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This is fun little game. I really like the music and the visuals pretty good. But it is a bit difficult to see which walls you are suppose to stay on and which you should avoid.  But anyway overall a pretty good jam game.

The idea is pretty good, and I overall had fun trying your game. But I was never able to get past the laser grit in level 1. And in level 2 I for some reason got stopped by a laser grit, that just seemed to spawn right in front of me. I games music is really good and visuals is over pretty good. I will say the level design was a bit confusing, and it was not super easy to see where you was suppose to go. The gameplay idea was interesting, but it took some time to understand how to get past the obstacles. Overall a pretty good jam game, and with a bit of polishing I could see this become really fun to play.

Det er et lidt mærkeligt, men også ret sjovt lille spil. Kamara placeringen var lidt irriterende. Ellers et rigtigt fint spil.

A really well made and funny little puzzle game.  

A very fun little jam game. The visuals, and sounds is really good. The gameplay is super simple and pretty fun, but also a bit difficult to get very far.  But anyway this a game that deserves to be played more then it seems to be. Well done.

This a simple, fun and pretty well made puzzle game. It gets a bit confusing at times, but not too bad. Overall a good jam game. Well done.

The character model is looking really good, and city is interesting visually. The gameplay is okay, but I would liked if there was a bit more into it. The controls is also okay, but moving and stacking objects feels a bit funky. For me is the use of emissive materials overused and it makes the game painful too look at, and the bloom effects and reflective materials is also overused. The idea with the voice acting is good, but it sounds a bit robotic and end up repeating the same thing again and again.

Overall is this still a okay jam game, but I think the ambition for this game has been a bit too high. I would instead have liked to see more focus on gameplay ideas, and more focus on a smaller level.  Playtime between 5-10 minutes is usually great for jam games,  and if you really like the game you make, you can of cause make big game when the jam ends.

The visuals and the music is really good. The gameplay idea is fun, but I will say that the puzzles was a bit too simple, but else a good little jam game. Well done.

I love the visuals and sounds is pretty good. I am not really understanding the gameplay, but it was fun to see if could find a way to the exit, but I am pretty sure I never was close to get there. 

The idea is fine and the game looks pretty good. I will say it's really difficult to avoid the monsters, but else a fun little game.

The idea is okay, and the game looks pretty good. I will say that I would have liked this better if the two worlds was more connected in the gameplay. But else a fine little jam game.

The game feels a bit unfinished, but the sounds is really funny and it alone makes the game worth playing.

A super simple and okay little game idea.  The game feels a bit unfinished, but else a okay jam game. 

The game looks and sounds pretty good. The music is a bit quiet, but else also pretty good. The gameplay is okay, but I would have liked a bit more to do. Overall a fine little jam game.

This is a okay little jam game. I would liked a bit more gameplay, but I guess you are new to unreal, and if that is true this is an okay little game.

I don't totally understand the idea, and I think this could have used a in game tutorial. But else the game looks pretty good, and I liked the music.

The game looks pretty good, and I like the music. I don't see much gameplay, but I still had fun running around in the city.

A super simple and pretty fun little ball rolling game. A little difficult and especially is it difficult not be shot by the cannons. 

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I don't really understand the controls and I was never able to catch any of the fish. But the game looks amazing, and the game idea is really fun. The music is good, but I am not sure how well it fits the game idea. Overall an interesting and pretty jam game.

The game is fun and really difficult.  I like the game idea, and visuals and sounds is pretty good. The levels was a bit too similar, but it was not too bad. This is overall a good jam game. Well done.

The visuals and the music is really good. I overall like the puzzles. I am perhaps a bit dumb, but it took me a bit of time to really understand the goal of the game. But anyway a good and pretty well made jam game. Well done.

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You have not uploaded all folders and files that we needs to play the game.

This game do look pretty good, but for some reason it does more feels and looks like you are flying in the air and not like you are swimming in water. Some air bobbles and some water drops on the camera would maybe have helped. But else a relaxing little experience.

Pretty difficult, but also pretty fun. I overall like this puzzle game. Well done.

The idea is okay, and the game looks pretty good. For me I wish there was more to do, and the could use a bit sound effects and perhaps some music. But overall an okay jam game.

The idea is fun and the game looks pretty good. But it is really difficult and I am nearly not able to get away from the starting area.

The game looks pretty good and I like the music. The gameplay is okay, but I would have liked it better if there had been a bit more into it. 

I am sorry but I don't understand this game. It looks interesting, but I see no rules and I have very little idea of what to do.

I don't really understand the game idea, but I have feeling there hit a interesting puzzle game here.

This is overall a super simple and pretty fun little shooter. I would liked a bit more gameplay ideas, and I don't really she how it fits the jam theme. But else a fine little jam game.

A bit short, but else a pretty funny little game. Well done.

I don't totally get the idea. But I like the visuals and the sounds was fun.

I know it's too late now, but if have made this game for a jam, I would have cheat at bit and not rotated the platform with the towers and mobs, but instead I would have rotated the camera together whit the outer platform and the background. This could have been made so it looked the same way, and you would not have had issue with the objects on the rotating platform.  

The idea is okay, but the game feels really unfinish, and often have no idea what you wants me to do. But with a bit more work I could see this become a fun little puzzle game.

This is okay little tower defense game. I would have wished there was a bit more into the gameplay, but else a fun little jam game.

This is overall a really good little puzzle game. I love the music and visuals. The gameplay is a bit standard first person puzzles, but it is still pretty fun to play, and the levels are clever without getting too difficult. Well done.

A sweet little game. Well done.

Also a thank you for the down voters of my critical posts, it gives a great insight of your opinion :)

Hello again Mossieur Parate

I agree with you that my solution might not work, but I believe we need to do something, and if we do not try anything, we will never know if it will work or not. But I don't really care how we solve the issues, but I just think we have to do something.

As I see it there is also some issues with the way some people gives feedback. There is the I don't care about you and your game feedback. This does of cause not help anyone. But there is also the long  detailed feedback. This can be good, but it is sometimes also gets unnecessary long, and we spent much time on something we could have used to give feedback to other games. The problem especially is when you just repeat the same feedback others has already has given. For me the best feedback is often the short ones, that tells me something no one else has told me. And I am also not a super fan of the I hate every about your game feedback. Especially it is an issue if they write long list of reasons why hate the game.

Anyway I hope to see you again at the Ludum Dare game jam.

I overall likes this. It is perhaps a bit short, and I have a can nearly not hear what voice says. But I still had fun trying it.