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I completely agree with you 😅 the mechanic/gameloop is nothing new by far, and I also found confusing to match the correct colors. I ended up leaving things this way for flavor/extra challenge  I suppose. Anyway, thanks for playing and leaving feedback!

Hey, this game is just like the first part of Spore, and it was quite fun! This game is quite fun too :) It might be repetitive, but wanting to see what was going to happen kept me playing, and I got a 4:47:638 in the end.

 Nice game Connor, I enjoyed it 🙂

As others have said, the replay after finishing a stage is great, thanks for sharing the source code! Got a 1:32:88

Thanks for taking some time to leave this feedback, I really appreciate it. Of course, hearing bad things about our game is never what we want, but it is for the best hahaha

 I suppose the text takes a while to get to the point, and that ends up getting annoying, yes. The tutorial fight would be helpful too, I agree. I believe we'll release some updates for this game, so thanks for the heads up once again!

Nooo, it wasn't a mistake, chill up haha

 By uploading the game you got some nice feedback. It isn't nice to hear what's wrong about your game, but this way you'll end up getting better a lot faster, really.

 I got to agree with Prsas, the stamina is the big flaw in this game... it looks interesting, and as your first game it is really great! But the stamina ends up being a bottleneck in the gameplay... 

 Well, Prsas already gave some pretty great feedback, and your next game is bound to be a lot more fun I believe! Looking foward to your next jam participations.

The glow really helps to set the atmosphere up, Loxmer. The game might be made only of shapes, but it still has quite a personality, and ends up being quite enjoyable to play.

 Personally, I would've liked to have a run button, since for me the horizontal speed was a bit slow. 

 I hope you don't mind, but here are some thoughts:

  • For platformer games in general, I think a good effect that fits a lot of situations is a squish when jumping. It really helps sell the impulse the character gets while jumping;
  • I also think some SFX and a nice, wet reverb on them would be a great plus on the already interesting atmosphere.

 Also, the Shift power up was quite interesting, since it also fills your blood as I think I noticed. The instant respawn is also quite welcome, since at least for me I died a lot 😅 got stuck at the second shift level, sadly.

 TLDR: Really nice game! The shapes, glow, and other effects (such as the trail and the particles) really add to make it fun to play.

 This is really good as your first game... just by it being finished its already like 1000% better than my first game. I got a 4:34!

 Looking foward to your next games.

Wow, really solid entry guys, and I mean it. This game should have more rates by now, tbh. The idea, art, execution, and the acessibility options are quite well made 🙂

 I believe playing with a friend is quite fun, since I could more or less cheese the battle against the cpu by mashing left click haha

Nice borrowing game haha really enjoyed it. The mood, and others pointed out, is quite good. On my second try I managed to get a horrible 3:37:65 for the time (GJ on the confetti too btw haha)

I hope you don't mind, but here are some suggestions (just my opinion in the end):

  • I found the jump press a bit too unforgiving some times, you know? Coyote time and jump buffering are somethings that could make the controls feel better;
  •  Adding a squish to the character when jumping is quite a nice touch on a platformer. With a Tween node, doing so is quite easy.

 Once again, I hope you don't mind these comments!

Hey, really nice take on the theme and execution as well. This spinning pottery might be just a detail, but it really helps to sell the game's idea. Great entry Nate 👍

Hey, good question! If I recall correctly, it has the same purpose as getAStarCellId(), but it takes a global position as an input.

 Wow, that's awesome! Thanks for selecting Pigeon Ascent! Feel free to use it, no problems.

 Also, looking at gamerzilla right now, it does seem interesting, specially considering that the we got a bunch of older games that would get along well with achievements. The possibility of allowing friends to see them is quite welcome as well.

 I'll look into it for a future update of Pigeon Ascent, thanks for pointing it out! Also, in case we update this game, will the Fedora repos be updated as well?

 Thanks a lot, Alani! It's always great to receive positive feedback 😉

 Sure! Basically, I use a Tween node to handle the animations. The Tween node might as well be my favorite node, it really, really is veeeeeeeeeeery useful. If I had one, I would use a t-shirt saying how much it is useful.

 Anyway, in this case, you'll be using it more or less like this:

if bCanMove:
    # Change the actor state to "Moving", and clears the cell where it is currently at
    # Setups the animation properties and starts it
    $tween.start()     # Waits for the animation to end, changes the state to "Stopped", and occupies the cell the actor is currently at

 The lines where the animation is setup and started are the ones that start with $tween.

 So, the interpolate_property() method might seem a bit daunting, but once you start using it, it will make a lot more sense. Putting it simply, it takes a bunch of arguments that'll say things like the duration of the animation, its beggining, end, etc. Here's a brief description of the most relevant ones:

  1. First we pass the object which will have one of its properties changed. In this case, the object is the actor itself;
  2. Then, we pass which property will be changed as a string. In this case, it'll be the global position, which as a string is just "global_position";
  3. Then, we pass the starting value. For the global position, it'll be the actor current position;
  4. After that we pass the target value, and for the position, yeah, it will be the position we want the actor to move towards;
  5. Now, the duration in seconds. I try to keep this under 0.5 seconds, since animations that take too long might end up being annoying;
  6. Then, we have the transition type. Basically it is the major "style" of the animation... you can check what type look like in this website;
  7. Finally, we have the easing type. It also affects the style of the animation, and the website I mentioned on step 6 also should help you understanding it.

 You can also use tweens to control properties such as transparency, color, scale, and rotation!

 I hope I helped you a bit more! Thanks for reading this guide too, glad to be helpful!

Damn, finally hahahaha this problem really existed for a very long time, great to see it's fixed (or at least it seems so for now)!

 Thanks for playing again also! It's great to know you enjoyed playing it 👍

 Sorry about this bug, it has been haunting me forever now 🤦‍♂️ but I noticed some unexpected behaviors in the code, and fixed the softlock.

 Thanks for playing! It would be nice in case you replayed the game and hopefully find no problems now hahaha

 Hey, just noticed you have a good amount of speed. This gives me an idea on how to fix this problem... anyway, thanks for playing 🙂

 Thanks for reading! Great to know that you found it helpful!

 And thanks for the observation too, I'll mention this information, it's quite important. Thanks for pointing it out! Feel free to link your game here when you finish it 🙂

 Yooooooooooooo, isso aí! Eu e o Sucraiso somos br, acertou 👍

 O Sucras é o cara que fez a arte toda, incluindo o design dos pombos que eu lembre, danado ele. Ele não chegou a responder seu comment, mas ele comentou comigo que ficou todo felizão com o feedback. Parece coisa simples, mas realmente faz o nosso dia saber que gostaram do jogo, sabe? 

 Sobre os bugs, ainda tem um ou outro acredito... mas ótimo saber que você encontrou nenhum! 

 E pra fechar, a gente que agradece por você ter jogado e curtido tanto o jogo, e ainda parado pra deixar um comentário aqui. Estão nos nossos planos fazer um Pigeon Ascent 2 um dia, e seria um jogo beeeem mais bonitinho e maior, é claro. Não consigo dar uma previsão, mas pessoalmente eu espero que não demoremos pra começar esse sequência! De novo, muito obrigado por jogar!

Heyyyy, thanks for the support! Glad you enjoyed it!

Sorry about the glitches 😅 I could swear that on every release the bugs where fixed, but they keep coming back... anyway, thanks for playing, it's great to know that you enjoyed it!

 Hey, sorry if you found some bugs, I try to fix most of them but one or another keep coming back, sadly.

 Still, from time to time we're still updating this game, including some new features and bug fixes too. Some days ago, for instance, I released an update that makes the battles a lot smoother. So, yeah, it isn't great to know that you found Pigeon Ascent annoying and buggy, but that's still feedback, so thanks for trying to play it!

 Yeah, that's it! 👍 Someday that might change, but so far having no focus on a single stat ends up evolving your pigeon into the platy.

Wow, thanks for the compliment! Thanks for making SilentWolf, it really helps!

Thanks for the report! I was able to reproduce this bug right now, I'll upload a fixed version soon 👍

Hey, I believe I fixed the bug you talked about. At least, I REALLY hope so hahaha

(1 edit)

Just updated it! I'll try to keep it updated in the future. Thanks for the patience, I hope you have some fun tinkering with the project!

 Well, you gave feedback and a nice compliment now, so that's why I'm thanking you hahaha anyway, it's always nice to see people enjoying our games.

 All the info helps as well, I'm going to look into the glitch right now 👍

Huh, I thought I fixed that... Sorry about it, I'll try to fix this again soon. 

Also, thanks for commenting about it!

I keep forgetting to update it 🤦‍♂️ sorry about that, I'll try to update it this week. When I do it, I'll answer this comment again, to notify you 👍

You are welcome! Good luck on your project!


 Just a guess, but TIC-80 projects all have the extension .tic, while the more common extensions are only .rom and the others you mentioned. The binary and web files are exports, while the .tic files are the games' "source code", more or less. So that should be the reason why it uses .tic as the extension :)

 I would suggest you to visit to find other TIC-80 games and their .tic files as well. That should work I think! Also, you can find my games there as well!

Thanks! This one too is a quite old game of ours hahaha

 Do you believe the Recalbox can run Linux builds? Or if it has a TIC-80 core? If it has the latter, then it should be possible to run any TIC-80 game, not only this one :)

Hey, glad you liked it! This is a quite old game of ours, great to see that someone still enjoys it hahaha

 I just uploaded a windows build, it seems to work fine. As for the Raspberry I don't know... do you think a Linux build would work on it, since usually it uses a Linux distro or something like that?

 Thanks for playing, really happy that you liked it! It is always great to see people liking our games :)

I actually started to work on version 1.5 some time ago, but ended up forgetting it 😅pigeons will start taking damage if they get hungry for too long, which should fix the endless loop. Thanks for remembering me that this bug exists hahaha

Awesome! Glad I could help! Feel free to link your game here when you finish it :)

Haaa, bom nome kkkkkkk obrigado por jogar! Ficamos contente que tenha gostado, também :)

 Hey, great to know you loved it! We always enjoy getting positive feedback :)

 Right now the plan is to work on a bit more balancing (the defense build seems to be a bit overpowered, and as you said, the game is a bit easy). However, we got some suggestions on including more enemies and evolutions (maybe a total of 15 opponents would be a nice amount, and 3 more evos should also be a nice touch)... so, that's a possibility.

 But to say the truth, I believe it would be more likely that we end up making a sequel, that would have more things here and there, be longer, and more polished! It would be more or less a remake, with some new ideas we had along with time. Sadly, I can't promise anything... right now we are quite without time to work on this, with both work and study eating up our time.

Anyway, feel free to leave your suggestions, they are quite appreciated (really)! And once again, thanks for playing!

Their documentation really is great!  IMO they should be more used as a backend. Anyway, glad to know I helped you!