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Oh that's good to know! I've seen some discussions to the effect that the converter was lack luster in certain cases, but they were all at least a few months old. I started a new project in the compatibility version of Godot 4 after I submitted my game, because I can't really do 3D at all let alone Vulkan (thus how simplistic my game is). And I've been loving how much stuff can be shown in the inspector now! Just jumping in definitely is the best way to see what's in store.


I'm glad you liked the gravity! I would've loved to put the intended gameplay in, but I spent most of my time fiddling with rotations on the player. Thankfully this jam doesn't prioritize gameplay. But to make it up to you, here's a bunch of fun facts I learned about rotations in game development during this jam:

  • Any given two vectors will always share a perpendicular vector, which is also the axis of rotation from one to the other.
  • You can find that shared perpendicular vector using the cross product
  • You can find the angle between two vectors using the dot product and arccosine

And with that information anyone can create a character that walks around planets!

Very cool, and it feels good to play. Though jump should be on up arrow too.

My personal favorite of the jam. It's brilliance wasn't fully apparent until literally when it ended. Man I want to play more, and in a windows build so it has better performance. How did you make a metroidvania in such a short time? Full 5 stars.

The art is great!

I liked the mech, though I just flew over all opposition which was interesting

Thanks! Yup, Godot is such a good tool, it's very satisfying to make games in.


Thanks! And Godot is awesome, I'm new to it but very much looking forward to using it for a long time to come. Can't wait to move to Godot 4 proper, when my computer can finally support Vulkan.

I would have loved to add more stuff! But unfortunately my computer couldn't get good frames in playtesting the more I did. I probably should have stuck to 2D. I wish I could play your game too! But again, my computer can't handle it.

Thanks! I still don't know what the sun is...

This was cool. My computer is super weak so I was getting basically 2FPS, but thankfully this is just a level. I liked the blue art style too, and the ship was a cool idea.

This is a very cool game, I didn't expect another original idea I hadn't played existed. I enjoy the gameplay and the music. I'm especially happy there's no ads. I'll be keeping this on my phone for a while. Thanks for making it!

I'm glad you had fun! This comment was a pleasant surprise, so thanks. More levels would've been great, but unfortunately the project files were such a mess I absolutely refused to go back to it, even though we liked the game. Live and learn I guess.

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I actually had a lot of fun, for a game jam at least. I would recommend a highscore screen though, or some kind of goal. In any case, great job!

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Cool game, I liked it, except that my computer was too slow to play for too long. Still, it was fun for what I could do.

I loved this game, but for anyone who wants to sink as many hours as I did into the game to answer the two bold questions (as I did) here are the answers.

Will you get to Ararat?

No. The game has no ending. Reach 99,999 and it loops to 00000. After reaching ~62,000 you cannot land, so even if Ararat is beneath you, you still cannot get to it.

Does Ararat even exist?

I suppose this one will forever be a mystery.

You should play this game, just don't play for as long as I did. Give it a try, the journey is the best part.

Oh wow, I didn't realize. Actually I guess it's really useful you let me know that, so whenever I make a game that uses the space bar I can avoid it now. I'll raise my rating, since it was technically my fault for never trying the up key. Thanks for letting me know!

Thanks for the feedback! The stream was great, it was fun to be there and it was super helpful. Thanks to you I finally fixed the resolution problems, which means now I can do it right for the next jam. So thanks for playing and giving such great feedback!

Thanks for the useful feedback! I'm glad you found the main mechanic satisfying to play with, and my brother will be happy to hear you liked the art (and the music, he picked it). Yeah, the UI was almost game breaking untill I mostly fixed it with only half an hour to spare. But again, thanks for playing and leaving this feedback.

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I think the concept is great, I made something similar for a different game jam a while back. But the character controller needs to be more adaptable. It can hardly jump, it needs momentum to jump higher (which you often can't get because if you go backwards you'll hit the bell, losing your good roll), and the lack of adaptability makes it so that a person could, like me, reroll basically 20 times to get a good platform (of course watching the entire roll animation each time) and then when you finally get a good roll it turns out the die is a pixel too high, and you have to reroll again. I wish I could've beaten level 3, the first die level, but the RNG was not in my favor. In all fairness it could have been my browser being slow, as my computer is old. The game may have been much snappier than I noticed if my browser was faster. But now for what I liked. I liked the music being timed with the roll animation, I liked the music in general, and I liked how the first two levels slowly worked up in difficulty. I also appreciated that the art wasn't pixel art. I definately liked the hand shaking when rolling the dice, even if I wish it was shorter. Overall, an amazing concept that just needed more than 48 hours to balance, or maybe a downloadable version.

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The game was mostly fun, the game loop is well designed. I really wish I could've beaten it, but there was a bug that made it so the game paused every time I tried the first jump (but only after getting vegetables). Since it's supposed to be a rage game I can't say that making the player do a hard double jump as the first jump is a bad idea. I probably could get used to it if the game didn't pause while I was trying to jump, removing all my momentum. And of course the jump can't be completed without momentum either. But still, every part of the game after the first jump was great, just as fun as it looked on the stream. I loved the music, the story, the physics, and the art. I even noticed how you gave the player jump particles. I liked the effect on the main menu background too! Great game!

Thanks, we're glad you liked it!

That's good to hear! Thanks for letting me know, that's one more thing that will be off my mind in the next jam. Next time I'll make sure the screen resolution isn't broken. Thanks!

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed the gameplay!

Thanks, the art really was the best part. More things to do definitely would be cool. Thanks for playing and leaving feedback!


Thanks for the feedback, we're glad you liked it!

This game was fun. It wasn't too hard, but made me think. And it was fun to become overpowered at the end.

Thanks for the feedback! We're glad you liked the concept and art. And thanks for letting me know that you had an issue with the web version, now I'll make sure to always make a Linux build with any web build. Thanks for playing!

I enjoyed that despite the random chance, it was somewhat predictable. The root monster chases you, the ear moves diagonally, the guards and bugs move in straight lines, etc. It was fun learning how to adapt and outmaneuver whatever is thrown at you. Good game.


I liked the atmosphere and sound. I also liked that it had a story and cutscenes, but I would have preferred there was a downloadable version for people like me with slow browsers. Also a skip dialogue button wouldn't have hurt in that area. Still the game was unique and interesting.

Completely understandable that it was a little annoying, thanks for letting me know.  And thanks for playing and leaving such constructive feedback!

Thanks! We're glad you liked it!

Thanks! Oh yeah, I didn't realize that the cut off edges would have that effect. I definitely should have done a browser playtest before it was too late. But in any case I'm glad you enjoyed the game! 

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It is so awesome you made your own engine! My amazement cannot be overstated. But sadly, I could not play the game, when I tried I just got a blank black screen. No audio either. So I didn't leave a rating, but I wanted to congratulate you on your first public game made with BananaTechnology.

Edit: In case your wondering, I'm on an old 2013 windows with the default built in graphics card.

Oh wow that is a bummer. This was the first jam where I got the browser version to work for me, I wish it worked for everyone. But thanks for leaving the feedback. Although I do wonder, is your computer old, or are you using Linux or something? I was just wondering for future reference, so maybe I could prevent it.

It was peaceful, but I feel it could have been more engaging by removing the rotate ability and just constraining the map to about 7 moves in any direction. That would make the game more of a puzzle game of how to get to the coin than a game about using dice rolls to just get around the map. I did enjoy the rotate ability however, as it really helped to not constantly overshoot the coin. This was a well made simple game.