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The Random WikiHow Jam second edition is now published !

Since this jam is a first try for fun, you can send us a link to your game and we'll upload it ;) 

It works. I love my body now.
Wonderful use of the art style, all the sprites moving made for a really enjoyable sight ! John Handsome made me laught

That is a fun game ! Leaving aside the fact that dumb me couldn't figure out the scoring system for about three minutes, it is a really nice game to play

Wow. That's a... unique approach to making an educational game.

Absolutely wonderful and I love it.

I'll post a downloadable version after the jam ends, it's probably Godot struggling with OpenGL3 :/

Pretty funny game, I now know how to end up in a real life hentai game and I am very happy with it

Awesome game ! Takes a bit of practice but really satisfying once you get it !

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A really fun little game, it feels pretty good when you do build a really tall house !
My only complaint is that it doesn't seem to be really balanced (heh), but including wikihow pictures was a nice touch ! :p

Well that was fun !
Anyone willing for another round ?

Of course ! As long as you have something playable we'll be happy to add it to the jam !

Where are you all coming from ?!?

Given the general rules of the Random WikiHow Jam we were not expecting as many participants but here we are ! We're extremely happy and excited that so many people joined, thanks a lot to all of you !!!!
Remember to have fun and not to take all of this too seriously, this jam was created to see how people would interpret such un-jammy themes as WikiHow articles.
Game jams are unique jokes among game developpers which push us to create something truly unique, fun, broken and personnal above and beyond any expectation of something made in a few dozens of hours.
So make great games, make terrible games and have fun ! <3

We can't wait to try your games !

PS : Got a terrible theme as well and I love it

Yes, this game was certainly lacking some features (mainly instructions). We'll continue to work on it for a while to improve it, so thanks a lot for the feedback ! 

About the playthrough, one might be published as soon as we finish this project (though finish is a pretty loose term in game development). And thanks for the technical precision about to, we'll fix this.

Thanks a lot, we really appreciate ! And the video was great, many great games were made this year !

That being said, it highlighted the fact that this version was pretty underwhelming, with a lack of clear goals, working mechanics and competent designers. So we uptdated it in order to create a little game out of this mess and a prototype is already published, check it if you're interested ! :)

There should be two zips now ; first one game files, second one executable (which I totally didn't forget to add at first).

They aren't real pirates captain ! Sink them out of existence !

Oh god. Here in Paris it's 3 am and I don't know if it's because this game's brain cells are just as dead as mine but I absolutely love everything about what just happened on my screen. Please make a trillion dollars out of this wonder.

Pretty cool game with an interesting idea. I haven't seen a lot of turn based games in this jam and that's definitely a shame !

Well now that you mention it, it would be a good idea to try !

So ? What do you say ? Great ! I was sure everyone would like this !

Here's the link of the game if you want to try it ;

It's a physics based game about moving a bullet fired by a sniper cat to help him destroy evil ninja cats.

Now how about sending me a hundred games to play today ?

There's my game (10 ratings for now) which is about a sniper cat, who shoots one bullet but can (more or less) control its trajectory, in 3d and physics based (so momentum and all that good stuff).

Heres's the link !

Wooops, well nevermind I guess xD

Pretty cool game, with interesting mechanics !

Downside, the hitboxes where very strange, you should better communicate where the ennemies can ant can't touch the player and how long is the duration of the attack.

Just out of curiosity, have you played Minit ? I'll play your game, it looks pretty cool !

Here's mine, if you want to try it :

They... well... are not really supposed to but consider this part of the gameplay... T-T

Well if you want a pretty cool website with a lot of free song, go check, I discovered it during the jam and they have quite a lot of content (you have to credit the website and the song in your project but beyond this you can use anything for free).

Really cool game ! Honestly one of the best I've played during the jam (and I played a lot of'em).

DO make a full game out of it and tell me when it's ready haha ! But just one little thing that I have to say (except from OH GOD IT'S HARD AS HELL) is that you can hide yourself in one of the two corners and the ennemies won't be able to touch when they spawn, so you have a lot of time to shoot them before they come back (don't know if it  was a bug or not because the game is still hard with it though).

To do that, here's an idea : just have five buttons (i dunno, q, w, e,r and t ?) which need to be hold during the entire game (and if you let go the game pauses or restarts) so the player has one hand that he absolutely can't move ?

Or just tell the player to not cheat x)

In that case it's judgement time !

You too can have fun, don't worry :p

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Always here to play a weird/silly/funny/interesting game !

(And since it's a trade I put mine here too but shhhhhhh, don't tell anyone)

wait no actually do tell everyone

Yeah, this is a pretty good game !

Though if you want to continue working on it (or even reupload it after the jam), you should probably put a music a bit more dynamic, I don't think this one really fits with the gameplay (which reminded me a lot of undertale by the way).

I'll play, I'll play, it's always satisfying to see we didn't got through two hellish days for nothing ! :p

Here's mine if you want to play it. Hope you enjoy !

Pretty funny game, (I laughed when I tried to change the settings) should really be longer !

Let's do this, I'll check yours too ! :)

Here's mine, (a game with cats and ninjas)

Here's my game with only 7 ratings so far, it's called Warui Neko Akuma Sogekishu and is  about a sniper cat going on a rampage against evil ninjas to avenge his family... Well it's just another game with one bullet, only this one is physics based and in 3d.

Hope you enjoy it ! :)

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Our game (right here is physics based (can you see where this is going ?), made with Unreal Engine 4 (CAN YOU SEE WHERE THIS IS GOING ??) and the player controls a bullet which, of course, moves at high speed (you probably see where this is going) and so if the player tries to go through the floor with enough momentum, they glitch out of the universe and have to restart the game.

How did we fix that ?

We hoped the player wouldn't try to go through the floor.

Want more games ? Well here's one !

Warui Neko Akuma Sogekishu (, a game with cats, ninjas, and ninja cats.

Hi ! Here's a game with 7 ratings so far, hope to get more than 10.


(If it's your first time on, don't forget to set the game's visibility to public so that anyone can play it)