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Pretty fun. I really like the visuals. First time played, I restarted when I died and missed out on upgrades. And it might just be me but the Fireball number upgrade was a bit unclear

Safe ending is getting to the cultist without firing a shot then running away back to the car

Climbing equipment can get you out of the hole just click left of the ladder.

As for the rock and stick they can be combined

Nice game! I like the metroidvania elements as you progress allowing you to explore more. The enemies keeping their damage after you die means you can keep progressing even if you're doing badly. I found some of the platforming to be a bit frustrating. I liked how the battery is just underneath where you start but you have to go round the level to get to it.

Yeah, currently #19 XD

Amazing game. Everything is really well done. I was getting lost in the first level, but due to the way you placed them, I found myself at the finish before I even knew there was an end lol.

Music and graphics are very good. I can see there's a lot of effort put into the story too.

Movement is a bit too slow for me, there's a big map and it was easier for me to just get the nearest ingredients to me. The last scene 'Orange marmalade?' didn't work for me. 

The water skates is a good addition, I was wondering how I'd get those spots in the sea.

The music is really good, and the shooting sound seems to blend in really well with it.

Good game, I'm not the best at endless shooters so I didn't get very far. I found the tracking bugs hard to deal with as I couldn't run away and shoot back at them very well.

I can see why Bob the Wizard has Entomophobia

The animations are really good, I like the awesome flips. I flipped on a hill and did a roll all the up it lol.

Not a fan of the music, but you had the option to turn it off. I'd recommend looking for some license-free music, it saves a lot of time.

Skater's mode was too slow for me, I couldn't pick up enough speed at the beginning to clear the larger jumps which made it more based on chance than skill.

Play mode was fun, it was cool to have an opponent to race against and the reward for beating it, is pretty cool too

I got the Paranoia, Safe and Dead endings are there any more?

The music and colour scheme make a great atmosphere.

I would say the Use/look/take/talk seems a bit redundant as they all seem to be achieved with left click anyway.

Making a game with multiple endings is really amazing for a gamejam, Well done!

That's cheating XD I was running around for ages (>500 seconds) before I used my Dev powers.

Thanks, for finding that spot, I'll have to find a way to patch that bit up.

Thanks, not exactly sure what u mean, when playing in browser, pressing Tab opens up the menu, which makes the cursor visible and allows you to exit the game.

When Playing the downloaded files, the same applies and there is also a 'Close game' button in the menu.

I wasn't expecting such complexity from this game. It is very challenging and can keep you playing for awhile.

I did have a bug on level 4 where the viruses got trapped in a corner and I think they multiplied off the map and got themselves stuck

The music and atmosphere are spot on.

I couldn't complete it though, I don't know whether it was because the rod didn't go very far or just bad luck.

Also, isn't that the jojo cans and seaweed from Stardew Valley?

1300. This game is so good, it's one that I could probably play for quite a while. The trade-offs make for some interesting decisions, go a bit further for the battery and if so, do I need to do it almost blind to get back? 

And you included a background generator too. Just amazing!

This was a hard one took me over 500 seconds. I had to use my dev powers to make sure you weren't cheating :p

Good luck to anyone else who tries it

A very classic platformer, the inventory system is pretty good and I like the little animation Javid does when he changes direction.

Thanks, I was inspired by Nintendo's friend codes. It was quite tricky to figure out a way to implement it and keep it a secret

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63.55secs on my first time, but I have a bit of an advantage. Almost couldn't see you there. Great spot, thanks for playing.

I found many bugs but I shot them and they died in a cool animation :D . Good game, the instructions are well implemented (except for some of the keys not being inside houses).

There was a problem where if you click the plus sign you get trapped inside the house. Also, the music restarts when you go to the How to Play menu which I assume because it's in a different scene.

Are there any differences in the various weapons?

Good game, great music, the birds really convey their personality.

Just missing a "2 birds, 1 stone" pun haha

Thanks, can you specify what you find most inconvenient?

I love the mushrooms too :)

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Thanks for the feedback. I can see the problem. 

For now, if you enter the menu with tab and exit again, it should fix it. 
Edit: also, clicking in-game stops the getting stuck at the edges

Working on an update to fix this.

Great, simple arcade game.

I'd like to see the hive get noticeably bigger so I could see I was having an impact.

This is the snake game, would've been a bit more interesting if you added something more to it

Well done for making a 3d game in Godot so quickly. The 3d models are really good. Your systems like crafting and the map directions work pretty well (only complaint would be that the tips overlapped when used frequently and the U.I. doesn't update instantly). I'm not what the goal of the game, I made a bunch of knives and wandered around for a bit. Is the level randomly genereated?

Nice game, I really enjoyed the sound effects.  I'd suggest making the level totally dark even when close to the pink heart and having a bigger meter and an arrow for a general direction in which to go. It fits the theme really well and the blood splatter effects are great, loved little details like the veins showing on the heart when you lose blood.

Good game, it was challenging and keeps you on your toes. I really liked the chase at the end. I felt the miasma killed you a bit too quickly, I had to play very carefully which was hard as I found it hard to control my speed.

Here's our game :)

Better late than never this is our game

Thanks, I've now completed the game with that knowledge.  It was just that first gauge that baffled me, it's not normally doing something then nothing which is the way forward. If the second was first, it might have been more clear. Thanks for the spikes on the last level I got to the h8 stone without her lol.

A nice fun mini-game great work

I liked how you had to plan your way around having the girl with you or not to get through certain areas, it's very clever. I got stuck with a platform that moved with a button that filled a gauge. I could fill it up but it wouldn't move back. I also liked how you had to recover love by picking up the girl again

The Pixel art is great. Drawing limit confused me like everyone else. Controls weren't very sharp, jumping seemed to lag a bit/ not register. Music was good and the dialogue was funny

I found the gradient a bit confusing at first, as it's hard to tell when you're in the gradient and how long you can stay there. Once I realised how I was dying, it was a fun game, great work!!! It's challenging and it fits the theme well. I'd like to see this with some random levels so I could play for longer

I found the gradient a bit confusing at first, as it's hard to tell when you're in the gradient and how long you can stay there. Once I realised how I was dying, it was a fun game, great work!!! It's challenging and it fits the theme well. I'd like to see this with some random levels so I could play for longer

Great work!! nice background too I can see that I'm moving through space but it's till minimalistic and matches the style