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The best thing is the art! I really liked it! The music is nice too! But my biggest problem is the lack of restart level button so I had to restart the game.  But overall it has great potential and more levels would be welcome!

Lori: What is it?              Ellie: It's a game for the Kindred Game Jam

Lori: Is it good?               Ellie: Yes ....

                                                 Ellie: The story is beautiful. The art is beautiful. The gameplay is simple.

Lori: What about the audio?          Ellie: It is amazing.

Lori: Should I play it?                          Ellie: Yes, you should

Amazing!!! The gameplay is the best thing. I like how Blooey controls. The shortage of blocks leads to seperation of platforms which adds more platforming element into the game. Which is great and an interesting additon to a puzzle game. One thing though sonetimes I land on a platform and just slip off. It can be kind of infuriating. But overall an amazing submition. The level design is the best thing about the whole game. You did a great job guys!

P.S. But what was before the Blooey? Guess we'll never find out.....

It's STUNNING how much content you maneged to put in the game in such short time. But I did at times get stuck and it wasn't clear what to do next to unlock a building or to earn a skill point. But overall great job. 

P.S. It would be funny if your own game won your own jam.

I like the way the planet controls. Especially on the Star Level. But I didn't really enjoy where you are pulled to the other planets, feels out of controll and the game benefits from mastery. But I really like how you take mechanics and apply them to different objects in different levels. Great job!

I need to implement pathfinding into my 2D game. Can I use the A* pathfinding project or will I get disqalified?

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Can you use pre-made assets or assets made by someone else you have permiton to use?


I’m participating for the first time. So I don’t know how to upload a game for game jams. Can somebody help me?