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Thank you! Glad you liked it.

This is so cute - and nice vibes. I felt I had to guess a bit on who to give what, got tired of going up and down stairs, and wished the items would come to me instead of catching them. But kept playing because it was a relaxing space

I had a bit of a tough time with the moving laser room (first one, didn't get through). Maybe if it ramped up by having a shorter moving room, more cover, or a room with just one to start. But I thought the mechanic had promise and it was enjoyable enough that I wanted to keep giving it a few tries! Liked the first part


Oh no! Well the game was fun up until then :D

Cool game! I really liked the art and music. The idea was cool, but I started getting frustrated when I had to go back and forth from the atms over and over, and then would die halfway through and have to restart. Maybe checkpoints would help fix that?

I like the concept! Game seemed a bit glitchy in places, like the wall-jump mechanic let me clip though the starting wall, and I had to quit because I kept dying even though the line wasn't being obstructed. Congrats on finishing a game!

The visuals and music were cool, but the game seemed pretty glitched so I couldn't finish it.

This is awesome! Played all the way though to the end (though it's missing a win message so I thought it was glitched at first). Really dig the mechanic and aesthetics :)

Cool idea, and the physics felt pretty good too!

This is fun as heck! Don't have any real criticisms, tbh, just had a really fun time with it!

I like the art and music. The concept is a bit confusing, I was able to beat the levels without interacting with the clones? So not sure what their point is.

Cool concept! Could have used a bit more of a tutorial and difficulty curve, since I died a few times at the beginning trying to figure it out and almost quit out of frustration. Once I got it, it was pretty fun.

Love the art and theme! Was a bit confusing, despite the tutorial, and I found it hard to juggle the different tasks because you can't jump quickly between the different people if they're spread around the map.

The theme is cute! The strategy was a little unclear -- I couldn't figure out if there was a way to control the dog, since they have a large aggro radius, and then they hold you back and you get bitten, so I couldn't figure out a way to keep going without at least some luck.

Cool concept! Agree that it was difficult to hit enemies. Probably could have used a bit more of a tutorial and difficulty curve.

I like the twist on the usual "you control two characters" mechanic where whether they're linked matters. There was one level that seemed like it was trying to introduce the spikes mechanic, but the spikes weren't "in the way" so they didn't really matter? Besides that, great, tight game!

Interesting concept! I couldn't figure out what the strategy was supposed to be, though. Since you can't die, I just tried going all over the screen to make lines, but there wasn't really a way to prevent them from being destroyed, since you can only protect one part of the screen with bullets at a time.

Wow! Great idea and felt really smooth! Was difficult with one player, but the controls and physics felt quite nice

This is a cute idea - I love the idea of mildly harassing loved ones from the beyond. The music was calming and the zooming in and out worked quite well. I got the slime and worms and was satisfied to have done it, but couldn't get the drum to do anything.

Thought it would be a nice feedback if the guy made a spooked or miffed noise once you got one!

It's simple and could be fleshed out with some other mechanic to add interest. I liked the robots and putting them together alone was more fun than I expected. Congrats on finishing - You made a game! No need to downplay it in the description ^_^

Like the art and concept. It was a bit difficult for me to get into. Maybe if you could use the items without touching the girl? Like grab the candle and use it right there? Sometimes the candle didn't work because I used it a bit away from her.

I like the art, its cute. I'm not super dextrous and I wished the jump was a liiil higher (for getting onto the log) and that I could rotate the items instead of waiting for that. All together, I liked the dimension swapping mechanic

Theming was great - really felt like a mobile game you'd pay for. crazy you could do all this in this time! it was a bit slow for me rending fsr. Love chickens. 

this was fun! Could play on mobile and felt like a good little mobile game :)

This was quite fun! Nice to see a mobile game! Be cool if there were obstacles or something to force me to keep my fingers down longer/use more intricate moves. I could mostly press and lift for each orb. Quite fun though, great work

We're so happy to hear you enjoyed it - hope you have a chance to vs another person! the two of us made it together but kept getting distracted trying to beat each other

Glad you liked it ^_^

we didn’t quite get to uploading it in time ^^’

I had a lot of fun. I found that I could win after a couple losses, but it felt close at the end, whether me or the opponent was going to be the first to get out some broken 300x multiplier. Very cool and would love to see a longer version with more complete balancing. 

Loved the theme and idea, very cool concept, and made me nostalgic for Mastermind. Liked when the game remembered the order of events and told a story about it (like the life-saving changing based on weather). Wish maybe there were more cues and hints so you could finish with more informed guesses and a little less trial and error, like if the grandpa was like "No that's not right, hmm I'll go get something to jog my memory" and he's holding an umbrella or smth. Idk but I really liked the idea and playing it!

Players take damage if an empty square on their side of the field is hit by an attack. If a square has a monster, the monster takes the hit. Otherwise, if its a blue square you take the hit to HP and if its red your opponent does. So if you place a piece targeting at your own side, it will damage you, for example.

All damage hits regardless of who dealt it, so both players can "friendly fire" at their own monsters and even their own side of the field, making it possible to throw the game by hitting yourself, if you choose to.

We'll have to make the rules more clear in the future ^^' and add a rules page - oops.

So glad you think so! We’ll definitely check that out! 

Please do! ^-^

Thank you for your feedback! Glad you had fun.

We think that problem might be because there's dialogue to click through before the Win/Lose announcement appears, which might not have appeared automatically - oops! - maybe try clicking a few times if it seems nothings coming up? thanks for letting us know it was confusing.