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Very cool interpretation of the theme. Good job!

This is wonderful! I really like how the dramatic Victorian horror vibes juxtapose with the cosy lighting and cats to create a unique atmosphere. The art is very nice and the game feels pretty polished. I did things in a strange order and ended up a little confused about what some of the items did. Big bonus points from me for the cats. Great job overall!

Fun little arcade game. Quite impressive for 3 hours. It's cool to see a TriJam game making an appearance! :D

This is very impressive for your first jam! The gameplay is simple and easy understand, but fun. I think it could be even better if it was level-based instead of endless. Good job overall!

Really nice game! It's very polished, has nice graphics and audio and a cool interesting way of delivering the story. It could use maybe 1 or 2 extra mechanics to spice up the gameplay. Good job overall!

Very nice visuals and lighting effects. The gameplay is not super exciting but it has potential :)

Pretty cool! Unfortunately the game didn't run very well on my PC, but I like the idea and the artwork. Reggie is super cute.

Pretty cool game! I like that you managed to create a spooky atmosphere even with quite simple graphics and audio. It could have some improvements such as instructions and a title screen. Good job overall!

Pretty cool art style! It seems a bit unfinished but has a lot of potential.

I like the artwork and the flashing items mechanic. I was able to teleport through some of the walls by walking into them a lot - not sure if that is a bug? Good job overall :)

I love this art style and the use of the fading audio and darkness to create atmosphere! I wish it was a little longer and with more mechanics, but still a cool game overall :)

Really cool graphics and audio, very atmospheric! I was a little confused by the gameplay at times

Very stylish audio and graphics! But I got stuck and couldn't figure out what to do after the TV bit :(

This is a very impressive game for 2 day jam! There's lots of detail with the different enemy types, pickups etc. I really like how the torch looks too. I had a few weird gameplay moments like bosses not seeming to take damage, but nothing too serious. Good job overall!

Pretty good little runner game! I like the flashlight mechanic. Sometimes the random position of the platforms and enemies seemed a little unfair.

Pretty cool concept with very stylish graphics. It would be cool if there was a time limit and you got a score at the end of it. Nice job overall!

Cool idea and nice graphics! The difficulty is maybe a little brutal, but it did feel like an achievement when I completed it.

Very spooky and atmopsheric! As someone who is scared of the deep sea, this had me feeling tense :D the gameplay is not super exciting, but the story and atmosphere make up for it. Good job!

Very creepy vibes, and nice artwork too!

Very unique, detailed, and well-made. I love the dark humour!

Very nice game with a unique and spooky vibe. Love the art style. Well done!

This is really good! Such a funny and unique concept. The art and font is really nice too.

It's short and simple but very well-made! I like how the screen gets darker if you take damage.

Nice idea, I like the flashlight mechanic. But I found it quite easy to get lost!

Interesting idea and pretty visuals. Not particularly spooky though!

Cute art style. I like the crouching mechanic. Could use a little more gameplay :)

Interesting idea and cute graphics, but I'm a little confused on how to play properly!

Interesting idea, but very short. I like the flashing light mechanic and the little ending cutscene!

This is really good! The gameplay is simple but fun and polished, the inclusion of the leaderboard is very nice too. I also like the audio. Great job!

Nice idea, I like the artwork! Good job :)

Hi, you are allowed to upload updated versions with bug fixes ONLY if you are fixing a huge major bug that stops you completing the game. If you can still play and complete your game, you shouldn't really update. But you can do whatever you want with your game after the voting period ends, of course :)


I really like this idea, there should be more games that let you play as a grandma! It feels a bit unfinished but it definitely has potential. Good job!

Simple but fun and satisfying to play. Well done!

I like the stick man character! Congrats on your first jam :) 

Pretty cool, but a bit short! The audio really helps create a creepy vibe.

Hi! You can make less scary jump-scares. This jam is intended to be open to all ages so it is encouraged to avoid anything TOO scary - but it can still be a little scary. You could also just put a warning at the start of your game.


Hi, yes that is fine - as long as you don't start making the game before this jam begins. (Also maybe check the rules of the other jam(s) too).


Nice little tower defence game! Having to plant the seeds is an interesting twist. The art and audio are simple but they get the job done. Good work!

Nice artwork and concept, sad that it isn't fully working but it definitely has potential :)

The artwork is very cool! As others have said, it was a little confusing, but it certainly has potential :)