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After finding El Dorado, a group of explorers must escape it now.
Submitted by Escada Games (@EscadaGames), Sucraiso (@sucraiso) — 3 minutes, 22 seconds before the deadline
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Godot Version

Wildcards Used
Heavy lies the crown

Game Description
A RPG tex-based game about escaping some ancient ruins. Quite different from what we usually made!

How does your game tie into the theme?
The player has to escape the ancient ruins of the City of Gold, El Dorado.


Discord Username
Delta-key #2283, Sucraiso #2335

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One of the first things that drew me in was your logo/header, and it continued to impress me as I played the game! It has me inspired for the next game jam! The music fit nicely with the theme, and set the tone throughout.

I will admit, the amount of text was a bit for me to overcome as someone who struggles to consume large amount of text at a time. It may have helped a little if the narrator/other characters had different color fonts to seperate it a bit?

Either way, I loved the "Choose your own adventure" aspect, and being able to play it multiple times, and not getting the same game twice! The fighting mechanics as well was awesome!


I really enjoyed the art style and the 8bit track. They fit together really well. The battle mechanics were interesting too, not sure I've seen anything quite like that before


Crazy good looking game! Sometime I feel that combat was not registering my clicks but that's just maybe because I was frantically clicking..

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Interesting idea.  Kind of felt like you were going through a deck of cards with various scenarios that had been shuffled.

While I'm not against the concept of a largely text based adventure game, I did feel that the 'flavor text' was a bit too long and most of the time it was unclear how your choices would affect the outcomes.  I also only drew one fight other than the golem and at the end of the golem fight, the game crashed. 

Also, the first time the Undertale-style fight indicators rolled past, I had no idea what they were and just watched them go by.  Including some sort of tutorial fight would be helpful.


Thanks for taking some time to leave this feedback, I really appreciate it. Of course, hearing bad things about our game is never what we want, but it is for the best hahaha

 I suppose the text takes a while to get to the point, and that ends up getting annoying, yes. The tutorial fight would be helpful too, I agree. I believe we'll release some updates for this game, so thanks for the heads up once again!


So much going on here. I would prefer a slightly easier in to the game!

Lots to read and the battles were pretty tricky and couldn't really work out if I was doing well or not.

Think a few tweaks with play testers would really improve the game


Wow. Just wow!

So well put together, and so much fun! I have to admit I was a little too tired post jam to read everything, but the concept was super well put together and executed. You can be sure I am going to come back and try get some more endings out of this.

I seriously loved the battle mechanics. I think that I did fall into a bit of a rhythm with them, switching between dex and str, but I suspect that will change each game depending on what you encounter.

Keep it up!


Very nice aesthetics