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Glad you enjoyed the game! Yeah, not being able to implement an in-game tutorial is one of my biggest regrets coming out of this jam.

Thanks for playing! Losing being too easy and permanent was an intentional design choice, and also one we went with for the historical accuracy element, because in the historical context, most of the combat that happened during this rebellion was decisive. I understand how that as a gameplay element may be frustrating, however.

Thanks for playing! In regards to building up your army, that can only be done at Barracks or Elephant Pen buildings, after units are produced in those tiles. As for building Fishing Boats and other buildings, towns do not start out with any resources, so you will need to wait a few turns in order to get the resources to build in a town.

Thanks for the advice! This was our first finished TBS game, I’ll try and keep what you suggested in mind for future projects.

Thanks for the compliment, glad you found the game interesting!

Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks for playing! Yeah, we weren’t able to include an in-game tutorial because of our time constraints.

Yeah, we would have had an in-game tutorial, but we were running out of time by the time we were going to add it in.

Thanks for playing! Something might have bugged out, you should have seen a “YOU WIN” popup when you captured the last enemy town.

Thanks! Glad you managed to understand even without a tutorial.

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks! I recommend an army of 30 elephants. That tends to do the trick.

Thanks for playing! The grid was a nightmare to implement, but it looks like it was a good call in the end.

Thanks for playing! Yeah, if we made the AI a bit more aggressive, players wouldn’t be able to farm resources as much.

Thanks for playing! Yeah, we would have implemented a tutorial and made the interface navigation less janky, but we were a bit short on time by the end.

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for pointing out the bug, I tried to add some failsafe for it during development but it doesn’t seem like that ended up working, although it doesn’t seem to happen nearly as often as it used to.

I’ll see what I can do about the controls if I end up making a post-jam version.

Thanks for playing! I made sure to drop a little controls overview in the description.

Glad you enjoyed the music and the story, those were some of the areas we tried to focus in on with this game.


The graphics in this game are top notch, and the concept is very interesting. I think this game could guide you through some more goals to keep things interesting, but for a jam game, this is very well-made.

I love the graphics in this one, although it gets a bit hard to read around the spooky part. The music is nice, the sound effects are cute, and the gameplay itself is interesting. Great work on this one.

I like this game’s concept quite a bit. The graphics are nice, the music fits, but the controls could use some work, because I did encounter an issue where parts would get stuck to my cursor or I would select multiple parts at once. I think if you fix the control issues and maybe add some more variety to the starting and ending positions this could become a rather nice game to spend a little while on.

This game was nice! The method of storytelling by having the characters traverse a book through its pages was very "novel" (with lack of a less pun-esque word). My main gripes with the game were related to the near-zero difficulty level. Most enemies could be avoided by simply shooting forwards while walking backwards. I think that if you varied the enemy AI and attack patterns a bit more, you could have a fun and challenging post jam game. Great Job!

This game was really fun! I only managed to get to December 22nd before it got too hard for me.

The difficulty rises very nicely with each level, and the addition of a second conveyor belt in that level was brilliant. However, I was having a few issues with the mechanics of picking items up.