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I really enjoyed this. The voice cues were amazing and the open world exploration opened up the game to more possibilities. I agree that having subgoals could have broken the daunting task, but i know time was limited. Well Done!

Great idea and wonderful job creating atmosphere. I agree with Monnierant; Having UI setup with always show resources would save a lot of menu hopping. I could see this get so much bigger and more involved with enough time. Well done.

Great Atmosphere! I never did find the bathroom light.  It was a great approach to storytelling, and strongly reminded me of Raft, and a few Roblox games my daughter plays. Well done.

Fun, clear idea. I enjoyed the introduction of traps and the increased difficulty. The movement feels like it retains some drift (that may be intended, it certainly added more challenge) Well done! 

Quite an interesting mechanic and very smoothly executed. I would love to see it expand more if you feel like building more. I would suggest for pieces like the moving platform, that you show bounds when moving (other than when it overlaps)

I also really enjoyed being able to switch modes repeatedly.  It adds a sense of control and the ability to immediately correct errors, unlike games like angry birds. 

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A delightful combination of cute voxel art, and thorough planning. Honestly, the scope of this whole project astounds me. 

It took me a short time to figure out how to rotate but after a few minutes that hint showed up and I was set. 

I honestly couldn't stop playing. I ended up making dinner for the family a little later than I intended.

I'd be very interested to learn more about the logic/math that goes into player interest, and traffic.

Yeah, I made it waaay too long. Thx for playing =)

Thx for the feedback. I have to say I agree 100% on all points, and I have plans to address all of them in an update. =)

After a while, I got into a good rhythm. Fun idea

Its a very interesting idea. ill be sure to check back again for more.

Im getting a warning about downloading this file

WOW, you really put me to work! and I loved it. I could keep smithing all day 

Absolutely charming =) I had one adventurer get stuck in the corner and was unusable, but it still didnt seem to stop the fun lol

LOL there was an end event, but I must have broken it while updating >.<