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Very promising game, keep making stuff!

thank you!

Yep, I really should have added in air controls. And I'll totally rate your game!

20th rating! Really like the visuals - nice job!

Really fun! I can see how this can be expanded into a longer game.

Yeah, I messed up with the lack of in air direction changing. Thought it would be a cool mechanic but I was definitely wrong. 

Hey, thanks Garrett! Great feedback, definitely needs more sfx

Really fun! I love these type of 3D puzzly games. Although I was also having the issue of very low camera sensitivity on my system for whatever reason

Thanks! Yep I'll of course play your game

Very good concept for the theme and fun controls with the bottle flipping around. Great game! Btw I found that if you go all the way to the wall, all the balls will hit the wall and miss you every time.

The transition between levels is amazing!

Ooh yes! Thanks so much!

I really like the atmosphere you've created with the lighting. Nice job!

Much appreciated!

Like others have said, the narration is spectacular!

Great suggestions, thank you!

lol "natas". Fun and addicting game, nice job! 

Yep, spoiler? bill isn't actually in the game. I kinda feel bad for disappointing everyone..

Thank you! And I totally agree with that feedback. I either need to add in air movement or tie the current mechanic better into the game

Thank you! And yeah, I think the level generator could use some tweaking for more interesting levels

Thanks, so happy you like the character! I didn't do any testing with the webgl version, so I included a windows download too. 

I love the calm/pleasing music and visuals contrasted with the difficulty of the game, great job!

Fun and original concept. Very promising for your first platformer, great job!

Love the fun atmosphere of the game. Great job!

A++ audio design. Overall a very polished game, great entry!

Never thought I'd play a game about digesting food... Fun and original concept though, great job!

Just rated yours! Here's mine:

So much anticipation. Good job! really enjoyed this even though it was so short

Very original concept. Makes you really think about conserving your moves. Nice job!

The shield mechanic is really fun! lot of other original concepts too. Amazing job! 

Visual style is very pleasing - great design. Gameplay is fun as well.

This has me really interested. Hope you keep working on it!

The art is very nice, and the game gets difficult fast, but I kinda like that. Great job!

This is really fun! The graphics are very well done

Really messes with your brain. Nice job!

Thanks! Haha, yeah bill doesn't exist. That's the best I could do for the lie part

Thanks! Thought I'd try a slightly different movement mechanic

The art, animations, and sound really tie together nicely. Excellent job!