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Thanks! After you kill the ghost that comes out of the TV a key should spawn in front of the TV.
I guess this is easy to miss because that ghost might chase you somewhere else...

Thanks for playing! The enmies definitily have too much HP...

The game feels very polished with a cool unique art style and amazing sound effects!
Also loved the funny interactions and how it got progressively darker.
I would have loved more challenging gameplay, but I understand it's just not that type of game.
Overall great job!

Nice unique game with great art and music!

Cool concept! I love the upgrade mechanic and the weapon variety.
And nice pick for the music :)

I like the atmosphere and story pieces, good work!
The audio is very minimalistic but it works for a spooky setting.
Poor friend just wanted a pumpkin waifu :/

Very interesting concept! I think the controls could be more intuitive but ultimately this was still a fun experience. Tongue spider ftw

I enjoyed the game! I think I would have enjoyed it even more if there was more story per level or the levels were overall shorter. But the story pieces always felt like a reward and kept me playing to the end. Good job!

Thanks! Yeah the music doesn't loop unfortunately :/

Fun little game and the leaderboard makes it even better!

Gameplay and art are great!
I especially love the cutscenes (intro & when they get spooked).

The pixel art, music and sound are awesome!
I didn't understand how to play at first, but it seems like you don't need to move at all, because the units have infinite attack range. That makes the gameplay less strategic than it could be.
Overall cool submission though!

Thank you for playing and for the feedback!
Also I'm glad you were able to beat the game! :D

Thank you for playing and for the feedback! The enemies are not invulnerable, they just have way too much health and the ability to teleport. The on-hit feedback is missing, will probably add that in a post-jam version.

Love the pixel art and atmosphere in this game!

Thank you! :)

In my first attempt I pushed through the boxes to left and got myself trapped between the boxes.
But the second time I got to the end and I must say the atmosphere and buildup are amazing!

Finally I made it to the end! :D
It's challening but possible, plus nice art!

Overall nice game! I especially like the combat, it's simple but requires skill!

I like it, but I too have no clue how to avoid the Darkshifter

Love the ending! :D

Great idea! Right mouse button and scroll wheel can now be used to rotate the cards :)

Thanks for playing!

thanks :D

The controls feel just right and the art is awesome, love it!

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What a beautiful and calming game!
I think the experience (perhaps only of the in-browser version) can be easily enhanced by using Unity's fullscreen button instead of itch's. Currently the game does not really go into fullscreen which is a shame because the art and animations are awesome!

Awesome art, music and sfx! I also think you got the difficulty just right - bravo!

Awesome game! I like the graphics, music and voice acting!
I expected that I could rotate the ship in any direction instead of just 8 but I got used to the controls in no time.

I love the concept! At first I didn't understand how to play because the tutorial text was not on the screen in fullscreen mode. Overall well done!

Thank you for playing and for the great feedback!
A more balanced and overall improved version will be published after the voting ends ;)

Fun little game! The art is simple but nice and the music fits well.
At first I also thought I have to match the colors.

Lovely Game!
I think if everything would move a little bit faster (both looting & harvesting/building) I would enjoy it even more.
Also I found out you can drag your characters onto the item hotbar at the bottom and they'll disappear.

Will do after the voting! (don't think I'm allowed till then)

Love the concept of this game and the music slaps! :D
A dash ability would make this even better!

Cool game! It is way too difficult for me though

love the art & animation! And I appreciate that you can stomp this vermin more even after they're long dead

well done, this is satisfying! :D Would have loved to move with WASD though.

Took  me a few rounds to see 'Ask a question' in the corner, before that I was clicking buttons randomly^^ Love the art, animation and chocken!

very pretty game!

very cute game! Would be nice if you could buy a scythe or some other tool to harvest more efficiently because it's a lot of clicking

Love how the animals and scenery change! had a fun playthrough :) gardener score 89/100