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Sure! Though it might be more beneficial to spend the additional time polishing the first!

The description says you're allowed to modify the character so long as you still give the artist credit.

I'm glad you were inspired! It was a WAY better turnout than I expected so maybe we'll turn it into a yearly or bi-yearly jam! Who knows?

Can't wait to see what you submit!

Hey I like that idea! Though I have no idea how to go about setting something like that up. Lol

Feel free to reach out via Discord @kindred if you want to chat further about it!

Dang. That was fast. How are you monetizing the game?

Yep. Exactly what Arrow said. Since there's no judging or ratings, it's pretty casual. If you want to sell on another platform you can always make a post here to share the link. But it can't hurt to sell in two places at once! Just more traffic for your game!

You could also upload a demo on Itch with a link to the full game, wherever that is hosted. If you have time, of course.

And the deadline is more of a guideline to keep you focused, but if you need an extra week to get your store page up or to add a demo, it's totally fine. 

That's actually a good point. Maybe I'll post a theme or two as options when the jam starts just to get everyone's creative juices flowing.

Absolutely nothing. It's just a fun challenge to release a commercial game! There are no punishments or rewards (other than any money you make from game sales!)

In Photoshop you can scale pixel art using "nearest neighbor" mode which will work. Just be sure to scale it all by 2, 3 or 4x, etc, so you don't end up with half a pixel somewhere. You can also typically scale no problem in most game engines with code or by zooming the camera in. Game Maker is pretty good at this.

Great! Thanks for that! I'll definitely make my own. It'll be a nice challenge.

Maybe I rolled a 1 on my reading comprehension today, but I didn't see anything about rules about premade assets. Typically I'd just assume they're fine with proper credit but wanted to make sure.

I can probably do my own, but I kind of want to use some Rexxard character avatars I've had laying around to save some time on a narrative-driven game. 

You probably need to update your graphics driver or update your PC specs. I'm not supporting this project any longer so that's kind of the best I can do for you as far as troubleshooting goes.

I'm super impressed! What a great little game for your first one! Nice work! I hope you keep making games and have tons of fun doing it!

Love this. : )

lol yeah. We would obviously opt out and the runner up would win first place though. I just participate for fun and to encourage everyone else.

Thanks for the kind words! My wife made some really cool art so I just wanted to make sure I made something fun to showcase it.

I couldn't agree more about the mmo thing being more of a skin over a theme park tycoon. I had that thought many times during development and wanted to do a lot more but we just didn't have the time. 

If we decide to work on this any further in the future I think dungeon and quest design would be the key to set it apart. 

Thanks for the feedback!

The hints actually can be turned off. The eye is actually a button. Unfortunately I did the hints at like 4am the night before submission so I was kind of lazy about it.  Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

Voting isn't over. You can fix game breaking bugs or minor things like forgetting to mention someone in your credits or a level that didn't load, but do not make any adjustments to gameplay, balance, polish, features, art, etc. Use the feedback and fix up your game after the jam is over. 

Or! You can upload update builds with a title that warns players that its a post jam build so they understand.

I mean... I don't see the harm in it. I'm going to say go for t for now and I'll notify you here if something changes. 

Awesome! It's a great idea. I just wanted to make sure you knew. 🙃

If you're looking for a place to chat about the jam you should check out the discord! 

It's to do with the texture streaming. Unreal requires a certain amount of graphics card memory to load textures and I'm guessing you just don't have what it needs. There are ways to optimize that better as a developer, I'm sure. I just didn't take have the time to really dive into it for this since it was for a relatively short game jam. But I kind of suspected that might be a problem for some players, tbh. It's a very texture heavy game and we didn't do a whole lot of optimizing the images we used due to time constraints.

Can I ask what graphics card you have? If you know. 

Sorry your experience wasn't ideal. Maybe I'll look into fixing that and if it's not too much work I'll update it. 

The only reason I'm responding to this comment is because I love comments that praise the artstyle of games I helped make.

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I work on a game called Swords 'n Magic and Stuff. I'm the lead designer and creator of the game. Penguin Pub here was a game I made for a game jam we do with our community each quarter. It was made in 7 days so I didn't get time to put in things like a tutorial, but I wish I could have and I appreciate all the feedback!

Here's a link to my main project in case you're interested, It's not quite the same type of game, but it is more substantial and it DOES have a tutorial. Lol!

Lol yeah. The mechanics are kind of odd and difficult to comprehend without playing for a bit. We could have done a better job on that front.

Thanks! The downtime is actually planned. It's there to give players time to read the penguin names, wait for better geared penguins, read their dialog and just chill out. We didn't want it to be fast paced. We had an idea for the fire to burn out over time and having to keep it going but it felt a bit too stressful for this type of game so we scrapped it.

I think more things to do during the down time would have helped though. We had plans to equip weapons and armor you earned from the adventures, but didn't have time to implement it. I think more management features would have helped.

Thanks for the feedback!

Hey! I tried to play your game but I think you only uploaded the .exe file and not the entire unity folder. Try zipping all the files in the folder with the .exe together and uploading again.

Fingers crossed for you. I can't wait to try the game!

I want mooooooore! This is such a neat little concept. Very fun to play.

I loved bringing raw, unworked steel to my forge, pouring bucket after bucket of coal to heat the metal until it's ready to be worked, then hammering that steel into a masterwork quality dagger blade. I adored fitting it with a hand crafted handle, then ever-so-carefully adorning it with a rare gem, approaching the shop window, carefully preparing to present it to the customer, then watching as they grunt and moan then walk away just before I reach them.

10/10 Would waste my time crafting The Masterwork Jeweled Dagger of Kindred again!

The noodle master whipped up a hot plate of 2d platforming spaghetti and it's fire. Literally, it's a game about fire. Really neat mechanic. Very fun.

We let our community vote on the theme. The winning theme is announced the day the jam starts. You're welcome to vote if you'd like.

The candle was supposed to give off just enough light to make you want to carry it but still not feel safe. I felt like it did that pretty well.

Also the game is finished and was made in 7 days. I've been considering a sequel but my main project, Swords 'n Magic and Stuff, just had a successful Kickstarter so I'm focusing 100% on that right now. So maybe some day.

Hey Flyby. I used the engine Stencyl for several years before switching to Unreal Engine. I HIGHLY recommend it. It's built on scratch so it uses the same code block drag and drop system... but it's a full 2d game engine and is really freaking awesome. Check it out! - If you know Scratch I bet you'd pick it up fast. Maybe use the jam as a way to learn it?

We didn't choose winners during the last jam. We only had about 12 people participate and it was only a 72 hour jam. Our community has grown a LOT over the last year or so since the last jam, so we decided it was time to host another one. 

Oh my god. Of course riu is on one of the winning teams. Lol Congrats guys! Pig Army unite!

Expect a chapter 2 this Halloween.

A very nice comment! : )

Give it a shot and let me know. Lol

I'm working on an update to fix the book glitch, among other things. Though the sound effects will probably wait for the next chapter. Thanks for playing. Glad you enjoyed it.

Best playthrough yet! Thanks so much for sharing. I'm taking your feedback and plan to update this game and utilize it heavily on a sequel I want to do.