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lol the little "hehehehe" is so taunting XD 
I liked this! It definitely brought back memories of the impossible quiz! I liked that you could figure out the lie in every case, and it wasn't just some random trolling game. Nice short game, well done! :D 
Would love to hear what you think of ours as well, if you have time:

thank you so much for trying it out Cyrolis!!! :D

Also I didn't notice itch frog in your icon's hair before. lol too funny! 

I found my way here by watching  Rorius' playthrough of your game: Best Game of the Jam? - rorius

Makes me wish I used windows! Just watching this mechanic was fun, and the artwork is so nice. Freakin' AWESOME, congratulations!

Thank you so much Kaeveris! :)  Glad you liked the atmosphere.

This game was hard! I played the fixed version, not this one. I enjoyed the artwork, and the efficient style of the cutscene at the beginning. Overall it was fun but pretty tricky that fits the theme! Great job! :)
Please feel free to try ours out too if you like:

This was a sweet game! Very relaxing and the art/music is nice. It took me a little bit of time to figure out to move the mouse, so a small bit of instruction on that could be a good addition. It achieved the "lying" theme without being dark or mean, I liked that about it a lot. Rated! Well done all around! :)
Hope you'll play/rate ours too:

Just tried it from the link you provided. (on a mac...dont know if that matters) It still didn't take. :(  
Sorry about that! 

Congrats on the new family member!!! 
And nice mechanic! First time I've seen it and it was fun to figure out. :D

This is a neat story you've put together! the controls were easy to use and the artwork is unique! 
It was difficult to tell when the character was getting hurt/ time was being removed because there was no indication on the player character. Some sort of indication that you've been hit (not necessarily hurt) might be something to consider, to communicate to the player that something bad has happened. Also the button didn't react to being pressed so I couldn't tell if I had pressed it or not. Having the button get a little shorter in height once it was touched would make it look like it was pressed inward.
Other than that, really liked playing this! Nice work making a cool game in a short period of time! :D

Hey thank you so much!! :) I will definitely play your game and rate you back soon! 

haha it definitely fits the theme! The pixel art is nice and the controls are smooth! You kept it simple and made a fun, short game. Nice work!  :)

Thank you! :D

Hi CrexCrex, thank you so much for playing! I'm glad you liked it! :)

I downloaded your game, and for whatever reason I couldn't open the rar file. :(
Which is a shame, the artwork in your screenshots looks freakin' awesome! 

haha Thank you so much, itsjustgames! XD

Played and Rated! The intro at the start was cool, and the artwork + music for this game is excellent. I especially love the cute design of the main character and enemies! Going all the way back to start after dying was a little too frustrating at times, would have liked some checkpoints - But I think that was the only downside! Controls were smooth too and it was a well polished and fun game overall. Congrats on the awesome entry! :D

If you have time to give our entry a try, I would greatly appreciate it!:

Rated! Love the music for this! Like a few others the third section with the crushers confused me at first but I eventually got it. I think being able to see the crushers at the top of the screen when they're lifted and giving them little spikes or something might help communicate what they are. Other than that, great job on this fast-paced game. It was fun to play! :)

If you have time, here is our entry if you'd like to try it!:

Thank you so much for playing! :)
I unfortunately only have a mac, so I can't try out your game personally. But I will say from the screenshots and trailer, your character art and animations look awesome! well done!  

You're welcome! Can't blame ya, looks like it was a ton of work already! 
Looking forward to the update then! :D

Thank you MironCo for playing and for the kind comment! :)

I really like this entry - The artwork is great and the speed running + fall through mechanic is very interesting, I don't think I've seen one like it in this jam! The lies are subtle, but they're there! Although it was a little tough at times - I do hope you make it into a full game with adjustments and a little more story to it. Even a game where it doesn't "lie" to you and you just have fun with the mechanics would be awesome. I would totally play that and have fun! Congrats on the awesome entry! :)

This game looks. so. cool. from the screenshots. I'm on a mac, so I can't play! ;0; But I really want to! 
Just wanted to let you know - lookin' good. ;)

Thank you for playing, SirFranz! :)  Just rated yours, really nice work! 

Nice game! I like the unique 3D artwork and color scheme especially! :) It was fun to run around shooting, and the controls were responsive. Only suggestion is to make the viewable area a little bigger so you can see further ahead of you. Other than that, this was fun to look at and play. Great work! 

Freakin' LOVE the artwork, and the "lie" of the game is great. Fits the theme without being frustrating. The only thing that I didn't like as much was the audio, it was very loud and sharp and it almost hurt to collect stars. Loved the boss design and I'll say it again, this art style is SO nice. Really clean and the colors work very nicely together. The shape language makes it stick out! I had fun, and would love to play a longer version someday! :)

If you have time, it would be cool to hear what you think of our entry too!:

Gary is...way more buff than I expected XD
Really had fun with this game! The art is great, especially the character designs - the main character looks tired/ out of it which fits with him not wanting to work while all other characters aren't expressive at all, so they don't appear to have their own personalities - they're just obstacles, as he would see them! I liked that part of the design a lot. I do think all assets need to be in pixel style though, to go with the characters. 

Really funny concept and a neat game that fits the theme of the Jam, isn't very frustrating to play and has nice artwork. Well done!!! :)

Oh nice! Looking forward to that, then! :)

Had fun playing this, and I like the humorous story that fits the theme! The sounds, the fake exits, level of challenge and the ARTWORK are all awesome! Really great work. :D Rated! It felt a little difficult to jump and using the left mouse button on a track pad for attack was weird for me but I still enjoyed.

If you have time, I'd love to hear what you think of our entry too:

aaaahhh I was so sad when I couldn't pick up the last key!!! Really enjoyed playing this though. The artwork is EXCELLENT, the music is fitting and the puzzles are fun. At first I was wondering why it was necessary to only move one space at a time, but when the enemies showed up that became clear. I liked the little dance we had to dance, made it more interesting. I want to play more like this game but way longer! Although my fingers might fall off from pressing WASD so much, lol. Well done!!! If you fix that key bug I will come back and play again after the jam!

If you have time, I would love to hear what you think of our entry too:

I definitely kept trying to follow the instructions and had to take this very slow because of that. Its good at tricking the player! haha

I love the simple and cute design of the character, and its animation! :) I think having some music or voice acting for the evil voice would have added a lot. It was fun to play, although sometimes difficult! Nice work! :D

If you have time, I'd love to see how you'd rate our entry as well!:

For some reason this game makes me think you'd be really good at making lyric videos! The visuals, text, everything flowing nicely from one scene to another. I seriously enjoyed this experience! Love the music, the character design, the red and blue 3D effect on some assets and areas of the camera, the transitions from one area to another, that dreamy quality it has and the sad story it all told. Really well done, high ratings all around! I would love to see a similar experience with way more puzzles in it someday! :)

If you have time, it would be cool to see how you'd rate our entry too!:

Whoa thank you for the high rating, that's very kind! 

Gotcha, this makes sense! I felt similarly about the lion/dog statues especially. Thank you so much for taking the time to explain further. If we do end up revising some assets post-jam, I'll keep this feedback in mind! :)

Truly loved this. The art, humor, player character design (love that its head is a cursor to connect it to the clicking mechanic, and the way you revealed that transformation), theme, and gameplay are all GREAT! Wanted a little music at times, but it didn't detract from the experience much and the sounds you do have are great.

Congrats on the excellent game jam entry!!! :D 

Really like this game. Simple but surprisingly fun, and got more challenging as time went down! I hope you can add more levels with more illustrations to add variety later! Well done! :)

Hi LilNarwhal! Thank you so much for playing and for the detailed feedback! :D

In the interest of learning, could you go into more detail about the art not being coherent? It is a good observation - what specific parts of it seemed not to fit in or make sense?  As the artist for this game I have my own thoughts about the artwork, designs and animations for what could be improved were I to take more time to work on it, but I would like to hear your thoughts about the artwork in more detail so I can get another perspective on it. If you have time to!  :)

So glad you like it, Mario8664! :D Thank you so much for playing and for your comment!

WOW that was hard! XD Those controls tripped me up good! 
Gotta say I LOVE the opening cut scenes and story, the artwork is really good, and the music was too. Easy to get in rhythm with, even if I kept pushing the wrong buttons.
Awesome entry! :)

Thanks so much for taking a look and for the great feedback. Story is a tough one - and your game did it well! 
Thanks again for playing, metaLudos! :)

Thank you so much for the kind words and for your feedback on the exits! :)

I love the art style, the cartoony but kind of dark look is awesome. Also the mechanic of switching to the dark/"lies" view at the right moment instead of just switching completely to finish the level added an extra layer of challenge, which was excellent! Wish you had had time for audio, so I could give you more stars for that! Rated all other categories high though ;)

Was the grey raccoon supposed to move at some point? I like its design but I'm curious as to why its there? 

Really nice work and congrats on completing your first game jam!

This was also my first time participating in a game jam, as the artist on our team. If you have time, I'd love to hear what you think of our entry: