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It's awesome you want to dabble with it! Unfortunately we cannot open source it or make it available for mods as many of the assets were prepurchased and the license they were purchased under do not allow making them available publicly.

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Ah okay. Well if you would still like to play through the whole game anyway, I pushed Build 08 which fixes the arrow keys and the small level leak that allows you to fall underneath the museum in the hub level 😅Unfortunately, the camera is a much larger fix and requires more time.  I've personally found it playable but your mileage may vary 🤷Thanks again for the feedback, and hope you enjoy the game!

Do note that this build is post-game jam and really shouldn't be used for rating, but I wanted to let you atleast enjoy the game with your preferred movement method 🙂

Ya, unfortunately we didn't have the time to fix the camera. The default behavior is to have a collider on the camera, causing it to get closer to the player as it bumps into objects. This logic is in there to prevent the camera from going on the other side of the wall. If we get time, we might update it so that the camera no longer collides with things, but add a dithering effect so you can see through whatever objects are in front of the camera. Unfortunately, we didn't design much of the level past where the player could traverse, so it may also give view of some of the janky exteriors  😅

Ah, I see what you mean. We never actually tried the arrow keys 😬We'll fix it so the arrow keys behave exactly like WASD currently behaves. Just curious, are you left handed?

Thanks for the feedback! If you have a chance to try the updated build to see if movement improved that'd be awesome. If not, could you elaborate on the issues you had with movement? We really appreciate the time you took to play the game and give a thorough review!

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Thanks for the feedback; we really appreciate you taking the time to play the game.

Could you elaborate on what was confusing about the movement and camera mechanics? Or how it could be improved? We used the default third person mechanics built into Unreal, and we're just not sure exactly where we can improve.

It would be great if you could try the Build 07 release and see if the movement is better; the camera was unchanged though. You can skip the intro with the E key (just wasn't presented to the user) or the left button on the gamepad (X on an Xbox controller).

Thanks again for the feedback!

Thanks for the feedback; I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

Wow; really appreciate the kind words! I'm super happy you enjoyed it 🙂

Glad you enjoyed it and gave us the benefit of the doubt on the file size 😄! That Unreal default camera movement is something to love 😅

Really enjoyed playing this game. The sound effects and music are on point; they are pronounced, but also hide from being repetitive and annoying. I really liked the visual design of the different seeds, where the shape also explained function. I was able to "win", but I believe I cheated due to a bug where the checkpoint doesn't reset after game over. So I spawned over the turtle and had "two collected"; if the bee isn't the last animal, then I definitely won without getting them all haha.

There were times where it was frustrating where it was partly luck on whether or not I got the seeds needed to move on, but this was an easy thing to get over due to the pleasant, wholesome, and "it's fine, I can play another round" this game gives. Great work yall!

You submitted something! Glad you participated and continuing to push forward. I'm not quite sure what I'm supposed to do in the game though; perhaps it's just due to some bugs. I press A and the beer? falls to the ground; I continue to press A until it gets to 50 and resets. It would be great if your itch page explained a little more. Since it was shipped as a web game, it would be great if there was a landscape resolution as well  since the portrait version is more than can fit on the itch page with the banner on it on a horizontal monitor.

Neat little game! I ran into the broken ending, but no biggie!  I was having issues finding wool because I didn't know it was wool. However, I ended up realizing I could get it from the sheep (at first tried to kill them with the pickaxe, but realized I need to farm them). It was a pretty hands off game in terms of helping the player figure out what to do, but I don't think it was super necessary. At first I didn't enjoy mining as it felt sluggish, but I found myself just ridding the whole area of ore before going to the kiln to refresh "what I needed" haha. Well done!  I definitely see where you were going and had plans for making more of it, so just keep it up!