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Neat little game! I ran into the broken ending, but no biggie!  I was having issues finding wool because I didn't know it was wool. However, I ended up realizing I could get it from the sheep (at first tried to kill them with the pickaxe, but realized I need to farm them). It was a pretty hands off game in terms of helping the player figure out what to do, but I don't think it was super necessary. At first I didn't enjoy mining as it felt sluggish, but I found myself just ridding the whole area of ore before going to the kiln to refresh "what I needed" haha. Well done!  I definitely see where you were going and had plans for making more of it, so just keep it up!

Thanks so much for playing! I should've added text labels when you hover over items in an inventory. I did think it was a bit sluggish a few times throughout making it, but sadly I didn't have any ideas to fix that.