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Someone used this asset pack in a cute little game jam game and I had to pick it up! It's so cute!

Oh my I love this so much!

Just posted them!

Hey all! Sorry for making this a whole day late. Sick kid took up our whole day yesterday.

The results are now live!

Our Community Choice Winner was Tomb of Caw.

Our Mod's Choice Winner was Monster's Fate.

The $20 Steam Gift card will be going to Monster's Fate! If you could let me know the best way to get in touch (Discord: Janna#2424) or email (

Thank you everyone who participated!

We do not. Voting is a specific timeframe.


You can use the image or redraw it. It's up to you to interpret the image to fit your game.

The visual theme is something that you'll want to incorporate into your game. Not just an image somewhere. People will be rating your game on how well you incorporate it in an interesting way.

Here is the image by itself:

We can always make some kind of arrangement.

Hello! Good luck to you as well!

Hey! I wanted to reach out. Not sure if you saw my post, but jpfuzzerton won the raffle! You both won a copy of Swords 'n Magic and Stuff!

Please reach out to me on Discord (Janna#2424) or email ( for info on how to get your prize.

Hello all!

A few announcements. Our first place winner is gifting their winnings to the second place winner. The extra tickets were already added into the raffle. So if tutmo and jpfuzzerton could please reach out to get your Steam keys for Swords 'n Magic and Stuff!

Now for the raffle. We had 150 tickets entered in. I used a random name picker, which you can click here to see the results. The winner of the $25 Steam gift card in : jpfuzzerton! Congrats!

Please reach out to me on Discord (Janna#2424) or email ( for info on how to get your prize.

Thank you everyone for participating and I'm so excited for all the fun we have planned for the Halloween event!

Hey all! I've added one more hour for submissions and any last minute things!

We've thought about continuing the game! All of our time goes to our main project, Swords 'n Magic and Stuff (available on Steam), so it would be a side project if we continue it.

Hey everyone! Ready to hear who won the raffle? 

After counting up and verifying all the tickets, we had a grand total of 1,182 tickets entered into the raffle! 

Using a random name picker, the winner of the raffle is Berez

Congrats! Thanks to everyone who participated and can't wait to see everyone in the next jam in July!

You didn't have to come back and comment! lol. Thank you for the feedback though. =]

Hey all! Kindred is just starting stream at to reveal the top 3 and then results will go live after that!

So glad! It'll prepare you for the next game jam (we do one every 3 months) where you'll feel more accomplished by completely a game and submitting it! Experience is an amazing takeaway from a jam though.

Thank you! We've been considering continuing the game, but it would be a side project to our main project. We actually have a game released on Steam in early access that we work on full time (called Swords 'n Magic and Stuff). 

Hey! We just watched through your playthrough. So glad you are loving the game! This game isn't an Early Access game, it was made in 7 days for our community game jam. While we had plenty of more ideas for it, we were limited on time. I made all the art and my husband did all of the programming. Make sure to zoom into all your towns to see all the quests mobs spawn!

Just a few announcements as we approach the end!

-There will be an additional hour "submission" time to make sure you get your game up on itch and packaged (this sometimes takes longer than you think, so try it now!). This hour has now been added onto the total time so you can see the new time.

-For the raffle, the ONLY comments that will be considered for a ticket will be the submission page. If you click "View game page" and comment on the game's actual page, these will not be considered. You need to comment on the SAME page that you rate the game.

-Finally, I hope everyone had an amazing week learning and building a game! As a reminder, we host our community game jam four times a year. Our next jam will be in July (dates pending).

What specifically do you have questions about? You can earn tickets in a variety of ways and all the tickets earned go into a virtual drawing where one ticket will be drawn as a winner.

It just got updated! The theme is: At the Beginning, There was Nothing


Round three, the final round, is now open! Click here or go to it on the jam's homepage!

Hey everyone! Round two of voting is now live! Click here to go to it or find it on the jam's homepage!

Hi all! We have 11 hours left to submit your votes on the game jam entries! We have had a whopping 393 ratings so far! Wooo! 

As a reminder, the top 3 winners will be played on Kindred's stream tomorrow at 11am PST. After the top 3 are announced, all results will be public. 

Happy gaming!

Oh no! We'll have to look into that.

I loved watching you play the game =]

The music is great!!!!! Such a great feel.

(1 edit)

Thanks!!! Both artists (me and Limesy) are just getting into art. So it was a challenge for both of us!

We totally were going for an Overcooked vibe!

That's perfectly fine! Just notate it on the page!

Super creative idea. I keep losing though. How do you win!?!?!?

Love these penguins! Great job! The mini games were tons of fun!

Super cool idea! Loved the penguins! I kept the fire lit the whole time and then the timer went negative. I was expecting something at 0! lol

The noise when they got mad scared me! But other than that, it was lots of fun to play. Very creative!

It's too cute. I can't handle it.