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Oh my god. Of course riu is on one of the winning teams. Lol Congrats guys! Pig Army unite!

Expect a chapter 2 this Halloween.

A very nice comment! : )

Give it a shot and let me know. Lol

I'm working on an update to fix the book glitch, among other things. Though the sound effects will probably wait for the next chapter. Thanks for playing. Glad you enjoyed it.

Best playthrough yet! Thanks so much for sharing. I'm taking your feedback and plan to update this game and utilize it heavily on a sequel I want to do.

Thanks for the playthrough. Well... 1/4 of one. Lol If you try this again use a candle and walk straight into the dark to find your way to the next area. I'll have to make that more clear, I suppose.

Hey! This turned out awesome! Really unique gameplay. I love the maze game element mixed with horror. Really solid game. A little tough for a pleb like me. lol But really cool. Nice work!