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Hey, thanks for making the video! Glad you enjoyed playing it, and even shared with some people on YouTube :)

Hey, thank you, glad you enjoyed it! Also, good job beating the game!

Actually no! I was looking at the analytics for the game and noticed a spike coming from Twitter. I found the tweet, and it was talking about the game being published on Steam, but we were not contacted or anything like that.

Since it caught us off-guard and, IMO, the game currently does not have enough content to justify having a price tag, we decided to ask Steam to remove it, which they did.

I just enabled the fullscreen button. Hopefully it won't affect the gameplay!

Hey, thanks Filipe!

Tough question IMO to be honest. I never worked too much with mobile. Some suggestions, in case you haven't tried them already:

  • Try to log debug prints to a file, maybe this way you can pinpoint what the exact issue is;
  • Since when running from the editor things are working OK, then maybe the smartphone itself is denying the internet access? Maybe your game needs to ask the device permission to make the API calls.

Once again, I never worked too much with mobile, so those two things are mostly guesses of mine. Good luck though!

Hi! I'm sorry, but we weren't the ones that published the game on steam, and because of that we can't generate any keys for it.

Hey, thank you! Fyi, we will be releasing some updates pretty soon :)

Hey, glad to know this old guide still is helpful to someone! You are welcome 🙂

Glad it helped you :)

This is a really old guide of mine, so I don't remember most of the stuff in it anymore. But from what I recall, the naming isn't exactly intuitive. A disabled cell means that there's something occupying it, so we should not use it won't be used as a valid path for the path finding.

When we are right next to the player, then we can check if the cells are connected, and if they are, instead of moving, the enemy will be attacking the player.

I hope this helps!

Hey, thanks! I think I'm too late with this answer, sorry. But anyway...


Hey there, happy you enjoyed it! Thanks for sharing it too 🙂

I have no plans for adding a level editor, but I already had sketched some extra levels during the jam, so I just added them. Now there's a Level Select button as well.

Those new levels are a bit harder, so I hope it takes a while for you to beat them haha

In case you have any other suggestions or ideas, feel free to point them out. Thanks again for playing and I'm glad you enjoyed playing!

Working fine now, thank you! Got a 105 after a few tries :)

Very well polished and charming! There's nothing I can say that other haven't already. Great job!

Very cool! I managed to complete only the first maze because my spatial notion sucks, but it was fun! Bummer it doesn't have sound. IMO, this feels like a game I would actually play on a Nokia (which is good). Cheers!

I see... the game is super cool :)

In all seriousness, it is pretty cool. The twist on the "time stops when you stop" idea is really smart and well made. It didn't happen a lot to me, but enemies being able to kill each other is a nice addition. I liked it a lot, cheers!

Great game! Very well made... got nice art, good controls, and great ideas. Cool take on the theme. I actually played this more than I expected! I just stopped because I fell down this hole right after I arrived at the Ice Temple backdoor IIRC, and I didn't respawn no matter what I did 😕

Still, as I said, it was quite enjoyable! Hope you get more ratings.

Out of the other games I played this jam so far, I would say this one is the one that feels the most like a Nokia 3310 game to me. There are other more polished games and amazing art, but this has an unique Nokia feel to me. Like, I can imagine playing this while waiting for a bus or in a line.

What I'm trying to say is that it's very fun and enjoyable. I wish I had your idea hahaha

The boss fight was a highlight for me. Maybe a bit too long, but it was cool. Good luck man! Hope you get very nice ratings.

IMO, it's very charming, and has great controls and art... it having music was unexpected but quite welcome, it adds a lot, but I felt it got annoying after a while. Maybe I'm getting old haha

Not much else to say, besides I believe it has high chances to be among the top games for this jam... great job guys!

Great game! It's very charming and the level design is really good too. Bummer that I only noticed there were lives after I lost all of them hahaha but that's on me, of course.

I 'm really glad it has pretty good controls. The low resolution sometimes makes tweaking the controls kinda difficult, but they felt really good.

One of the best games I've played, surely will be among the top ones. Well done!

There's no positive thing I can say that others haven't said already hahaha

Just wish it was possible to skip the intro. It's pretty cool, but I can imagine that some people just want to get to the game. Needing to stop out of nowhere was kinda out of place IMO too, but I get that this way the game fits the theme.

Great entry! Pretty sure you guys will be on the top games for this jam at the very least.

Wow, so cool. The graphics and sound usage were great. I didn't get far because I'm not good at it, but for fans of the original game, this must be amazing. Great work!

Not sure if I'm missing something, but nothing happens to me after the fan appears... from other comments, I think more things should be spawning :/

I'm using Brave 1.63.165, not sure if this helps.

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I had SMT: Strange Journey vibes while playing this, possibly due to the lore. Amazing how you made a RPG for this jam, and with such cool art! And it's open source too.

My only nitpick is that the pixel grid seems to be not rendering properly on my computer, making it hard to read stuff. It would've been nice to be able to disable it:

Edit: The sound usage was pretty cool too!

Very cute game, and nice take on the theme. Very enjoyable!

Like others have said already, tweaking the hitboxes would make the gameplay a lot more enjoyable. Maybe making the gravity smaller or adding a maximum y velocity would also be nice additions, but this could likely be just my personal test.

 Well done :)

Hm, you are right. It's all niches basically. Some people hate Cultist Simulator, while others really enjoy it for being novel, unique, and letting the players figure things out by themselves. Taking that into account, maybe the reception for this game was better than mixed I guess...

What you said is something I've already heard before, but that doesn't mean I took it to the heart, I suppose. Thanks for the comment, it'll sound cheesy, but this is actually I actually needed to read.

Thank you! I forgot to mention that you can close the newspaper with X or J, my bad. Thanks for commenting this problem!

My bad, I should've mentioned that you can close the newspaper by pressing X or J. Thanks for reporting this!

Quite funny, in particular the carrot part! I didn't have the chance to try the multiplayer, but it must be where the game shines the most. As others said already, with some more polish this could become a really fun multiplayer game. Cheers!

Wow, this is so cool! It's very interesting, should've more ratings already IMO. The narrator helps a lot with the mood, and the artstyle works quite well with the surreal vibe of the game.

The only thing I disliked is the labyrinth because I suck with horror stuff hahaha but that's 100% on me, the game is really cool, even more taking into account that it is your 1st game jam. Congrats!

Hey there, thanks for playing and for leaving such a detailed feedback! It will help me a lot. The other comments so far has been kinda mixed, with some people finding it confusing and others loving the mystery and the puzzles, so I'm not 100% sure how this game will evolve in the future... but having ideas on how to expand on it will surely help a lot with at least making a decision!

A lot of people noticed the pages problem, but I haven't solved it yet since the rating is still going on. I'm considering fixing it anyway though haha

Your point about the pages being too blown-up also makes sense, and should be easy to fix. I'm also considering other ways to guide and hint the player, maybe I can think of something that solves everything... well, we'll see. This would also make it harder for the pages to NOT be seen, which happened quite a lot too. The glow outline is a good idea, it would also add quite nicely to the mood!

 Also, thanks for rating it so highly and even sharing the game with other people. I know that doing this is a very, very ocurrence in game jams hahaha

 Cheers! More to come in the future 🙂

Hi, glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for playing!

Do you remember how you got this ending? It is actually a debug one, and should not be appearing.

Also, in case you want to see the correct ending, you can just enter the "password" you found last playthrough at the beginning of the game. It's quite silly though :)

Hi, thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it and noticed some much stuff! The rune guide being the actual game is spot on :)

I hadn't noticed what you said about the arrow looking like a "greater than", it makes a lot of sense actually. Having a better arrow could also help other people to understand the game better. I'll take that into account in a future update.

Also, people clicking random buttons until it works has been a recurring situation with other players hahaha

I'm still thinking on how to solve this. Maybe a harder puzzle, or one with more steps, or allow the user to insert only 4 symbols at a time... well, I got some time to think on this.

Once again, thanks a lot for taking the time to play and leave a comment, I really appreciate it. Cheers!

Hi, thanks for playing!

Do you remember if you found the scattered notes? From what other people told me, they sometimes are easy to miss

You might've gotten the world record hahaha

Thanks for playing! Nice profile picture btw

Hey, thank you! Glad you enjoyed both games! More games are on the way, as well as updates to some older ones 🙂

Also, happy to know you thought the sound was spot on. Sound design is something I've been trying to improve lately!

The more active elements is a great idea... it could also help with the learning I think. And yeah, the notes were what I could do during the jam, but I agree with you that a more elegant system should exist. Maybe the player character would "take notes" after seeing a rune in usage, or something like that? Well, I'll keep thinking about it.

Thanks for playing and taking some time to leave your feedback!

I could swear I fixed that problem with the notes stacking up, damn 😑

Well, it won't be difficult to fix in the future. Thanks for playing and taking the time to leave your feedback, I really appreciate it! Reaching the top 5 would definitely be very, very awesome, but there are so many great games in the jam I would rather not get my hopes up hahaha still, dreaming won't hurt, right?

Hi, glad you enjoyed!

That is actually a really good idea. Would help less people get confused while palying the game, which would be a pretty good improvement. Thanks for playing and taking some time to point this out! Glad you liked the icon designs too 🙂

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Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!

I think the way The Witness teaches you how to play is really elegant, so I tried to do something similar. Sadly, a bunch of people thought the game is confusing... well, that's the price I pay, I suppose 😅 Still, I'm happy with how it turned out, and a bunch of people also seemed to have fun with it, so it might've been worth it!

Related to the problems you found:

  • You are correct, the left door is the correct one.
    My bad here 🤦‍♂️ I looked at the puzzle a bunch of times and still thought the middle one was the right one. Maybe the rules ARE confusing after all! Haha, no, I'm just joking.
  • You are correct again, that is also a valid solution, which I didn't notice.

Thanks for taking the time not only to play the game, but also to report those problems with such detail. It helped tons. I'm really thankful for that!