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Thank you I appreciate you taking the time to check it out!

Thanks for your feedback and thanks for putting on yet another great jam! A custom font was originally on my to-do list but certain animations took a bit longer than I anticipated so I had to cut that along with a few other polish details I had hoped to get to. 

Really glad you enjoyed it though thanks for checking it out!

Thank you! I appreciate you checking it out!

Yes that's a great idea and one that I planned on including! Unfortunately some of the animation took too long so I was unable to properly implement in time. As as result I limited the number of moving platforms you could land on so hopefully it wasn't too distracting! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

Thank you so much I really appreciate your kind words :)

Thank you I'm glad you enjoyed it! It definitely takes a lot of practice I've done several jams at this point so I kind of have a feel of what I will and won't be able to accomplish during the time period, so that can ensure I don't have to spend too long on one single task. Thanks for your feedback I really appreciate you taking the time to check it out! 

I'm really glad you enjoyed it! Thank you so much for your feedback

No problem I really did enjoy it! Also if you have time and haven't already I would love it if you could check out my game as well! :)

No problem! Also if you get the chance and haven't already I'd appreciate it if you could check out my game as well!

Thank you I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Yeah so I think speeding up the gameplay a little bit (i.e. the movement speed & jump height) would make it feel a lot more satisfying to play. A lot of times with platformers its best to try to avoid slow movement unless its for a distinct purpose. I also noticed that a lot of the walls were kind of "sticky" so like you could jump into them and you'd stay there. I'm not sure if this was intentional or not, but if not in Unity you can create a 2D physics material and set "Friction" to 0 and then apply that to any platform colliders and that should solve that. 

I also think it would look a little nicer if there weren't the little gaps between the tiles. I've also had that issue in the past but there are a bunch of good resources out there to fix that issue. Unity's tile map system is very powerful!

Other than those few things its honestly a pretty solid game! You included a lot of polish details that a lot of people miss like particle effects while running and jumping that I really appreciate seeing in such a short term jam. Good job you should be proud!

You should be able to jump and hit that lever just above you there! That should open the floor below you

This was a fun concept! Good job!

This is a fun game! It requires a lot of concentration but I like that! Well done!

This is a cute game! Very fun to play

This is a very relaxing game! Well done!

This is pretty good for your first game jam! Definitely a good start! I especially enjoyed your sister's art work! It made me smile

Great game! Good level design it's all really well done. Plus the art is fantastic!

This is a cute game! I like it

This is a really funny submission! Good job!

This is a cute platformer! Very difficult to time but still fun! Very nice

This is a cute game! The wallpaper reminded me of Toy Story. Good job!

The art in this game is very well done. Very solid platformer. Good job!

This is a really good game! It controls very nicely! Well done!

That'a awesome! Well done

The primary mechanic here is very well done and the level design compliments it a lot. Well done!

I really like the art style of this one! Good job!

This is a nice little platformer with easy to use and fun controls. Well done!

This is a cute game! I really like the artstyle!

This is a really interesting concept. Well done!

I absolutely love everything about this. This is the most wholesome game jam game I think i've ever played. It's awesome the kids have something like this to work on i'm sure they had a blast! Well done!

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I'm glad you enjoyed it! The screen shake in the boulder room was intentional, but I'm sorry if it came off as a little much. Regardless, thanks for taking the time to check out my game I really appreciate it!

I'm glad you like it! The actual music track itself was royalty free (I'm not confident enough in my music composition skills to compose a piece for the game jam) but all other audio mixing and effects were still done by me. I'm glad you enjoyed it! 

This is a really relaxing game I really enjoyed it!

Cool game! Very interesting concept!

This is a cute tower defense game! Good job!

This is a relaxing game! Well done!

This is a cool concept! Good job

This has a lot of potential. Good work I enjoyed it!