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Pretty good submission! I like the core concept, seems that if you elaborate on it a bit more it could be a pretty good game! As others have stated, the buffs don’t feel like they matter because you can’t see your HP or anything like that, and sometimes things can feel a bit out of your control. Overall, very good potential though.

I like the change in pacing that comes in with each flip of the coin. Very nice idea to make one part fuel the other. I would appreciate separated rooms for each section you go to in order to potentially reduce the lag that occurs.

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!

Glad you enjoyed it! Ironically, I thought that the art I did was probably the weakest part of the game, glad you liked it despite that! I’m working on a graphical upgrade now that should serve to make the game more readable while keeping the important parts of the style.

Thanks for playing, and thanks for your feedback! Personally, I think that the ability to choose between playing for speed and playing for larger connections is a plus for this game as it allows for greater player expression through gameplay. I can understand how that can be confusing, and it will be an interesting thing to balance in my post-jam version. I may implement some sort of combo system, but I am going to stray away from one that only benefits those who play for speed.

Thanks for playing, glad you liked it!

Thanks for playing! Enemies attack on a timer, you can see (albeit not very well) the blue bar beneath their health bar filling up slowly. I plan on making that more visible.

Hey, I left a comment on this game while it was still in the jam, not sure if you read it or not, but I think this game is really cool! I can feel some Puyo Puyo vibes from the menus and design, and that speaks to me as someone who appreciates action puzzle games.

I think that this game has some great potential if you expand it some more.

Glad you enjoyed it!

I suppose it requires a bit more explanation, clearing pieces gives power, and getting 100 power causes you to attack. I didn’t want attacks to constantly occur as it would draw attention away from the main playfield too often.

I don’t have another person to play with, so I’m afraid my review will be based on my impressions alone and not much into the depth of the gameplay itself. I think your concept is good, being able to change the faces of a die as you play is an interesting idea. It would be great if you could see the entire playfield at once instead of a small section.

The instrumentation of the music and the sound effects are rather grating, I think the song itself is fine, but less harsh tones would be easier to listen to as background music.

Thanks for playing! I agree on your point regarding making it clear whether an attack hits the threshold or not. I will consider that for the potential post-jam version.

I think that a scoring system could be good, but I don’t think a par system would be a good way to go about it. Since rolls are random, and strategy is only half of the question as to how you would get the keys and get to the exit, your score may be completely different from someone else’s and it wouldn’t be a clear indicator of skill.

That being said, I am honestly not quite sure how you’d go about a scoring system in a game like this.

Thanks for playing! I can understand why you think the jam theme isn’t very present, I kinda wanted the game to be at least some degree removed from the theme, so the only dice are the ones that determine attack damage. I’d say it becomes a bit more involved when you choose the spear as your weapon, then you really feel like your fate is in the hands of the dice roll.

This game’s concept is very interesting, but I think players may be exposed to a bit much from the get-go. I think there’s a lot of room for strategy, but it’s not clear what a player can do in any given situation.

Outside of that, this game’s presentation is rather well done. Great work, this could be a fantastic post-jam game.

Interesting concept, I love the options menu.

On a more serious note, I think I found a potential bug. I don’t imagine the die should be rolling off the path.

I think that the random element could work, but the resource management element is unnecessary. Overall, a clean experience, but I think there is a bit that needs to be done before the game feels like it’s in the control of the player.

Very polished game, it was interesting seeing each new character come in with their different aspects and quirks.

I can understand that, I’ll see if I can come up with a cleaner, more readable design for a potential post-jam version.

This game looks great, but it runs rather poorly on my system (I suppose I can blame unreal for that). I would recommend increasing the gravity on the dice so that there’s less wait time between turns.

This game is pretty unique! The mechanic of a face disappearing and needing to use all sides before clearing is pretty challenging, but it’s easy to understand once you’ve exposed yourself to the mechanic for a bit.

This game is brutal! I enjoyed the concept, I think I understand in hindsight why lower rolls are stronger, although it’s a bit backwards compared to how most games implement dice roll systems.

The music could use some work, I could imagine some sort of track that develops as you progress through the game.

This game is simply amazing. Great work your team did during these 48 hours. The control scheme had me fumbling around like a toddler, but when I figured out how to do jumps, it was a very satisfying feeling. This game definitely has a spot in the top games for this jam.

If I could criticize anything, I would say that the sound effects and music are a tad painful to listen to, minus the sound for moving around. Having different notes on each face is really cool.

I can imagine how fun it was to make this game. Great experience overall, loved the unpredictable effects.

The dragon effect is possibly one of the best things I have ever seen.

Glad you enjoyed the game! Yeah, not being able to implement an in-game tutorial is one of my biggest regrets coming out of this jam.

Thanks for playing! Losing being too easy and permanent was an intentional design choice, and also one we went with for the historical accuracy element, because in the historical context, most of the combat that happened during this rebellion was decisive. I understand how that as a gameplay element may be frustrating, however.

Thanks for playing! In regards to building up your army, that can only be done at Barracks or Elephant Pen buildings, after units are produced in those tiles. As for building Fishing Boats and other buildings, towns do not start out with any resources, so you will need to wait a few turns in order to get the resources to build in a town.

Thanks for the advice! This was our first finished TBS game, I’ll try and keep what you suggested in mind for future projects.

Thanks for the compliment, glad you found the game interesting!

Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks for playing! Yeah, we weren’t able to include an in-game tutorial because of our time constraints.

Yeah, we would have had an in-game tutorial, but we were running out of time by the time we were going to add it in.

Thanks for playing! Something might have bugged out, you should have seen a “YOU WIN” popup when you captured the last enemy town.

Thanks! Glad you managed to understand even without a tutorial.

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks! I recommend an army of 30 elephants. That tends to do the trick.

Thanks for playing! The grid was a nightmare to implement, but it looks like it was a good call in the end.

Thanks for playing! Yeah, if we made the AI a bit more aggressive, players wouldn’t be able to farm resources as much.

Thanks for playing! Yeah, we would have implemented a tutorial and made the interface navigation less janky, but we were a bit short on time by the end.

Thanks for playing!