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Thank you for respond to my questions.

Hello Xavier EkkelJames Earl Cox III and everyone

I finally found and read the email from you ( Xavier EkkelJames Earl Cox III) about the bundle. The email did of course ended in my spam filter, so I have first read now. So I believe that now has the jam ended, but I still have a lot of questions about the email and jam. So here we go:

  1. The email said that I was suppose replay to it to get a change to win some games.  But replay to "" will most likely not send a message to ( Xavier EkkelJames Earl Cox III)'s emails.  So how was I suppose to replay?
  2. I am not really sure that I really understand the idea with the bundles. I mean is it really so difficult to download the games one by one? And does it not make it harder to find the place where you can  give feedback on the games?
  3. When jam started it was the idea that some streamers/You Tubes was suppose to play the games. Is this still happening? Do they only play the games form the bundles? (I mainly asks because my game is not in the bundles)
  4.  Even though my game is not in the bundle, should I not have been in the Credits file?
  5. The jam finally ended 2019-07-31 and the bundles was first done 2019-10-08. I believe a lot people have forgot and perhaps even lost interest in the jam with this long delay. Have you never considered stopping making the bundles, and instead just made the players download the games the way the were uploaded to jam?

I really wonder what happened with this jam. For me the idea for the jam was super cool, and I have played most of the games in the jam. I really liked seeing the unfinished games you have made. But the way I see it, there has not been a lot of interest from a lot of the other participants in the jam. And perhaps some of the reason for this is that they have waited for the bundles to be made, and now where the bundles has been made, I wonder if anyone still are interested in going back to the jam. And perhaps like in my case their emails has also been thrown in the spam filter.

Regards JK5000

In Ludum Dare you are allowed to fix game breaking bugs, and you are allowed to upload them now. But you my of course not add any new stuff to the game before the jam rating ends.  

What a brutal and negative game about the worlds destructing. This game could have been a really great game, about hope and happiness. It could also have had a lot gorgeous butterflies and beautiful flowers. But okay the narrator was really happy and positive.

To be honest I really like this game, and it is overall a very well made game. A small real complain is that the narrator audio volume was a bit low compared to the musics volume. 

For me this was the game "Die, die and die again". The music, graphics and controls is all pretty good. Overall an good jam game.

Overall a fun and pretty little platform game. 

Overall an okay little platform game. The graphics and story is okay. The controls is pretty good, but the jumping mechanic could have been better. I would liked a bit more sound effects and I would have liked some music. Overall an okay jam game.

The graphics and the story/humour is pretty good. The controls is not the best, but for a jam game it is okay, Overall an okay jam game.

Weird but also pretty funny.


A bit weird but also pretty funny.

This is a funny and very well made adventure game. I especially love the games music and the story. I am not a big fan of the ending, but at least it has an ending. Overall a really good jam game. Well done.

Short but also pretty funny.

An interesting and very well made little jam game. Well done.

The story, graphics and music is all pretty good. The controls is okay, but especially the jumping could have been better. Overall a good jam game. Well done.

A very simple and fun little game idea. Well done.

A very funny little game. With a bit better controls this would be really great. Well done.

Overall a fun little jam game. Well done.

An okay little jam game. 

A fun very well made game. Well done.

A very funny little game. Well done.

The idea is really funny, and both the graphics and the music is pretty good. The gameplay is okay, but in some of the mine game I won them, before I learn how to play them. Overall an okay jam game.

A short but a pretty fun game.

This is very well made game with a great little story. The voice over is pretty funny. Overall a good jam game.

This is overall an okay little maze game. I would liked a bit more to do then just collecting bottles.  

It is a fun little game with an interesting ending. I especially like the graphics. I would also have liked some music and sound effects. Overall an okay jam game.

I like the idea and the atmosphere. The puzzle idea is good, but I found puzzles to be a bit too difficult. I also stopped at "The Caeser says slhzo", and I was not super fan of the Morse code. Overall a okay jam game.

Love this little game, and especially like the story Both the music and graphics pretty good. The fights is perhaps a bit easy, but for me it is more then okay. The only real complain a have is that it in level 2 (The ice/mountain level) was it a bit difficult to see where you are suppose to go. I would also have like some kind of fun text after the final fight, but okay for jam game that is okay. Overall a good jam game. Well done.

A bit weird, a bit crazy and a amazing,

The story and humour was really good, and it all fits the jam theme very well. The controls is kinda okay, but it could have been better. Overall an okay jam game.

A super simple and very funny idea. I really like both the music and graphics. Well done.

The idea for this game was interesting and the game was pretty fun to play. Some music and some better graphics would have been great, but for a one week jam that is totally okay.  The end was a bit weird, I don't know if the game crashed or it did just closes when I lost the fight. Overall is this a pretty good jam game. Well done.

Never found a game, but the menu was nice.

The voice over and graphics was pretty good. The puzzle idea was fun. For me the controls was so bad that I was newer able to go longer then to the first blue door. Overall an okay jam game.

Overall a fun little puzzle game, with some great music. For me I found a lot of the clues to be a bit too hidden. 

Hello everybody

It now more then a month since the jam officially ended, and it seems like not much is happening. So my question is, is there not happening anything more? If anything is happening, what is it? Why is no one saying anything? 

The idea and the graphics is overall really good. The controls is pretty good, but for me was the limit of lies I can use way too low. Overall a good jam game. Well done. 

I like the game idea, and both the voice acting, music and graphics is all pretty good. The dialog system is okay, but I often find the dialog to be a bit random. Overall a good and ambitious jam game. Well done.

The graphics is really good, and the music is okay but the loop is a bit short. The gameplay idea is good, but for me was the game a bit too difficult to get very far. Overall an okay jam game.