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A jam submission

Just an Empty CliffView game page

A short game made for the Community Game Jam
Submitted by Frozen Spirit — 6 hours, 25 minutes before the deadline
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Just an Empty Cliff's page


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Game Design#5952.3852.385

Ranked from 13 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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The camera height feels quite narrow in some parts of the game, try to zoom out a little. And keep developing :)


Very promising game, keep making stuff!


Thanks! I hope to see some of your games in the future too :D.


Overall an okay little platform game. The graphics and story is okay. The controls is pretty good, but the jumping mechanic could have been better. I would liked a bit more sound effects and I would have liked some music. Overall an okay jam game.


Rated! I like the idea of this game, it goes to show you can make something without good graphics; but here are some suggestions in future!

- Try to soften the audio so it isn't so sharp (fade in etc.)

- The jumping force could be lowered and you could also make the character a circle to make it feel more juicy with the trail.

- Make some arrows to make it a bit more obvious where to go or you can zoom the camera out a bit so we can see further!

Other than that, good work. It's difficult to make a finished game in a week, so congratulations!

If you could, please play/rate our game, we'd greatly appreciate it! Have a good one, mate!


Thanks for the feed back. I will be sure to play your game too :D.


No worries! Thanks :D


Rated - Good job submitting a game.  Hope you learned a lot from this jam!  Take peoples suggestions and improve the game, or your next jam game.  Please check out my game when you have time~ good day!


Thanks! While I probably won't continue on this game I will definitely take all of this helpful feedback into future game jams and proper games I will try make in the future. I will be sure to give your game a go!


I'm not sure if I understood the concept of the game, but there are some tips that might be useful.  Your character seems a bit stiff and to avoid it, you could simply replace rectangle shape with circle. Trail is really nice and with circle it would also look fuller. 

There could be a bit more of a guiding, like making us see where to go next and making next platforms visible earlier. Because of this I had problems with playing as I was constantly dying while jumping on platforms I couldn't see. 

Game jams are pretty tough to make a finished projects in time, so it's understandable that there are things to work on, tho It's a good submission ;)


Thank you so much for giving me some helpful feedback. I am not the most experiment dev and I had a few set backs. I’m just glad I managed to make something for the jam. Thank you for understanding and good job on your game too!


Character controller: There is no modular height control for the jumping and no grace jump. Fortunately there aren't many precision jumping situations, so this isn't a big deal. However, jumping is suffering from inconsistent reading of input. I think you put your input control in the FixedUpdate() loop. This is a problem, because this loop runs at a constant and relatively infrequent way. For all input you need to use Update(). Then when you have the input, you can use that information in FixedUpdate() instead.

Towards the center of the map, there is a platform that cannot be seen at all, so you have to take a leap of faith there. I died there once and I definitely felt like I wasn't in control of the situation. At least I respawned at the feet of the mountain and not at the start of the level.

The ending of the game, which restarts the game, basically, is a little underwhelming.

I liked the dialogue as I walked across the stage. It enticed me to find what would be on the other side.

Graphics:  I think the graphics are too simple. I did like the trail though.

Audio: I didn't hear any audio.

Theme: I don't think you've hit it. I didn't see the game lying in any way other than the title, arguably.


Thank you so much for your helpful feedback. Unfortunately I did not have as much time as I would of wanted to make the game which did lead to a lot of sacrifices but in the end I really just wanted to prove to myself that I was able to push beyond the time limits I had pushed myself into and make something for the jam. 


Simple and short. The use of spritemasks for platformig is interesting. The jump does feel a little bit unresponsive at times. Nice work. (:


Thanks for the feedback. I wasn't very happy with the jump either but I had only left myself two or so days to make this and had to move on. Thanks :).


Not so empty cliff! Platforming was  a little tough with limited visiblity, but interesting to see what was outside the cliff :)