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Pressing Arrows REALY QUICKLY
Submitted by Polarcube1 — 35 minutes, 9 seconds before the deadline
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Game Design#5432.5002.500

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This game was hard! I played the fixed version, not this one. I enjoyed the artwork, and the efficient style of the cutscene at the beginning. Overall it was fun but pretty tricky that fits the theme! Great job! :)
Please feel free to try ours out too if you like:

Submitted (1 edit)

Great idea for a game. I loved all of the hectic moments of trying to get the right keys. great job :D!

Rating this based on the fixed build.


I will be commenting on the fixed build, but rating on the broken one since the fixed one wasn't submitted on time.

Great little game! First rhythm game I see here! Those reverse arrows are not messing around!

Though, there is one game breaking bug: you can just hold the arrow key down. Once the arrow touches the pink bar, it gets destroyed. Even more broken: Hold all arrow keys down at the same time. Congrats, you won the entire game by doing absolutely nothing.

I already know that the game uses Input.GetKey("whatever") to detect the arrow keys. You should have used Input.GetKeyDown("whatever") to only get the press and not the hold. Unless this was intended (which doesn't feel like it.)

I know I said rhythm game, but the actual notes were not all on beat with the music, which makes the fun of playing music less apparent. Also, music is good, but some can get a bit annoying to the ear (especially that square wave at the second half of the final level, which I immediately recognized the original song ;) )

Apart from that, I liked it! Good job! Too bad the fix came in too late to submit for the jam.

If you've got some spare time, come try and rate mine! It has 7 endings, a hilarious narrator, worth checking out!


For the input.getkey(Whaterver) the reason i did that was because with input.getkeydown a lot of the arrows would not be detected for some reason. And for arrows on beat i spent a lot of time on it but just could not get it right. thanks for commenting and i will definitly check you game out.

Developer (1 edit)

I Accidentaly changed the speed of the arrows at the last minute the speed of the arrows was 0.25 and i was testing something out and it was 1 but i changed it back to 0.025 instead by accident here is the same exact game just... with a speed up if you guys could just check this game out i don't care if you don't leave a review on this but as long as you can see the acctual project here is the link

also it says i submited 35 minutees before the deadline that was the first version there were still a couple of bugs that i fixed and reuploaded but i ran out of time after


Unfortunately the game didn't work. I could only get to what I assume was the level selection screen, but then no matter what I selected it opened up a black screen with the pink bar at the bottom, some music started playing (nice music btw), but nothing else happened.

Edit: while writing this I had the game open and I realized that arrows were coming down at an incredibly slow speed. You might want to check your build because unfortunately it's unplayable at this state.
I could only rate the audio and graphics which were nice