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Power Flower TowerView game page

Plant flowers to protect your beloved flower. Play in browser now!
Submitted by DerAndre, serious-scribbler (@PhilNiehus), Lakortar — 1 hour, 16 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
How much do you like the game overall?#173.4743.474
Gameplay / Fun#183.4743.474
Is it relevant to spring and does it follow the theme?#183.8423.842
Graphics / Visuals#303.3683.368

Ranked from 19 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Any Premade Assets?
"Porch Swing Days - faster" Kevin MacLeod (, VT323 Font (The VT323 Project Authors (

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Pretty nice game! There's lots of content and a high level of polish, I can really tell that a lot of time and effort and thought went into it. Its unfortunate that the watering can is buggy as it seems like its an important feature. I really enjoy tower defence games so I would love to play an updated version after the jam!


We uploaded an updated version that includes fixes for all known bugs, ui improvements, some new enemies and 3 difficulties that can be selected in the preferences.


This game is pretty well made! It's a sizable tower defense game, lots of options, breeding, watering your plants, what more could you ask for? Some quality of life changes, perhaps. But before that, I mus say the presentation is amazing for this game, with the artstyle and the UI looking very clean. For general improvements, it took a while to get used to watering plants, as waving around the watering can around the plant hoping it would hydrate was slightly nerve wracking. The breeding mechanic I heard a sound when I fused two plants together, and I can't tell if I failed or made a new combination. In the game you can see all the plants and they are divided into tiers. I assume you can only research these tiers by researching specific combos for the plants. An easy fix to know whether you successfully bred a new plant is by making locked plants have a darkened outline, and become visible once a combination has been found. Also a specific sound that indicates success. I was successful? in holding off the rat until wave 9, where a giant snail that took no damage showed me the meaning of pain. I don't know if it's a bug that I couldn't hit it, or it required a specific plant, because I had a 4 patch variety of attackers. TLDR, very good game, extremely polished, quality of life changes would help.

Developer (1 edit)

Thank you, I'm glad you liked our game :)
The breeding is unfortunately broken due to a bug in this version of the game. The buttons for plants that haven't been unlocked yet are disabled, but the difference in button style is so subtle it's barely noticeable, we unfortunately didn't have time to change that before we submitted our game. The breeding system is definitely something we are working on improving.
The snail really is unbeatable in this version of the game, we didn't have enough time to really balance things well.
It also spawns earlier than intended because I mindlessly rounded the number of enemies that spawn per type, instad of using floor, causing the snail to spawn when your garden is worth half as much as it should be.


Oh, so that explains why that snail is so good. Thanks for clarifying about the breeding thing, I was genuinely curious, because this game has a really good foundation, and I wanted to know if I was being silly.  Once again, excellent work on your game!


This is a great game! Very impressive given the time constraint. Well done


The game is more tactical than it seems in the first part, I played until wave 7, the mice knocked me out :(


Love the game! Very impressive for a 48 hour jam.
I think it could be improved by having smaller/shorter levels and by introducing new plants and mechanics one at a time


Tower defence with flowers and vegetables.I like it.


Its a cool game but I don't understand how the watering works so I didn't survive wave 2. I used the watering can so many times on the flower, above the flower, beside the flower etc. and nothing worked. Sometimes a plant got watered but I don't know how I did that. Maybe explain more on how to water the plants or improve the watering recognition.

But except the watering thing this game has potential. I've never saw a tower defense game with a grow theme and a "take care of plants mechanic".

Flowers that are very very strong but also have to grow like the vegetables and maybe even get attacked by enemys would be a cool feature to add

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Thank you :)

The watering can but is really unfortunate, it worked really well up until 1.5 hours before submission, but we had to change it from an object that follows the mouse to a cursor to fix another bug. It also only seems to be an issue with the web version.

The growing of flowers was actually a planned feature, but we didn't have time to fully implement it for the flowers.


It was fun to play. My only gripe is UI/UX related. I just couldn't figure out how to upgrade the plants, the font was a little small, and I could never figure out where to put my mouse to properly water the plants.


Thank you :)

If we decide to continue this game we will definitely increase the font size.

The watering can unfortunately works less good than it used to after some last minute changes. We had to change it into a cursor, so it now only waters plants right in the middle of it.


If you do decide to continue, fix the watering can and ui and you're golden.
Make the upgrade mechanic easier to use/understand. And change the colors on the "locked" plants. There wasn't a lot of constrast there.

If things are easier to understand it'll be even more fun


Well at least someone got their tower defense working :D

Good job with the game. Takes a minute to understand how the vegetables and watering works but overall pretty good.


Nice work.


The art is nice and the song if you could add upgrades I could see this game on steam


Thank you very much :)

DerAndre did a great job with all the graphics, he worked on them for more than 24 hours without a break.

I wish we could also take credit for the music, but it was made by Kevin MacLeod as indicated in the description, but I'm happy you like our choice :)


You got a lot done, and tower defence games are always fun! good job!


I love classic tower defence games, and this game was cool! Thanks!