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Thanks for all of the comments and ratings!  If you experience trouble with the controls, try the downloadable Windows version.  For some reason, browser games can be buggy sometimes, especially with inputs.

If you're making a platformer, always, always, always make sure it feels good to move your character around. 

There's a somewhat popular urban legend that at the start of Super Mario 64's development, Shigeru Miyamoto wanted to make sure that Mario felt fun to control just by himself.  To accomplish this, he simply tested Mario's movement in an empty white room and polished it until it was perfect.  And it shows!

If you're not sure about your physics and movement, make sure you get feedback.  Even if you are sure, make sure you get feedback.  Something that may have felt normal to you may feel weird to somebody else.  

And remember: don't take all criticism equally.  Oftentimes criticism is helpful, but keep in mind that not everyone shares your exact vision for your game.   After all, if Miyamoto gave Mario a rocket launcher in Super Mario 64, the experience wouldn't feel as unified as the final product*.  Learn to discern between these types of criticism. 

*On the other hand, this sounds amazing.  Take notes, Nintendo.

Totally bananas and totally unique.  5 stars across all boards for me!

Your game was absolutely splendid and I loved every second of it!

nervous sweating

I tried that, but for some reason it wouldn't work.  Maybe I just wasn't on fire long enough.  

Excellent work!  I just wish I knew how to fire the cannon...

I'd play a physical version of this game any day!  The sound didn't work for me for some reason, though.  

I was just intimidated by how much health it had.  I had enough patience to get through the first encounter, and the second encounter was unique.  But with the boss, I figured out pretty quickly that I could just spam Cursed Comment and wait to be defeated.

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The soundtrack is an absolute bop, and the graphics are amazing.  I also really love the character design.  I just wish the boss fight wasn't so tedious.  It was a pretty neat puzzle to figure out how to lose each encounter, but the boss seemed too easy and boring upon first impression.


I really love the creativity behind this one!  The only gripe I had was that it was nearly impossible for me to see the spikes.

Here's my game:

This game easily has some of the best sound design in the whole jam.

Very neat!  Reminds me of Ikaruga but with platforming.  

This game is too great for words.  

Reject humanity, return to golfe.

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Dang, a whole Metroidvania during a 3-day jam? Props.  The soundtrack is full of certified bops, too.

Excellent execution and very creative, but the controls make it a little frustrating to make the precise movements needed in some levels.  

Here's my game:

It took a while to fully grasp the controls, but when I did, hoo boy.  The whole "help out your other clone" thing didn't really come through for me, but the rest of the game more than makes up for it.  I'm glad you were able to pay your rent and taxes :).  

That happens sometimes with browser games for some reason.  Refreshing usually fixes it.  

Post your feedback here!  (This is where the in-game feedback button will take you once it is added in Chapter 2)

Neat game, though I never really knew what the different health colors meant.  Excellent and bold visuals.  

Splendid game with a premise that encourages experimentation.  I would play an extended version of this, too!

I had fun with this one!  The ambiguity of what went where made it fun to solve the puzzles  and gather the resources.  As mentioned before, the game has a softlock, but it's still fun.

Awesome concept and graphics, though it could have used a bit of optimization.  The crafting mechanics were a bit obtuse, too.

The mechanics in this game are excellent - probably some of the best in the whole jam - and more than compensate for the lack of polish.  The only reason I stopped playing was because the game crashed.

Top-notch on the graphics and crafting fronts.  It was really fun figuring out how to splice different elements to assemble the necessary materials.  I just wish it were longer, but the length is understandable considering you made this in under 48 hours.

Definitely a good Minecraft clone with pleasant enough audio and visuals.  My only gripe is the lack of variety: there are only two biomes, and once your goal becomes clear the grinding gets a bit monotonous.  I'm sure that's because of time constraints, though, so it's not too bad.  

Cute game!  I'm a big fan of the aesthetic, and the mechanics are solid.  I just wish there were more of a gameplay loop.  It's still fun to mess around with potions, though.  

How do you deploy crafted units?

Neat game, just wish the collision were more consistent.  

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I couldn't really tell if there was more to the game than just goomba-stomping aliens, and I couldn't figure out how to use the knives once I crafted them.  The execution of the theme could have been better, as the aliens could have been replaced with virtually anything and nothing would have changed.  Zombies, robots, you name it.  Of course, this game definitely has potential with more varied gameplay and more interesting applications of the theme.  Keep up the good work!  

*alien noises*


Certainly!  I plan to make a postmortem video about the game and also discuss things like the crafting system.  

This game's got a lot of polish, especially in graphics and movement.  Nice.