basic version of the parser is here.  Thank you very much!

Would it be okay if I released a text parser that returns a JSON dialogue specifically for use with this system for those who don't want to use Dialogue Designer? The Ren'py-like parser makes it quick to write scripts for this system and it contains no code from the addon.

That's my fault really, that version didn't have anything indicating it was a demo. In retrospect, I should've notified the player they were playing a demo. Sorry for the confusion!

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Seems like you had the demo version of the game, that's why it abruptly ended after the conversation with the angel. 

I'm glad to see that things are fine now. Thanks for checking out the game!

I'm very sorry but I've been unable to reproduce the crash at the end of the first conversation with the angel. I tested both the 32-bit and 64-bit version and they worked fine. 

I'm afraid some of your game files were corrupted during download and that's why it kept crashing. Have you tried re-downloading the game?

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That's strange. What platform are you on? I've received messages about how the game acts weird on Mac. As far as I know, the Windows version doesn't crash at any point during the conversation with the angel. 

I'm terribly sorry for the mistake. I will try to fix this as soon as possible.