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Yeah, I agree. The checkpoints could have been done better. It was made for a game jam and there was no time for proper testing. Anyway, hope you had some fun and thank you very much for your feedback. 

I really enjoyed this little game. Very nice atmosphere, characters and feeling. I'd like to see more of your stuff! Keep up the great work!

Thank you very much for the kind words and for sharing the video. Thanks! :)

Thank you! I'm really glad you had fun and that the game runs smoothly. And really appreciate that you shared the video.

Thanks a lot! 

Thanks for the nice video!

Thank you very much for featuring the game! Glay you had some fun! :)

Thank you!

it was made for the current Ludum Dare 45 game jam in three days. But we’re a team of two, have some experience with this kind of games, worked about 16 hours a day on that, and the game is super tiny 😊

Thanks a lot! And thank you for making and sharing the video! Really appreciated. :)

Thank you!

Hi Kimmy,

of course, you can play it on your channel. We'd appreciate that. And it would be awesome if you put the video here then as well :)



Thanks a lot!

Thank you for the nice gameplay video! 

Yeah, it's really short and easy once you know what to do. :) Anyway, thanks a lot for trying it out!

Yeah, those are shortcuts that you open from the other side so you bypass some of the rooms you alrady finished. This imo suits it much more then just simple checkpoints.

Yeah, I agree that playtesting the game early is really important and if we were making a real game intended for commercial release, we definitely would take it more seriously and spend some time doing that. This one was just a tiny game-jam stuff only to have some fun. :)

I still think adding simple checkpoints that restart the level when the player dies would totally ruin the meaning of the game. Those fits perfectly to the hardcore pixel-perfect platformers like Super Meat Boy and Celeste, but this is (even though hard) still more some kind of puzzle one. Once you figure out what you have to do it's easy. This is why those two shortcuts IMO fits well - you're able to finish it in about a minute when you know where to go.

Either way, this is still just a little game-jam game and we don't want to spend weeks working on it more just to polish it. Doing other game jam or working on other stuff makes more sense. :)

Btw, it's not 1 single level. Every room is a single scene. The music keeps playing over scenes because it's a simple Singleton manager that doesn't get destroyed while a new scene is loaded.

Thank you again for your time and thoughts.

I've just uploaded a new build v1.02 containing the requested checkpoints (kind of) and some platforming tweaks. I still think that simple checkpoints that reset just a current room would completely destroy the experience. So we tried something that imo makes the game much more enjoyable without ruining it by making it too easy.

Anyway, thank you very much for trying the game and giving your feedback.

Done :)

Thank you very much for such kind words!

Yeah, the missing checkpoints thing is bad, we can see that now. :) The reason why it's not there is that we spent all the time on art, animation and character controller and didn't have enough for proper level design and testing. Maybe we could add that now once the voting has ended.

Anyway, thanks a lot for the feedback. Really appreciated!

Thank you very much! I'm really glad you liked it.

Thank you very much! Yeah, it was made for the Community Game Jam so that's why it's so short. :) Glad you had fun anyway.

And thaks a lot for sharing it on Reddit! Really appreciated. 

Thank you. Just two

Yes, I'm gonna upload it today. (we had to wait till the game jam voting period ends)

Thank you very much! Yes, we see now that the way we handled difficulty is not the best possible. Don't think that there is a time for a proper learning curve with the platforming elements as this was meant as a 5 mins piece. Of course, it should be done completely different in case of o normal game. Though, the restart system in this one is definitely bad. We spent most of time on art and animation and not enough had left for proper testing and design.

Anyway, thanks a lot for playing our game and I'm glad you enjoyed it. Also for your feedback. Really appreciated.

Awesome! Thanks a lot!

Thank you very much! And yeah, I know now that the restart could have been done better :D

Thank you very much! Really appreciated.

Of course, I already did and had fun trying your great game :)

Really nice one! It's a great idea and it's very well made.  Nice art and audio. Had fun and got to day 10. Awesome job!

Thank you very much! And of course, I did it already.

Nice! And congrats!

Thanks! Yeah, we see that now. Lesson learnt. :)

Really great one! The art and audio are very nice. 

There are some glitches with elevators and doors and jumping and wall jumps feel really weird to me, but overall, it's very well made. Had fun playing it. Great job!

Thanks a lot!

Thank you!


Thanks! Yeah, we didn't managed to make and upload a Mac build in time and now it's locked because of voting. Will upload it once the voting period ends.

Thanks a lot for such kind words and for making the video about the game. Really appreciated! :)

Great game! Nice idea, graphics and music. Really good job!

Really clever and innovative! Nice graphics and sound too. Awesome work!