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Will you trust what the narrator tells you?
Submitted by Mike Da Bird (@MikeDaBird) — 1 day, 5 hours before the deadline
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Game Design#373.7783.778

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Ok, This was actually a good game man. although, the platformer part of the game was pretty decent, it was interacting with the narrator that made the game.

If it's ok with you, can you try my game out? as well as teaching me how to make the dialogue system, and how to disable the player's movement or interactivity, like you've done in this game?


Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it!

Just tried your game out and going to rate it right now (and comment about it in your entry's comments!)

Because of college and the fact that I have a big game to make there (with 3 other team members), I don't really have the time to teach properly. Though, I can write a wall of text here if you want. ;)

What I can say is that my dialogue system needed to do much more than just display text. The big thing with mine is that I used two arrays (one of strings, one of AudioClips) to display the text and play the voice lines in sync. I then read if the audio clip ended and if the text finished displaying to start the next lines.

I have 3 types of dialogue: When the level is loaded, when the player dies for the first time and an array of miscellaneous lines (those can be triggered by ID from different scripts.)

For the events that happen during the dialogue (like enabling player controls, stopping the music and changing where the doors lead) I used the UnityEvent system. That let's me do events like the ones you can create for buttons, but custom and with complete control on when they trigger.

Again, they are stored in different arrays: One when the level is loaded, one when the player dies for the first time and one for each extra dialogue in the miscellaneous lines array. The events trigger depending on which line is currently playing.

I confirm that this is not at all optimized, but achieving a system like this that let's me do levels (relatively) super easily in 2 days is a huge step for me (especially knowing that I never played with UnityEvents and delegate events before!)

I've recorded all 7 days of the jam my process on making this game. I plan to release a video on that at one point on my YouTube channel! Hopefully soon, but no promises because... erm... college.


Thank you for taking your time to teach me man. I'm gonna try it out on my own time~ wait... You recorded the process of making your game? Extra YouTube content, baby!

But I get it, college. I can wait. While I wait, I'm gonna start making a video about the process of making my game.


Très drôle. La musique est très bon, le jeux fonctionne sans aucun glitch qui est très bon pour un game jam.


Merci d'avoir joué! Heureux d'entendre que vous l'avez aimé! Ceci était mon premier game jam, donc je suis très content du résultat!


A wonderful game for the game jam. It fits the theme and is fluid and fast to play. The art is nicely made and the music is simple, yet doesn't get annoying during the course of the game.

I enjoyed myself in this game, interested in seeing what else you'll create down the line!


Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it! It was my first game jam, so I'm very happy of how my entry turned out!

I've got some other games of my own on my GameJolt page (@mickyelloow) if you can't wait! (Instrucdoors spoiler) That bird in the "maze" level is the logo of one of them  (and it's in heavy development right now!) (end of spoiler)


Hi I love your art and I had a lot of fun playing your games, Great game Pal


Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it! I rarely do pixel art, but I'm happy of how it turned out for the jam!


Very good concept. I really liked it. Played and rated!

Don't forget to rate my game please:


Thanks for playing! Glad you liked it!

I'll play and rate your game ASAP! I'm not here only to make a game, but to rate as many other entries as possible as well!


It was really fun to play, I don't liked when the instructor reseted the game, you're mean ! :')

The only thing that annoyed me was the little resolution of the window but that's not the most important thing, good joob !

If you have some time, I would really appreciate if you can rate my entry too Have a nice day !


Thanks for playing! Glad you liked it! I didn't want to bother with different screen resolutions, sizes and aspect ratios. I could have made it possible to change the size of the window without changing the aspect ratio, but didn't have time for a settings menu.

Will definitely check out your game! I got in to make a game and also try and rate as many entries as possible!

Submitted (2 edits)

Easily my favorite game out of all the games I have played for this game jam, I love the humor in it and all of the different endings. I'll be sure to check out your other games too:)


Thanks for playing! Very happy to hear it's your favorite game out of everyone else! I don't hear that often especially when they are hundreds (even thousands) of other good games in the same boat as mine, but when I do, it just makes me want to make more!


Heads up: I forgot to put this in the description, but I actually recorded all 7 days of me making this game for the Jam. So once it's ready, there will be a video on my YouTube channel of me making Instrucdoors and explaining my process!

This is a fun little game, I love the energy in the voice acting I think it fits the theme really well. I especially like that it is a friendly narator who does genuinely seem that they are just trying to show you their fun game. I also love going back through that you can see the forshadowing on different plot points. While the controls are clunky sometimes I really like the narrative aspect of the game, great work!


Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it! I am honestly surprised on how good I managed to link all the plot points together, because I did pretty much all dialogue lines on the fly without thinking about the rest of the paths.


The game is really fascinating and simple (in good way of saying it), I've enjoyed listening voiceovers and killing 'unkillable' green creatures. It would be great to have dialogue/cut scene skipping, so you won't listen for the same lines over and over again:)


Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it! I was planning to add a way to make the dialogue faster by holding down a button and also add an alternate first level with less lines, but I ran out of time before I could add those. College got in my way.


I like the story and the voice over. The humour is great. Overall a great game.

The was some small issues:

- Sometimes the voice overs volume is so low, that I can't hear what is being said for the music.

- Jumping do not always work, especially when standing near the each of the platforms.

- I would like to be able to skip dialog, especially dialog I have already heard.


Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it! I did all of the voice over on the fly, so I didn't have time to adjust the volume on most of them. My friend gave me the idea so you could skip the dialogue by making it faster, but of course, ran out of time.

I agree that sometimes jumping at the edges can be a pain (and time of course didn't help me fix that.) Though once you get the hang of it it's not that bad in my opinion.


Like I said, it was only small issues.


Great naration ! I love you humor !
I really had a fine time playing it


Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it! Happy to hear that my humour is great! (especially when done on-the-fly and on a rush XP)

Submitted (1 edit)

Very funny game! Really enjoyed! The narration was very nice! Awesome submission!


Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it! It was the first time I tried narration with voice acting (by myself), so hearing it was great and funny really makes me happy!


Hah, fun game!  Enjoyed the narration (I definitely killed the slime the first time lol)  Runs great on macOS!  Love the color palette, character design, level layouts, gameplay mechanics and light story.  Controls feel tuned.  Rated - awesome jam entry!


Thanks for playing! Glad you liked it! It's definitely hard to make something that looks good, feels great and makes sense when linked all together (like a multi-ending story) especially in a single week. Hearing how well I did my job here is for me a sign of a bright future in game development!

Submitted (1 edit)

The audio is and I could reach six different ending really nice games great job


Thanks for playing! Glad you liked it! Congrats on finding 6 out of 7 endings!

Submitted (1 edit)

Really nice game, a lot of fun. I could reach 6 differents end.
The audio sound is a great plus. The control are fine but could be improve.
Some critics incoming, I like this game a lot, more you like, more you are picky. For other, don't read if you don't want to be spoiled.

  • You can move using A/D or left/right arrow, but you can't go throw door with up arrow.
  •  I would like to be able to pass the introduction, or the reset put you right after. It's fun the first time, then I felt more and more bothered at each game iteration.
  • The "maze" is not a maze, you have only one path >I guess related to liar narrator
  • You are stuck and can't move most of the time during instruction.
  • No sword attack animation, I'm sad I can't use my toy.
  • When you don't jump on the 2 first hole no more instruction.  Then jump on the secret one "you jump in the one I explicitly said you to not jump" when he the narrator didn't. He just told you to be careful.

Thanks for playing and giving some detailed feedback! Don't worry, I can handle critics! 

  • That's because I used the default Input.GetButton("Horizontal") for movement, but I added a button called ("Door") so you could use either W or a button on a controller (yes, you can play the game with an Xbox controller). Didn't think about duplicating the input to detect the up arrow too. My bad.
  • I planned to add another level 1 scene where the intro was wayyyy shorter, but I ran out of time before I could add it.
  • With the tiny screen space I allocated for an entire level, I couldn't do a true maze. Didn't plan for it to be a lie from the narrator, but I guess it works XP
  • I thought since you've got a "I don't care about the narrator" ending if you don't listen to him on the first few levels in a row, you'd actually need to listen to him if you didn't go for that ending. My friend proposed to add the ability to go through the unskippable dialogue faster on a key hold, but of course, it was too late.
  • Wait... no sword attack animation? There is one. I saw someone stream my game on Twitch today and the sword was swinging.
  • Yeah, about that. I basically did all of the dialogue lines on the fly. Most of it makes total sense, but some may not (like that one)

Anyway, thanks for the detailed critics! Taking some notes here to not forget stuff next time!

  • I had the "I don't care about the narrator" ending. In fact, I think have to wait the end of narration start to feel akward after having it.
  • For a maze with tiny level, you can probably use a door system. But to fit with the game, I imagine finding the true path based on narrator, so many more work needed. Plus maybe changing your code on how level and door work.
  • Slime attack with sword animation. I didn't find how. do it our self.

Their is a way to go for the second door on the first level ?


Notes taken about that narrator stuff. Will take it into consideration if I make another game with something similar.

Actually, my door system should be A-OK to create a maze like that! Would create a massive chaos of scenes in my project files, but it's possible!

I don't think I quite understand the sword issue. Slimes' swords work, so you mean that you just can't attack with it? Have you tried pressing E with the sword in hand?

About that second door. It does absolutely nothing as of now. I had planned to add a whole other path with completely different endings in that second door, but as you may have guessed, I ran out of time.

Submitted (1 edit)

Loved this game and finding every way possible to disobey the hilarious narrator. Not jumping in the holes and his response being despairing was a great surprise. The controls feel tight and responsive, the visual style is simple but appealing and the music is catchy, and I'm a sucker for anything with multiple endings. Sweet game all round!


Thanks for playing! Glad you loved it! I did everything myself, so it warms my heart hearing positive feedback like yours <3

Just makes me want to do more cool stuff!


Pretty cool game for this game jam. I had fun playing it. I liked every aspect of it: music, visuals, humor, etc... Great job! Rated.

Check out our game, we would like to read some feedback


Thanks! Really glad you enjoyed all parts of it! Did everything alone, so seing tons of positive feedback from lots of people makes me want to create more stuff!

I'll be sure to play and rate your game!


This was sooo cool to play. 

I love the narrator humor sense and enjoyed trying to find all different quotes on every room.

Good job!


Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it! The narrator took a lot of time to make, but it was 100% worth the effort in my opinion!


Great game! It seems like you made a different ending depending on in which room you disobey plus a couple more, which must have been quite some work. I think my favourite is moving so fast that the narrater can't finish his sentences.

For those wondering, the surprise is definitely worth replaying the game a bunch of times until you follow all instructions correctly. Some improvements would be:

  • When jumping check if the bird is grounded or was grounded 0.2 seconds ago (helps a lot with the platforming). Also, check if the player pressed jump to jump (Input.GetKeyDown), not if I'm pressing jump (Input.GetKey). This fixes the bird continuously jumping.
  • Only the slime in room 6 drops a sword (bug).

Thanks for playing my game! Really happy that you enjoyed it! Yes, all of those endings took some work,and that "go too fast" ending is one of my favorite too!

About the sword dropping only on the first slime, no, this isn't a bug. I think I could have made the slime look a bit different to know that only it could drop it. Didn't have time, of course.

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