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K. It's also displayed if you stand in front of a door you can enter.

Everyday a new door opens up.

The first door on December 1st, the second on December

2nd ... until December 24th.

So if it's already December for you, head to the door with the number 1 and have fun :)

Thank you for the feedback.

I've already added a couple more features to the game. The update will be available tomorrow after the voting has ended.

If you're interested you can read more about the future of My Garden in this Devlog

Cool game :) At first I didn't know what I have to do but then I figured it out. Maybe explain it better next time

Cool game. The only way how I knew how to control this game was Sam McCreerys comment. Maybe write them on the game page. But this isn't a big problem, just write it on your page and it's solved.

I used the rar you've uploaded yesterday. After a little bit of renaming and unzipping (In your rar was a zip file) I could play the game. It was very fun :)

Thank you 🙂

Okay thank you for the reply. I thought the art was looking so good, maybe it was pre-made. Very well done

Okay. I just thought because your English reminded my a little bit of mix between English and German but maybe Polish and German are similar in some points and maybe that's the reason why I thought you're German

It's a cute and very creative game. I like how the size of the worm effects the lifes and the winning of the level.

Great work :)

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It's a cool game. The loading screen looks like you're using Godot, am I right?

If yes, I have a couple of tips for you.

  • There is a thing called one-way-collision. You can activate it in the CollisionShape2D (Not the StaticBody) and set the direction. This way you can jump through a life but don't fall through it
  • In the project settings at Display/Windows/Stretch you can set the mode to 2D and the aspect to keep or expand and the game grows with the window size
  • There is a newer version of godot, if you're using godot it's not the latest version. I think you're using 3.2 but 3.3 is already released

And the bee?

It's a very creative idea to feed and protect at the same time. A little bit like a mother. A mother has to protect and feed her baby too just like the girl and the Deathflower.

I have one question, are you German?

I was playing on a computer but I think it's generally better to make the collisions a little bit smaller because humans have a different perception and think the game is unfair even if the collision matches the sprite pixel perfect. But I think you made the collisions even bigger than the sprite?

Cool game. I liked the idea of using the enemys to defeat other enemys. Very creative

It's a really difficult game but I liked it. Try to make the collision shapes a little bit smaller than the sprite. I died many times without even visibly touching anything 

Its a cool game. I liked how there were different enemys with a different stats.

You could make the bullets a little big bigger, I didn't saw them at the beginning, but this isn't really a big problem.

Well done :)

Thank you :)

Es mucho dificil pero me gusta.

(I saw that you wrote spanish on your site and because I'm learning spanish in school I wanted to comment on spanish but I don't think my spanish is good enough for this lol)

This game is really great. It looks so cute and the idea of growing and learning new skills is very creative. The level design is also very good and well thought trough, but I think the colliders of the spiky plant are a little bit to big. I've died many times without even visibly touching them (in the last flying part)

Thank you for the feedback :)

I will rework the sprites and the music.

Flowers can grow if you water them and wait a day. They have a 2/3 chance to grow every day. Once their an "adult" they're able to reproduce themselves. You have to place the flowers near each other (there really can't be much space between them), water them and skip to the next day. There is a certain probability that they made a baby plant. This is a tiny seed in between the two parents. You can water the seed and a new flower can grow. There is a 1/3 chance that it has the color of parent a, there is a 1/3 chance that it has the color of parent b and there is a 1/3 chance that it has a random color. That same goes for the plant species

Thank you :)

Its a very good idea to use poisones food (for dogs) as enemys. I liked that you gain new abilitys with every grow

Its a cool pacman-like game. I like how you can go to one side of the screen and come out of the other. This adds a little twist and I think the original Pac-Man didn't had that. You could improve the AI a little bit. There all just following you. In the original Pac-Man I think every ghost had a different behavior like one is straight following you, another is trying to cut off your way etc.

It's a cool game :)

Thank you for the feedback :) I try to make my games as intuitive as possible so that they don't need any tutorial. Do you have an idea how I could improve it in this game?

I've fixed the thing with the mouse click. You can now click left or right mouse button as it was always intended. I'm using an invisible button that is always at the same position as the mouse. It isn't the best solution but it works and the player won't notice it.

I've also changed the mirror effect a little bit, it is now a subtle eye movement to the mouse.

The update will be available after the voting ended

Thank you for the feedback :) Music isn't my strength but it is my goal to improve it

Its a very cool game. I like how you added an Online Highscore and 2 languages. Are you German or did you just use a translator? Im German and I would advice that you use something like "Schreiben" instead of "Tippen", because "Tippen" sounds like you have to click with the mouse or with your finger (on a touchscreen). I knew that I had to type the letter because I read the English text before I changed to German and the water drops display a letter but it may confuse some people.

I also have a couple ideas for the type mechanic. I don't know if you've already implemented that but don't let drops with the same letter drop twice in a row. It can happen that a player tries to hit a water letter last second before it disappears and the same letter appears as hail. Also you can block the keys around a letter so that if B is water V isn't hail, so if you've misclicked it isn't a problem

I love this game. It is so relaxing and chill. Quite meditating. The music fits perfect. Even though its hasn't so much gameplay, I really love the experience and that makes up for that very well :)

Nice game. It's cool that you have to use the mosquito to get to the goal

Its a cool game but I don't understand how the watering works so I didn't survive wave 2. I used the watering can so many times on the flower, above the flower, beside the flower etc. and nothing worked. Sometimes a plant got watered but I don't know how I did that. Maybe explain more on how to water the plants or improve the watering recognition.

But except the watering thing this game has potential. I've never saw a tower defense game with a grow theme and a "take care of plants mechanic".

Flowers that are very very strong but also have to grow like the vegetables and maybe even get attacked by enemys would be a cool feature to add

The game looks very good, did you made the assets during the jam?

The controls were very slippery and slidy but idk if this was supposed to be that way because the environment is very cold and snowy.  If you jump against a wall and keep pressing right you get stuck there and "fly" in the air.

Maybe add more lifes because it's very frustrating to die one-hit.

But overall a good game :)

Thank you for the feedback. At one point you could click with the mouse and it performed the same action as Space but it suddenly stopped working and I don't know why. I didn't change anything. I thought maybe it was deleted from my code once Godot crashed but it was still in my code and I really don't know why it stopped working. But I will try to track down the bug and update the game after the voting

Its a cool game. I killed 68 frogs. At the beginning I didn't realized that I can't jump as I'm moving. Maybe you can add that. And maybe remove the collision from the frogs after they died so you can go straight to another frog. Is it intended that the jump has a cooldown? And why is this girl wearing a frogsuit if she doesn't like frogs. Did she killed one to wear it as a kind of trophy or something haha?

Its a cool game but really difficult. I couldn't plant many plants until I've gone game over. But I'm not very skilled so it isn't your fault haha

Thank you

Can you reply to this comment once you outlined the controls so I can play it? I tried to figure them out myself but it didn't work

Yeah, my browser versions always have some problems like worse audio, performance issues, control issues. I think its just the way Godot exports web versions. But thank you for the feedback :)

Its a cool game. Maybe make the arrows a little smaller and place them under the land so you can manage multiple land pieces more easily without an arrow blocking your view. You could also add automation or something like that. And you could either add a money saver (if the player have no money and no tomatos give them a dollar) or a game over screen. It didn't happen to me that I ran out of money but I've read it in the comments