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Thanks! I will try to add some easier modes.

Nice game! I really like how the island looks and how it is generated. It was a bit hard to understand for me though.


The game is pretty fun! It looks good and the minigames are great

Pretty fun game! I like the music and swinging around from frames from the wall. The game is quite difficult for me.

Nice game! I like the gameplay of getting clues and catching the killer.

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Nice racing game! I didn't get bothered too much by the rotations.

Thanks for playing!


Nice game. I like the art, shooting the zombies is pretty fun. Good job for your first game!

I love this game! The movement is good and the ending is amazing


Thanks rickylee!


Thanks for playing!

The animation is great, I like the black and white color scheme. Shame there wasn't much.

This game is awesome. The music and graphics are great. The gameplay is fun. It's quit difficult on some levels

This game is absolutely amazing!

The game is very fun and cute, I love the music and art. My time is 5:36

Pretty fun game, I like the sound effects.

This game is fun, I like upgrading my charater and seeing them become stronger.

This game is great, it's pretty addictive. Sound effects and music would make it even better.

Nice game, I really like the cats and pushing things around.

I like the game. Although I think that there should be an attacking animation for the enemy so the player can dodge or something.

Thanks for the feedback!


It's a pretty simple game, yet I found it a bit addicting.

Thanks for playing my game and leaving a comment!

Oh wow! Thanks for including my game in the video!

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Thanks for playing! The knife does make a difference to how people react. If you equip your knife and people see it then they will get alerted. If you don't equip it then they won't get alerted, unless they're already alerted.

also have to say that seeing a broken window also alerts them.

Thanks for playing! Some things are weird in the game because of time constraints but I'll try to change them after the jam

Those are some good suggestions, thanks! I'll do these after the jam.

Thanks for feedback! I should make the collision of the floor thicker

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks a lot for playing and commenting!

Thanks for your feedback!

The idea is very unique, controls are very good. A very polished game, good work!


I'm happy that you liked it!

Thanks for playing! I will update the ladder after the jam