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Atmosphere, sound design and visuals is all pretty good. The story was fine, but I would have preferred some voice over to tell the story. I would also liked to see a bit more gameplay. But overall a pretty well made little jam game.

A pretty sweet and fun little game. I like the visuals and the music. Well done.

Weird, but also pretty fun.

The idea is okay, and I had a bit of fun trying the game, but it does also feel a bit unfinished. 

Too bad you did not finished the game, but the idea sounds fun. I also tried the game, but I did never totally understand what was happening.

I like the games atmosphere. I don't totally understand the gameplay idea, and I ended flying around in the space outside the factory.

I liked the idea and the atmosphere. I sadly used most of the time fight the controls, but okay I do that in many VR games.

This was okay, but I would have liked a bit more gameplay.

I did not totally understand this game, but I liked the atmosphere, and the story seem okay.

The idea is fine and I had fun trying the game. It could have used a bit more development time, but okay it's a jam game. Some more sound effects and perhaps some music would have been great. But overall an fun little jam game.

I did not see much gameplay, but I like the games visuals, sound effects and the atmosphere. Well done.

I liked the story. The game feels a bit unfinished, and I am not able to get to the bridge. 

A simple and pretty fun little shooter. I like the music. The visuals is also pretty good. A bit more gameplay would have been fun, but else a fine little jam game.

Chaotic and pretty fun. Love the music.

The game is looking great and I like the music. The gameplay is okay, but it's pretty easy and don't really understand the idea with the time jump. Overall a well made and pretty fun little jam game. Well done.

Interesting art style. The gameplay is okay, but a bit too easy and not enough to do. Overall an okay little jam game.

I like the games visual style and the atmosphere. The gameplay is not super clear, and I had not much idea what I suppose to do.

The idea is okay, but the game feels unfinished.

The game idea is okay. It could have used a bit more gameplay elements. And the motor sound doesn't sound like it comes from the car. But else a okay little jam game.

An okay little tower defense game. It's perhaps a bit slow. Could also have used a bit of music.  But overall an okay little jam game.

The game is looking great, and I like the relaxed atmosphere. For me the puzzle element felt a bit weird, and in a way it was weirdly complicated. I stopped playing after I felt out of the world. This happened on the tredje island after I walked on some stones and ended on a part of the map I was not suppose to be at, and when I stepped into the ocean I fell out of the world. But still is this a pretty good and well made jam game. Well done.

The idea was good, and I had a bit of fun playing it. The story could have been a more interesting, and there is not much gameplay. But I like the games mood. Overall an pretty good little jam game.

Was a bit confusing, and the solution felt a bit random. But I liked the idea, and I had fun trying the game. It could have been more polished, and perhaps had a bit more gameplay. But overall an okay little jam game.

The idea is okay, and the game looks pretty good. It would have been fun if there had been more then one kind of anomalies. But overall it was a fun little jam game. Well done.

The game uses a France keyboard layout, so the WASD keys do not work if it not set to use this keyboard layout . 

The game looks fine and I like the music. The controls is not the best, and it's really difficult to aim at the zombies. Overall is this an okay little jam game.

This was okay, but it has nearly no difficulty.

I would like to say that I love this game, but I find the game weird and pretty frustrating. The story is okay, but also pretty weird. The gameplay is also okay, but it's mostly about finding stuff, which is pretty difficult because everything is so dark, and I did often not really knew what I was looking for. There was also some kind of puzzles, but I the few I solved, I did by random actions. I stopped playing after I have found two keys in the future level, and I have no idea what to do. 

But when this is said, the game is not super bad, but I think you have been a bit too ambitious and wanted to make a pretty big jam game. I would have liked a much shorter and more focused game. 

It looks okay, but has no gameplay and nearly nothing to do.

You have sadly uploaded the wrong game. The game you have uploaded is okay, but is a pretty basic avoid obstacles game.

The idea is pretty fun, but I find the game difficult to play, and there is not room for small failures. 

A confusing but also a pretty fun little puzzle game.

I have no idea what was happening, and I don't think I got anywhere.  But I tried and I failed. 

The idea was okay, and I had a bit of fun playing. Could not burn 100 %, but I got close.

I really liked the voice over, the visual and puzzle idea. The inversed up/down rotation made the game nearly unplayable for me. I am not a big fan of shooting part of the game, it felt unnecessaries and not that interesting. But overall still a good and pretty well made jam game. Well done.

This was really short. But what was here was okay.

The idea is fun, and the game was okay to play. It was a bit difficult to know what to do, and when you did something, it was a bit difficult to see you have done it. But overall still an okay little jam game.


The idea was fun, and the game is pretty fun to play. But the visuals is both good, but at the same time it's a bit difficult to see what is happening and where is the walls. I overall liked the game, but it also felt a bit too difficult and the fight felt a bit random.

The game is looking great, and the idea seem fun. But for me it was way too difficult.

This game is a little weird. I died a lot, but I am not really sure why.