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thanks for the feedback


Cool Game Loved It! Can You Play My Game?

Neat Game, I see that its inspired by Tetris! Can You Play My Game? 

Cool Game Love The Art Style And The Concept! Can You Play My Game?


can you play my game?


you are the only one who has this problem

im glad i made you happy

cool game but dang its hard can you play game

cool game love the art  

Cool game with a nice touch of polish! Good idea reminds of Just Shapes And Beats

cool game had fun with it can you play my game?

Cool game but gets boring in after 30s and there's no polish 

thanks for the feedback

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Cool game had fun with it! can you play my game?

cool game love the idea good job! can you play my game?


Cool game the only thing i would say is make it so its easier to get stars and the placing sounds are way to loud 

great game had a lot of fun with it but the music is a little scary

Fun game for a little bit but then it just becomes way to easy good work! Can you play my game?


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Found a game breaking bug! 

thanks for the feedback

just make it on your profile ad i will vote it here

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This Is The Best Game In The Jam: 

Gameplay 5/5

Design  5/5

Music 5/5

Theme 5/5

Geometricness 5/5 

Its A Cool Game Great Job

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kinda hard to understand but its fun


can you make a web version 

this reminds me of a game one of my friends made i don't know if its still on the app store but this is like a more polished version of that

thanks for the feedback yah i should have added that

thanks for the feedback

can you play my game?


simple little fun game

sure i will play yours and thanks for the feedback

good game but its way to easy it just got boring because i couldn't lose 

Polish was nice gameplay was fun the only problem i had was that it was sometimes impossible to know where i was going 

simple yet fun game, can you play my game?