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It's a cool idea that you are a cookie and ants are trying to eat you

Ah okay :)

Its a really cool idea.

Idk if its part of the game but I think flappy bird dont work.

There are just these pillars but no bird and no next game

Its a really cool game but a little bit too hard for me (I managed to finish level 1).

It would be cool if you can throw again and dont have to press r and then throw again

Its a really cool game but difficult too. In one level my highscore is 0

Its a very cool game and a really creative idea

Thank you very much, your positive feedback means a lot to me :)

Maybe I will make a new game in wich you have to solve a new case (I think I finished the cookie story, but maybe I will have ideas how it can be continued). Or I will add more gameplay and story to this game, idk I didn't decided yet

I like that youre not limited by moves and just by time. And I like that you can put every tile everywhere you want and it doesnt flip back if it doesnt match. This way players are not limited and can get creative. You can use this and add gameplay elements that needs creativity and problem solving by the player, maybe you have to/can build certain objects instead of matching 3

I really like the story of this game. The "Cutscene" idk how i should describe it is so well made.

I think I found 2 Bugs.

- After talking with a NPC I got teleported to the start

- After the 2nd boss (the girl), there were invisible walls

Its a really fun game. I have some ideas to make the game more user friendly.

- Add more control options like Arrow Keys

- I think the helicopter can carry just one cookie at once so I would set the pickup and drop to the same key like space or e (or both)

- I would add a change action too (on the same key as pickup and drop) so if you picked up the wrong cookie and you are standing in front of another, you dont have to press the button twice (drop your cookie and pickup the new) and the new cookie is instantly picked up and the old automaticly dropped

Thank you :)

This is a really cool game. I love the art and the music.

The music reminds me a little bit of Animal Crossing :)

I would change the controls like jumping with space, moving with wasd AND arrow keys, let the menu interact with the mouse and make the controls more obvious. It took me a lot of time to figure out wich buttons I have to press

Its a good idea. It took a long time for me to figure out that I have to type the sentences, maybe explain that better next time. But its a good game :)

Its a really cool idea

Its a cool game :)

Its a really cool game, but you can get stuck very easy

Cool game

Its a very creative and cool idea :)

(Little "Bug", you can stand in 1 position and shoot all enemys)

Its a really cool game. I couldnt test it with a second player but I think it would be much fun with a second player.

We had the same multiplayer idea (But complete different games).

It would be cool if you can add an AI so you can play alone too :)

Cool game :)

Its a really cool idea :)


Its a really cool game. I never saw something like this before. This is so creative.

I would love to see a multiplayer and play it against friends

Its a really cool game and I have an idea for it.

You can jump automaticly with the shotgun jump, if you just press space in air. This would make it so much more comfortable and fun to use

I like the idea of being a squirel and jumping from tree to tree :)

This is a really cool game. I love the combination between tower defense and cards :)

I love the style. It looks so 3D and pixely at the same time.

And the game is really cool too :)

Its a really cool game. I love the music and the graphics. I had so much fun

Thank you for the feedback :) Im currently working on online multiplayer.

Thank you for the feedback :)

Its a very cool and creative game :)

This game is so creative and cool. I would love to see a full game :)

I love the art and the music. I know you didnt made the music but you have a good taste.

I had a few problems with the inverted mechanic the X key didnt worked, idk if its for controller or a bug. And the mouse click isnt so comfortable, I would switch it to a key. While jumping it didnt respond too but I managed to use it. (I used the web version)

Great game

Cool game, it has potential for many new & cool puzzles

Its a very cool game. You said its buggy, but I didnt found any bugs (I played the Web version).

Im happy to hear that you had fun :)

Thank you for the feedback :)

I will work on the art and the music after the jam

I did enjoy your game :)

You're not allowed to fix the bugs during the voting period, but you can fix it after it (I think in 1 Week).

Good luck at your first Jam :)

I dont understand the game. Can you explain it a little bit, so I can play it?

This would be very nice :)

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Its a very cool idea. All the things you do have consequences in another world.

There is one bug I think. The up arrow doesnt make you jump, just the W key.

And it sounds like the music is overlapping. But this two things arent big problems. Good job :)

Its a cool idea. I would add more player interaction. At the time you only have to press a button and the game is based on luck.

You could change the dice number to give you time in wich you can control the car instead of distance it travels by it self. You can add items to add strategy in your game :)

Cool game, I had fun. Its a little bit too difficult for me but Im also not really good at gaming too