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Kill carefully, now.
Submitted by SoBad — 4 hours, 24 minutes before the deadline
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Game Design#24.4244.424

Ranked from 33 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Please, can you explain this?


I have no idea! We created a new Unity project specifically for this game on the first day of the jam, so it's not like we were even adding assets to an old, blank project.

I don't know what the significance of that date would be, either. Maybe when I last updated my version of Unity? 

If you're worried about some cheating or other funny business going on here, I'm planning on making a video documenting the whole process of the game's creation and throwing that up on Youtube, so you'll be able to see everything from the initial idea to prototypes and such being made throughout the week.

We were sure to record footage at the end of each day to track the current state of the game, so it should all be pretty much indisputable.

Thank-you for pointing this out, though! If I had to guess, I'd wager that it's something weird that Unity did, more so than something sinister we did!


Unity only changes some of the files, here is a good thread:

I've also added a screenshot of the top 2 games. (blue: actual date, red: wrong date) The red marked date is presumably the installation date of unity, and all the data of an new project are stored in the data file, so the others won't change.

In this case, its not the fault of the creators, but of unity.


Thank you very much for taking the time to clear that up. That was beyond kind of you.

Oh, alright, I just wanted to ask what do these dates mean, since I've seen it in a bunch of other games as well and I'm just a curious sound guy, not really specialized in programming :D Congrats on a high placement, I enjoyed the game very much!


I knew you would be in top 10, congratz :)


Yeah we're freaking right out.

I found my way here by watching  Rorius' playthrough of your game: Best Game of the Jam? - rorius

Makes me wish I used windows! Just watching this mechanic was fun, and the artwork is so nice. Freakin' AWESOME, congratulations!

Very good concept. I really liked it. Played and rated!

Don't forget to rate my game please:


Rated - The lighting and animations in this are great!  Super awesome puzzles as well.  Superb job!  Please check out my entry when you can.

We already did and rated!! I personally enjoyed it very much.


Really clever and innovative! Nice graphics and sound too. Awesome work!


The game is so clever... You have an excellent mechanic, and you did a perfect use of it.  Graphics and audio build a mood that fit the game. The game is polish. Perfect entry ! Good work!


Extremely well made! Tight puzzles! layered mechanics! Sound and visuals are also amazing! Loved it! 


Winner of the jam right here!!!

Mindblowing game, you guys nailed it. Thank you so much for this, it was really fun to play and a great learning experience for me!


What an absolute delight to play. Lots of content, few and well developed mechanics to create loads of interesting puzzles. You have to reason by deduction, induction, it's all there. All of the puzzles, bar none, were excellent. And the tutorials being deduced first then explicitly explained with the note was great too. For instance, I hadn't understood Jimpossible. The note clarified. And because the notes are bite sized, it's very likely people will read them.

Graphics are coherent. Animation is great. You have a small bug in one of the last levels, where a wall renders on top of the Jims. But it's a 5/5 in graphics from me for sure.

Audio is creepy and works. I just don't dig the sample you picked for Jim dying. That sort of eek screech.

The theme has been explored on many levels. But, knit picking a little, it's a bit of a stretch to refer to the demon at the end as "the game". Still, excellent work.

The work of pros. Well done.


This is an exceedingly kind review. In addition, while my artist was busy playing literally every game posted in a thread of his, he noticed a comment left by you on a completely different entry suggesting that its creator try our game as well.

So, I don't really know what to say, beyond the obvious, "thank you," and, "glad you enjoyed yourself". We're all flattered. In fact, had you not included some constructive criticism, I might not have survived reading this.

I think the best thing to do is to pay your generosity forward!

I would love it if anyone else happening by this comment would play and rate the two most creative entries that I've personally enjoyed so far:

Late Lies
Totally Not a Summoning

And of course, if anyone hasn't yet, please try out in Principle Games' Flatout Drillin'
I'm certainly going to!


Oh I like this. Start a "this is good train". This will help sort wheat from chaff real quick. I like it. Will cross promote where appropriate.


Oh LOL, Late Lies is already in my hall of fame :D


This thread seems like a great place to keep the energy going!


This game had the best mechanic I've seen in this jam! Played till floor 16 and enjoyed the puzzles. Great work!


Great game, played it until it re started, the art is excellent and the use of the flashlight as a mechanic is really  neat


I played it till the end! It's quite enjoyable, one of the best that I've played and the puzzles are well designed. Is there only 1 ending though? I really like the mechanics while the art and sound effects are really good! It requires very high brightness to play though, so maybe you can readjust the sprites color in the future :)

Anyways, there's a sprite sorting order bug in one of the later levels(I forgot which, it's around the bottom left area) :D


We had plans for a "good" ending but didn't have quite enough time to implement and test it properly before the deadline. It's something we're probably going to add after the rating period is over.

That's helpful feedback, thank you! I didn't really know how much leeway to give with the brightness, so I'm glad that you were still able to finish the game.

We actually are recently aware of that goofed tile sprite placement. We were hoping no one else would notice before we could fix it, but there's no getting by you!


Well those tiles are just minor problems anyways, the game is near bug-free and most importantly fun! XD


Game is really good designed and graphics & audio is really nice.


This concept is brillant ! your team is good !


That is a great concept!


Nice art and a unique puzzle mechanic, I like it quite a bit.


Well don like a lot the art


This is legit one of my favs now! So well polished, great artwork and immersive sounds, great puzzle mechanics, honestly this felt like a full game- not just a gamejam. My only complaints would be the Jim hitboxes sometimes being annoying to get around and I wasn't sure if you could walk through half doors? (Sometimes I could, sometimes I couldn't) But honestly this game was amazing all round- seriously good job man!!


You definitely shouldn't be able to walk through half doors if one of them is still closed. I'll consider this a bug report!

Thanks very much!


Really challenging game! Loved every minute of it.

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