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Your take on the two wizards sharing a laser was amazing ! Pretty funny seeing how two projects with a similar theme feel so different to play !

Also, I absolutely loved loved the art style, it really brings some charm and identity to the game, congratulations on this one ! :)

found a dominant strategy/bug ^^' 

you can spam rockets downward and jump on them to gain infinite height without consuming resources

other than that, pretty fun and smart game ! interesting take on the theme, congrats !

A really touching game, thanks a lot for making it, I definitely hope to see you in the top 100 <3

Awesome game ! And funny thing, we had a very similar idea (ours is an ice wizard fighting a fire wizard) but ended un with a really different game !
Yours feels really great to play and has awesome visuals, really impressive work for a first game jam, congratulations on this !

On what to improve, I'd say the health an energy bars don't seem as important as they are. I didn't even know there was energy the first time I played. The second time though... it feels really nice trying moving the dragons the right way while also keeping an eye on the energy and health bars !
So the only thing I would change is maybe put the hud at the bottom and/or top of the screen, rather than in the top right corner.

But other than that, really cool arcade game ! These were 48 hours well spent :D

I checked out streets of rogue and it does seem like an interesting game, so thanks for letting me know it exists !
Also, very detailed analysis ! We already started to make a more polished version of the game (and yes, starting with the UI and bug fixing). However, I'm not sure what you're thinking of when mentioning gadgets, could you elaborate on that ? 

Your game is incredible as well ! Your take on the corpse mechanic worked extremely well with the trapped temple setting, impressive work for a game jam !

Thanks for your comment ! We wrestled quite a bit with difficulty and the final product definitely wasn't perfect but we're really proud of what we made. The "solo multiplayer" aspect was something we were going for since the very start of the project and I am glad it was a well received idea.
Also, more levels and mechanics are on the way, though we'll try to keep the game relatively small as we also have many other projects on our hands right now !

Thanks a lot for your appreciation !
Yes, we absolutely should have put a tutorial in there somewhere, it's definitely the biggest weakness of the game.
But now dumb dev story time !
The guards' AI is actually really simple : when a guard (or their camera) sees you, they get an exclamation mark and follows you. The question mark was just feedback for when invincible dark guards get shot, as a way to show the player they couldn't be killed. However this kinda backfired with the guard walking is the laser room (top left) because his exclamation mark kept getting triggered by said lasers.

This is probably what you were thinking about !

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Really nice game ! 
It's a bit cryptic at first, but in a way which reminded me of A dark room (this).
So even if it can hold back players at first, I don't know if adding clarity would help the game or harm its core atmosphere.

Definitely a game I enjoyed anyway !

Iimpressive work, how did you do this in three days ?!?
Very intricate level design, nice interpretation of the theme, but most of all, the atmosphere of this game is absolutely perfect ! The temple had me on edge until the very end, the last rush back to the beginning of the temple is surprisingly tense, as the level layout is familiar yet not exactly the same when you're travelling back to the entrance, which was a nice way of ramping up the tension on the last part of the run.
My favorite game of the jam so far, congratulations :)

AAAAAAH ok now this is just way too much dedication to not push me over the edge.
Tell me ( if you want to) how I can contact you and I'll tell you when the game is done

And also thanks, your appreciation truly means a lot to us 

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Aaaah yes, on the death screen you're supposed to click on one of the "Echo" buttons (top right of the screen) : it stores your past actions into a clone which will play alongside yourself next time you try the level !
Could have been made clearer, sorry :)

Hi ! Our game is a cyberpunk-action-stealth game about working with your past selves to hack a supercomputer, I hope you like it !:) 

Here is our game ! It's a cyberpunk-action-heist game, hope you like it !

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This game was pretty cool ! The difficulty was really well balanced, which is pretty rare for a game jam game. Also, pushing your corpse was a nice addition to the "your corpse stay on the level" formula ! Well done !

Really nice game ! I liked the weird take on the card-battling genre. I wouldn't say the mechanics are hard to understand, especially since it's pretty easy to experiment at first, I only wish the game had more battles but a short, well polished game is always better than a long and poorly designed one. :)

Also, the game made me laugh, so bonus points for the funny writing !

Awesome visuals, but the game is really held back by its pace. An option to skip the dialogue would have been nice !

The game doesn't seem to launch on safari but I'll try to download it ! :)

Thanks ! Yes, reset echoes was an option we had planned to include at some point but hey, game jam, so this never happened hehe

Thanks a lot for your feedback, you absolutely destroyed the game though, we did not expect you to block the final guard, bypass the room full of spikes, and finish with only echoes, so... congratulations ! You've literally beaten us at our own game !

Really nice game ! A bit short but hey, game jam, we can never make the games we want anyway.
Other than that, the game feels super nice to control and yes, stomping ennemies feels amazing, really great game overall !

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Really fun little game ! Your take on the theme was pretty unique and the way it translated into an open-ended level design was a really nice execution, congratulations !
And yes, the controls take a little time to understand but that is definitely part of the fun :)

Underrated game ! Was pretty funny and I like the way you chose the "something changes when you die" idea ! Overall great concept and well executed, congrats on this one ! :)

The game doesn't seem to load with safari (error code : undefined is not an object (evaluating 'GLctx.getParameter'))
But it looks nice and I want to play it so I'll try again later with another browser !

Very nice game, especially if this is your first jam ! A pretty simple but quite effective concept.

And once again, welcome to the wonderful world of game jams, you're in for a world of fun and frustration ! :p

Nice game ! A bit short but that's to be expected from a game jam.

Cool idea nonetheless ! We also made a game about working with several lives in one level, you can check it out if you have time ! :)

Pretty fun game, I enjoyed it a lot, a silly take on a jam is always nice to play but this one was especially well polished ! 
Minor comment though, I did not see any patient with a broken bone, I don't know if I was just unlucky or if this was a bug 

Pretty fun idea, but yes there are some bugs you need to fix :(

Pretty fun game ! Liked the weird movement but the level design was a bit too punishing for me, couldn't finish it :(

Really nice game ! I won't say it's fun because it's probably not really supposed to be, but I definitely enjoyed it ! Great job, visual novels are hard to create in jams !

Pretty fun game ! I like the squishy character and the game feels pretty good to play !

Yup ! We definitely should have gone for a portal-like tutorial before the big level, my mistake on this one ^^'

Thanks ! Your game was pretty fun but above all, the whole thing felt really elegant and coherent, always great to see this kind of game in a jam ! :)

Nice game ! The aesthetics were not working really well with the gameplay but still pretty fun game overall !

Really nice little game ! Overall really elegant design and pretty fun mechanics, definitely a solid game for a jam ! 

Here is our game ! It's playable in browser but we also have a downloadable windows version :)

It's an action-puzzle game about working with past versions of yourself to pull off a daring heist, we hope you like it !

Here is our game !
We hope you enjoy it :) It's a cyberpunk action-puzzle game about working with your past lives to pull of an impossible heist !

Here is our game ! A cyberpunk action-puzzle heist game in which you have to work with past versions of yourself to break into a heavily secured building, hope you like it :)

Here is a game you can play and rate ;)

Here is ours : a cyberpunk action-puzzle game about working with your past lives to pull off an impossible heist !
I'll check yours as soon as possible ! :)