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The mood is incredible, and the sounds are great too. Also took me a while to figure out what to do. Great entry!

Excelente jogo, curti pacas. Acho que vão ganhar a jam! Parabéns pro time 🙂

Very cute game, as melo_toni said. Myself, it reminds me of Mr. Gimmick!

Managed to beat the game after a few tries, but I agree there were some cheap deaths. Nothing major because of the checkpoints, gladly. Still, it was fun to play! 

Nice game! Me and a friend of mine ended up racing the game, seeing who would finish it first. The texts reminded me of Cultist Simulator: they don't make a lot of sense at first, but they are really intriguing and keep you playing to see where will it all get. The music fitted nicely too. I agree with what everyone else said, but it wasn't a big deal for me (my keyboard has a clicking macro hahaha).

 The only "issue" we found, which is really minor, is that I believe this upgrade can't be bought because of the cost. This didn't affect the gameplay and I don't mind it. Just thought you might want to know this. 

 Once again, good job: It was an enjoyable game!

 Interesting idea on the audio. Truth be told, I had absolutely no idea on what kind of music would fit the game. I tried something medieval-like, with a hapsichord as the only instrument, but it didn't sound good ingame. A lo-fi like track might've worked, however... thanks for playing and for the suggestion! I'll consider adding something like that in the future (if I'm able to make a nice track, that is). I'm glad you enjoyed it!

 Hey there, happy to know you enjoyed it! Great to know it was fun too.

 Also, there's only one ending right now. But an alternate ending would've been really neat... nice idea :)

As others have said, the mechanic is really solid. The pixel art animations are also quite good, like the explosion and the bartender!

 Also, I think I might have found a minor bug. If you spam dynamites just before finishing a level and then exit, they'll all explode on the next stage. As I said, nothing major, since it doesn't impact the gameplay, but I thought you might have wanted to know. Good game!

This game is seriously awesome, great work on it. The graphics, sounds, music, puzzles (and the hints I had to use), the take on the theme, just wow. High probability of you guys winning the jam in my opinion!

You sure did a lot with such simple controls. Controling the mage and attacking is quite difficult, but the dash makes things are lot more balanced... it's really interesting! The animations do the job quite well too.

 The difficult scaling was done quite well also, in my opinion. The game is hard, but only after some time it gets a lot more difficult to juggle moving, attacking, and dashing away from enemies.  I got to 1 minute left after a few tries, nothing more than that hahaha

 Good job! If I had to suggest something, it would be to change the default cursor type on the main menu to be a pointing hand. It's a really simple as small detail, but I always find that it adds a lot of flavor to the game.

 Hey there, it somehow reminds me a bit of Dark Souls... maybe its the dodging  and the stamina bar. And also the difficulty! As Sozanek said, some extra feedback when damaging enemies would be really nice. 

 Other suggestions, I hope you don't mind:

  • Use the function lerp_angle (I think that's its name) to rotate the sword: that way, it will be a lot smoother and the sword won't "teleport" from one place to another while rotating;
  • I think the dash could be towards the direction the player is moving, instead of towards the mouse. It would make dodging easier in my opinion.

 Anyway, good job to the team! Looking foward to your next games.

Hey, I saw you wanted feedback on your game page, and I see other people already gave some nice feedback! Here are some things I think would improve a lot your game, I hope you don't mind:

  • The visual style is solid and the animations are good, but maybe a bit too messy. It might be just my taste. Also, maybe adding a boiling line effect here and there would help changes things up a bit;
  • Sometimes the not solid places are not obvious: for instance, the car can't be climbed on , but it has the same shading as the boxes. I think making it a bit lighter would be a nice touch;
  • And, of course, adding sound and music!

 Again, I hope you don't mind these points. This could become a really nice bigger game, something like Super Contra but with its own style.

 Also, I agree with you. When we were younger we managed to have lots of fun with the simplest of things... for me, it was bottle caps for some reason hahaha

Really nice game: the take on the time is quite solid (and how couldn't it be, with that many interpretations hahaha).  It reminded me of Enter the Gungeon. The graphics are obviously quite good, and I think the minimalist aesthetic was done quite well.

 For me, the low point was the music... I'm no composer, far from it in fact, but I found that it looped too early, and was a bit too dissonant (specially the second stage). 

 Took me two tries to beat. Good job! As I said, this is one good entry :)

 Oh, I see hahahaha yeah, that makes sense

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!

 I actually agree with you, the Pigod should be much more powerful... the reason it actually isn't is because balancing this game ended up being quite complicated haha 

 Rebalancing EVERYTHING could solve it, but that would make it become another game I suppose. Also, it seems people enjoy completely destroying the Pigod 😅

 Fixed the problems minutes ago :)

 Nice time! 

 The post-jam version should work now, just deployed a new version.  Thanks for playing!

Hey, my bad not fixing the problem after so long.

 Just uploaded a new version with the fix and some new polish here and there. Thanks for the patience, and I hope you enjoy playing it!

Si, pero tal vez "Oasis" hubiera sido una referencia mejor jajaja

Sorry hahaha

It was a sort of challenge proposed by the game jam, making a game playable with a single button. It was quite interesting to experiment with the controls as well :)

I also have no idea on how you did that jump hahaha thanks for the video, it'll help a lot with understanding what's going on.

 Thanks for the compliments as well, great to know you enjoyed the gameplay :)

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it :)

 Do you remember what you did when this happened? It would really help me haha

 Nice! Great to know you enjoyed the ground pound haha

 The transition is a bit finnicky to explain since I don't know if you use Godot, but I'll keep the explanation engine agnostic:

  • First, I create a class that corresponds to the sprite that will fill the screen. In this case, it was a little star.
  • This class must contain if the transition is a fade in or a fade out, as well as initial and final sizes, the fade transition, etc.
  • Basically, those sprites will grow to fill the screen when the transition is a fade out, and shrink when it is a fade in.
  • So, when I want to change any game scene (i.e. when the player finishes a stage), I do four things:
    • First I fill the screen with those sprites;
    • After waiting some frames, I create a copy of all those sprites, with the difference that they'll fade out this time;
    • I add those copies to the next stage;
    • And finally, I change the game to the next stage. 

 And that's it!

 In case you actually know how to use Godot, this game's source code is listed on the game page. Feel free to take a look and maybe learn a thing or two 🙂

Thanks for playing! Really happy you enjoyed it so much! 🙂

 So, to say the truth, the way I glued the character isn't really elegant, and I think there are better ways to do it hahaha anyway, here's how it was done:

  • The idea is that there's a function that every frames checks just ahead of the player for a floor or a wall. It also checks the following:
    • If the player jumped. It this is the case, no rotation happens (otherwise the player could accidentaly spin around while jumping);
    • It the player isn't walking, no rotation happens (the player MUST be wallking to loop around the terrain);
    • If the player spin animation wasn't finished, no rotation happens (this one is a bit janky but helps preventing the player from being ejected while rotating);
  • If everything is fine, then the function makes two checks:
    • First, it checks if just ahead of the player there is a wall and there is a floor. If that's true, then the player must be just before a wall, so it should rotate to climb it.
    • Otherwise, the codes checks if just ahead of the player there ISN'T floor, but last frame there was. This means that the player is just before a ledge, so it must rotate to be kept glued to the terrain.

 So, there's some repeat checks here and there, but it works.

 Also... I don't actually change the gravity directly when rotating: instead, I change the floor normal. The reason is that this way I can make the gravity change and rotation animation smoother!

 The biggest problem was making the animation smooth. Initially the player just snapped to the new floor, and it was quite rough on the eyes hahaha, but with some tweens, trial and error, and a bit of angle math, it ended up looking as it is right now.

 Feel free to check the source code as well, it's on the game page. Thanks again, glad you thought so much of our game!

 Wow, thanks! Very happy with the score! Also, thanks for the compliments and feedback, REALLY appreaciate them!

There's about 1% of chance for they to appear :) Once you move, the character goes back to normal.

Thanks, glad you and interested in future games! We are always looking to get a bit better with each game.

 About the controls, I understand your point: while looking some people play, controlling the character became a struggle here and there haha

 Not sure how to attack this problem, however... I mean, having only one button is part of the idea of the game. Well, that's a problem for the future, I suppose. Anyway, thanks again!

Hey, thanks!

 We are actually really looking into turning this one into a bigger game. The simplicity and lack of long texts reaaaaaaaaaally help a ton.

 The stage number addition would be plus, I agree... also, thanks for the details on the bug, I was just going to start looking into it. Once again, thanks for playing and for the feedback!

That's weird... welp, thanks for reporting, I'll look into it!

 Also, the game has about 25 stages.

Nothing beats morning coffee... glad you enjoyed, and thanks for playing!

Nice, good to know!

 About the fullscreen, the button was missing. Just added it 👍

 It would be awesome! Thanks for playing, happy that you enjoyed it :)

 Thanks a lot ! Really glad you enjoyed it!

 Also, could you please tell me if you did anything in particular to cause that bug? I tried repeating it, but had no success 😕

 Opa, desculpas a demora pra responder!

 Então, sendo sincero, foi na base da gambiarra kkk logo em cima do bloco do meio, tem vários nodes Area2D que verificam quantos blocos estão contidos na área. Quando essa quantidade é igual a 10, aí o jogo considera que a linha foi completa.

 Explicando sem usar termos da Engine, basicamente o jogo verifica a cada X pixels se naquela altura existem pelo menos 10 blocos. Essa altura foi obtida levando em conta o tamanho dos blocos mesmo.

 Enfim, que bom que gostou! Se quiser perguntar mais algo, fica à vontade.

Hey, you are the jam organizer! Glad you enjoyed our game!

 About that bug, just fixed it, sorry about that. Still, thanks for pointing it out!

 Hey, didn't find that rule on the jam page, did it was mentioned on Discord?

Anyway, the source code is now available on the downloads!

Thanks man!

 I just fixed this bug haha it seems it was quite common. Thanks for pointing it out, and I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

 My bad, just fixed it. Thanks for playing and pointing this out!

 Thanks for playing, glad to know you enjoyed it so much!

 Just pushed an update that makes the last level a bit more enjoyable. It indeed was quite frustrating, should've tested more hahaha

Dang, did you find a bug?

 Also, thanks a lot for the feedback, really appreciate it (specially since I'm still practicing pixel art 🙂)! 

Hey, thanks for the feedback!

 I looked into the issues for Godot 4, and currently the Web export on itch only works on Chromium based browsers. I added some more info on this page to make this clearer!

 Also, added a short countdown right before the game starts. Once again, thanks for the suggestions!