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Bearded Ants

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This was a great game. I didn't think a pair of shoes could be so charming.

The second level was really nice and a welcome change of pace and style from the first one. Nice way to include the second theme without it feeling forced.

This was a very fun little game. Challenging without being too hard. Could have been longer!

Thanks for playing!

This was a lot of fun! Really cool idea for the use of planting and harvesting! Loved the idea of using different plants for different abilities, bit annoying when I used the wrong seed in the wrong place and the first time you plant a sunflower you can get trapped. 

Please check out our game if you get a chance!

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Thanks for the interest in our game. I'm guessing you were trying to run the Mac version? We tested that one ourselves and found it wasn't working, so the new 0.1.2 version is up that should hopefully work for you now.


Hey Igor,

Thanks for your interest :) Just uploaded a mac version for you now. Hope you enjoy!

Thanks for playing and your thoughtful reply. You have highlighted a lot of our frustrations!

We had so much more we wanted to put into the game but time was not on our side! We had a bigger story in mind with recurring characters and had more designs for the interface that didn't make the cut.

The guys who played the music were recruited in the last few hours and the track you hear was the very first take. (the other takes were more tight but this one had a cooler vibe). We told them that we wanted a 30 sec track so the drummer kept trying to end it but the guitarist and bassist were having too much fun!

We may continue to develop it and will certainly use your feedback if we do. 

Thank you for your comment. We love art deco as well, hopefully we'll make more games in this style. We had a lot of fun on the sound and music, it was all recorded on a phon a few hours before submissions were due ... it ties the game together nicely.

Thanks :)

Thanks so much for your kind comment, there was so much more we wanted to add to the game - if only we had the time! Hopefully we can make a full version soon!

Haha yeah it gets tough to remember and figure out the offset at times. Thanks for playing!

That's alright, we'll be sure to make more build versions next time. We didn't even think about doing webgl during development which is a loss for us haha keep up the great work :)

Hey, I played and rated your build. Thanks for the webgl version, I couldn't actually get the windows one to run. Left a comment :)

Rated and left a comment. The changing controls are really challenging, but a fun game!

Super fun! The changing controls just mess with your head so much! I kept falling back to regular movement over and over. Really fun game :)

Reminds me of games like TrapAdventure 2 :) Rated and left a comment. Thanks!

Reminds me of games like TrapAdventure 2. Nice work. Wasn't able to make it to the end though, bit too hard for me haha Congrats on completing a game for the jam :)

If you could take a few moments to play and rate our game too, that'd be much appreciated :) Thanks!

Hey, I already found and played this game :) Was a good time. I left a comment and rated when I did. Thanks!

Really enjoyed the symbolism. Rated and left a comment. Good job!

Neat exploration game, really enjoyed the visuals and the sound was very "space like" haha :)

Wonderful art, and I enjoyed look through space. The intro was a bit long, and I wish the screen size was larger. Was really neat to find things like the pyramid in space :) Good job.

If you can take a few minutes to play and review our game too, that'd be most appreciated :)

Really great game, would love to see you do more with this! Rated and left a comment :) Thanks!

Really fun game, I could see this game being great on a mobile! Lots of fun. Had a little difficulty clicking the cart sometimes which was a little frustrating. The theme was also a little bit weak, but honestly, you made up for it with such fun gameplay. Going to follow you in hopes that you do something more with this game :) 

Would be great if you could take a few moments to play and rate our game too! Would really appreciate it :)

Hey, played your game and thought the graphics were superb. Left a bit of feedback about gameplay :) Thanks!

The graphics are beautiful and really well done. However, the gameplay was lacking a little bit. The shooting felt very static, never really sure if I was hitting enemies or not until I saw their health go down. Even just flashing them red would be improve it. I really think you should continue with this idea a bit more, polish it up some and get some friends to play it. There's a lot of promise there, it's just lacking in feedback. Congrats on getting a game done for the jam though!

Would be great if you could take a few minutes to review our game too :) Thanks!

Amazing game, very smooth and polished. I love the menu and game graphics, very fun and frustrating game (in the best way). This is the highest I have rated a game so far, you should be very proud of this entry!

Would love it if you could check out our game too :)

This is such a unique game. I really enjoyed it! Played for much longer than I was expecting. Managing all three section at once can get quite challenging, but was really fun. Great work!

What a unique idea. I spent way longer playing this than I planned on! Great fun having to manage all three sections at once, but I did find the text was a little be hard to find a use for. Overall great fun!

Would be great if you could take a few minutes to review our game too :) Thanks!

Good concept/story, I liked the interplay of the designer/developer. Rated well!

Nice work with the game. Definitely some surprises :)

Really liked how I thought I would jump, but the whole room moved instead! Cool ideas, keep up the good work!

Would be great if you could take a few mins to play and review our game too :) Thanks!

You're right, it was quite tricky to win. Left a comment and rated :) Thanks1

Interesting game, quite difficult to win! Loved the art, and how your character is different each time :) Keep up the great work!

Really fun, I enjoyed having to throw all logic out the window :)

Haha i loved how I clicked start and the game quit! I completely went against the first rule :P Fun game, I enjoyed the shop price mechanic. Great work!

If you could spare a few moments to play and review our game too, that'd be amazing! Thanks :)

Hey, I've tried two times to get the game to run and unfortuently it's not running on my machine for some reason! I extract it, run Boolean.exe, and a CMD window appears, disappears and that's it. Sorry about not being able to review it :( 

Fun (and a little frustrating) game! Good concept/story, I liked the interplay of the designer/developer. The level where all the bugs happen at once was absolute mayhem haha. I like the graphics you applied to the 'glitch'. Nice work :)

Thanks! We're super happy with how it all came together!