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Thank you for sticking until the end, I'm glad you liked it

Thank you, I'm glad you liked it and that you got somewhat hooked :)

Thank you :)

At first I was confused by the fact that you called spikes a cube and I'm not sure if I missed it but I didn't find instructions on how to show the real world, I had to figure it out by trying different keys. But that's just an observation, the only real issue for me was that for some reason sometimes the jump didn't work and that was a bit annoying. Other than that, it's a nice idea. Also if you want people to see it as a Speed platformer game you might want to consider increasing the movement speed a little bit to make it feel more dynamic.

First off I should say I hate text adventures as I don't like not knowing what my options are in a context other than a live rpg where a master can guide me and give me some hints in case I get lost. So,  that said, I got lost..not in the sense that I didn't know where I was, but that I didn't know what I could do..if I didn't peek through the comments I wouldn't have been able to finish it. The idea is nice though and it's well executed, I just wish I liked this genre more.

Really nice, reminded me of the stanley parable, loved the voice acting. I went right, I'm not sure if I won or lost.. 

There you go, I have 11 ratings right now (web version available)
I will play all web games and some windows games.

This is brilliant! I really love that you took a pretty common interpretations of the theme but implemented it in such a way that it's not just mean, it's really clever! Also I loved your sense of humor, I had a chuckle at the end screen :) I only wish there were more levels, with a bit more options for the code. Nice job!

This was weirdly educational to be a "lying game" the blue nutrients actually go to the left in my body? Apart from that it took me a while to realize that the meat and produce hint were inverted, I just though that the input was messed up, so maybe one thing that could be made a bit more explicit is the fact that those suggestions can be lies. Anyway, very nice game.

Very nice entry. At first I got stuck at the ball on the corner bug but other than that this is a nice game

Very nice idea and cool implementation. Too bad there is no sound, but the game is still very nice.

Great idea, I love your interpretation of the theme. Very nice job!

Really nice, great artwork and overall mood. Apparently I failed and I'm not sure if there's a way to succeed but even if there isn't, I guess that could actually strengthen the theme.

This is amazing. Great game design, level design, art and audio. Only the theme is a bit flimsy but the game itself is great. I hated the final level. My lunch break was supposed to be 15 minutes but I needed to finish this and just the last level took me 20 minutes alone. I kept overshooting the goal.

Anyway, great game, my favorite so far!

Very nice entry, cool idea! I I'm not sure how to beat the pie level but it was fun.

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Nice game, and wow...the music is truly amazing. Great job!

PS: I'm keeping the tab open after I ragequit to keep listening to the music in loop, that's how much I like it.

Really? If you don't mind, could you elaborate a bit on how you obtained that 3D effect? I'm really curious.. Did you move and scale stuff according to the player position or something like that?

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Thank you so much! Yeah I definitely see the resemblance with brackeys' game, it's basically the same mechanics but exploited a bit differently. And yep, I'm italian, I figured you were probably an italian team too when I saw the team members names on your submission page :)
Feel free to add my game to the collection, I'll keep tabs on your profile to see what our fellow developers are up to :) (also if you check out @MrMandolino's post just below, I'm pretty sure he's italian too)

This is amazing! I can't believe this is a jam game considering the amount of polish. The artwork is really amazing, everything moves when you touch it and the music and writing are great. At one point I'm not sure how I died but still, this is amazing. I had no idea that 2D artwork could work this well in a 3D environment.

One minor complaint I have is on the character controller: it feels a bit stiff because there's a short delay from when you push a button and when it starts moving, and a slightly longer delay when it should stop. Also while the side animation puts his feet quite in sync with the ground, the front and back look a bit like he's skating. 

Anyway, great game guys, congratulations!

Very nice idea, but the act of mixing ingredients is a bit too long and repetitive..after I brewed the first death I didn't really feel like doing it all over again. Maybe by skipping the act of walking to take the bottle it would already be less cumbersome. I love how much thought was put in the book and the mixing of the ingredients, for my last Ludum Dare I also created a game called The Alchemist but it only had like 4 combinations :P (although that was more combat oriented). Great job with the artwork and audio.

This is super creepy and I loved it. If there was a "mood" category this would probably reach the podium. The artwork and sfx combine to create a great experience. My only minor complaint is that the theme is a bit faint here. Great job!

This is amazing. Great artwork, level design and the theme even if it's in its most straight forward interpretation is implemented extremely well. As other have already mentioned the only flaw of this entry is the lack of checkpoints. It's very frustrating and if the rest of the game wasn't so well made I'm afraid most people would have stopped playing after the third room. Anyway, great entry, probably the best so far, although a bit repetitive due to the missing checkpoints.

Apparently we had very similar interpretations of the theme :) I liked this one, tough but fair, it's definitely one of the best I tried so far. Good job, and thanks for all your videos!

This is really nice, I like it. The only minor complaint is that maybe the connection with the theme is a bit thin for me. Nevertheless, the game is solid, both in gameplay and aesthetics. Good job.

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Thank you so much for your kind words! I know the camera sucks but since it wasn't game-breaking and I was running out of time I just left it there. The main reason behind the final reveal was that I thought it could help less experienced player by dropping the difficulty a bit in case one gets stuck.
Furthermore, the main idea behind the game was that the world was a scarier, meaner place than it looked,  and that by getting defeated over and over again, the player would realize it more and more. This eventually would push the character to give up its innocence completely and embrace the darkness of the world. I also created a "corrupted" version of the character that was supposed to replace the original one on the final reveal but didn't manage to sneak it in in time (that's the real reason why the revealed area is a ring instead of a circle, so that the character could remain innocent until the end).
Oh, and thanks for sticking until the end, I know it can be a bit frustrating so I'm really glad you were able to finish it :)

Thank you so much! I just tried his game and I didn't realize we had such similar ideas :)

Very nice graphics and intro. If I had to find some issues I'd say I didn't feel the theme much and the controls felt a bit clunky for a platformer. In this genre you generally want the player to feel in total control of the character while here I missed a lot of jumps it didn't jump at the edge of the platforms and it felt a bit floaty. Nice idea though.

Very good entry, I always like boss fights and the graphics are really nice

I'm not sure if I finished the game or not..other than that I found the background a bit distracting

I'm not sure if I finished the game or not..other than that I found the background a bit distracting

Unfortunately I couldn't get past level 4 (I saw the numbers but didn't know what to do with them), but the idea is really nice

Unfortunately the game didn't work. I could only get to what I assume was the level selection screen, but then no matter what I selected it opened up a black screen with the pink bar at the bottom, some music started playing (nice music btw), but nothing else happened.

Edit: while writing this I had the game open and I realized that arrows were coming down at an incredibly slow speed. You might want to check your build because unfortunately it's unplayable at this state.
I could only rate the audio and graphics which were nice

Thank you very much. I know it's probably a bit too hard, but unfortunately I was reaching the deadline and didn't have much time to tune the difficulty. 

One thing I don't know if you've seen (you have to die quite a bit) is that after the ring stops expanding, it starts shrinking the inner circle and after it reaches the player, the mask disappears, the music changes and the whole screen shows the real world. 

Thank you very much

First of all, thank you for trying my game and for your feedback. I thought of placing that hitbox at the base so that the saws could be used as platform on their own, without necessarily needing terrain under them. Eventually I think I only used them like that in one, maybe two places, so I guess could have removed the hitbox, but that was the initial idea.