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The music,  voice acting and sound design is really good. The gameplay idea and the level design is okay but it could have been better. 

First I tried to fight the "monster" and nothing happen. Then I tried to run away, and this nothing. Then I tried fighting again, and I believe I lost, because I ended up bedside the windmill. 

The controls was really bad, but the humour was amazing.

I am not sure I did understand how to play the game, but I love the music.

At first I was super confused about how I was suppose to play this game,  but when I first found out how to play, the game was pretty good. Okay a better ending, and some music/sound effect could have made the game better. Overall a fine game jam game. Well done.

Besides the weird shadows and the missing ending, I liked this game. 

This is a super weird game, but it is also a fun/interesting for UE4 davs.

A very interesting and super pretty game.  I also like the " The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" inspiration, but I would have liked more some more surreal humour in the game. 

To bad that the game is not really working, but I like the idea. Hope to be back after the game jam.

Super fun idea, but it is super difficult to play.

I don't think the game needs a "How to play", it is actually pretty to understand how to play. But I agree with Mire that the story is not clear enough. For me the game started weird, because the first time i died,  had I not even seen the dead person in the room in the jet. 

I really like the idea for this game, and the graphics is super sweet and friendly. 

A interesting little puzzle game, with some interesting game mechanics. The game really needs some music and some sound effects, and the controls is super slow. Overall a fine game jam game. Well done.

A very creepy and a bit weird horror game.  For me the game was too dark, and even with the flashlight I could nearly see nothing.

Wow, this game is super weird. But luckily I love weird game.  So thank you for sharing this surreal game.

I love the story in this game.

I have tried "Glitchophobia", and it is a very surreal and interesting game.  I don't know if it will win. In a way it is more a piece of art than a game. But I can say that I will not win, and that is totally okay. For me is game jams more about having fun, and getting inspired to making games. 

A very well made game.  

I love this little puzzle game!  Both the music and graphics is super simple, but it fits the game idea very well.  Well done.

Good idea you had for a game, but it is a bit sad that you not had the time to finish it. Better luck next time.

A very simple and a very polished little game.  Well done.

A super beautiful game with a interesting atmosphere .  The controls could have been better. Overall a good game.

The idea and atmosphere is really good in this game. For me the throw mechanic was really bad. Overall a fun little game.

The way I played the game, it should have been called "die, die and die again".  The best part of this game was it humour and the funky music.

A interesting and very pretty puzzle/platformer game. Overall a very good little game, but it really needs some music.

A really pretty game, and the idea for this is really interesting. The logic behind puzzles could been better explained in the game. Overall a fine game jam game. 

I like the atmosphere in this game, but it is a bit short, and could have use some more content.  But for me this is overall a fun little game jam game.

This is a really weird game, but the music and graphics is overall good. The game reminded me of Monty Pythons goldfishes.  

For me this is a really pretty game, and I love use of "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy".  For me the game felt really unfinished, but there are potential for something super interesting.   

A super fun game idea, and both the graphics and music is pretty good.  It was difficult control the girl with the keyboard, and would have liked a way to rotate the camera. Over a fun little game.  


  • A very interesting puzzle platform game idea.  
  • The controls is simple and it works very well.

What could have been better:

  • Some music and more sound effects could have bin good.
  • The graphics is overall fine, but it could need a bit polish.

Overall a fine game jam game. Well done.

A very pretty game, with some fantastic music. The gameplay idea is pretty good,  but for me the controls was not the best, especially the wall climbing/wallrun did not always work. Overall a fine Game Jam Game. Well done.

I love Gooba, he is so funny. The weird gravity system, was really weird and really difficult to understand, but I liked the idea. Overall a fine game jam game. Well done.

This was a really funny little game. 

A very interesting and a very well made puzzle game. Well done.

This was a funny little golf game.

Super weird, but also pretty interesting. 

Overall a fun and interesting little game, and especially the last levels was pretty fun. The controls was a bit funky, but not too bad. 

Sadly my platform ability's was to bad to get very long in the game, but I loved the art-style and music. Overall a fun little game. 

This a bit weird, but also a pretty fun little game.