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I have finally played your game, and just wanted to share my thoughts about your game:

The good:

  • The graphics and animations are both really simple and super great.
  • The music is really relaxing and fits the game well.
  • The game idea is simple and really fun.
  • The control of the spring is okay.

What could have been better:

  • The jumping mechanic is okay, but it has some issues. Sometimes when I am standing near a edge I can't jump. And why can't I gain power for a jump will I am in the air?
  • The level design is also okay, but again I had some small issues. Especially some of the platforms are really hard to jump too. And it's also a bit difficult to know what you are suppose to do in the levels.
  • I would really have liked some sound effects, especially from the spring.

But overall a very great game for the Epic's Game Jam.


Created a new topic Great but short game.

The game is super great for this game jam, but it is perhaps a bit short. I especially liked the simple and very sweet graphics. And the games mechanics is also simple, but still pretty fun. The sound effects is okay, but some music would made the game even better. But overall a great experience. And good luck in the competition.

A very simple and fun idea for the game jam. The best part of the game is the clean and funny graphics. The springs movement is okay, but it is a bit difficult to control where the spring is landing. Overall one of the better games in the game jam, but sound effect and music would make the game even better. But good luck in the competition.