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Beyond TruthView game page

Lies based platformer with shiny graphics and deeper meaning
Submitted by Manus (@M4nusPotax) — 4 days, 17 hours before the deadline
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Game Design#513.7083.708

Ranked from 120 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Ok, awesome last game to rate.

I liked the music and the exaggerated use of particle effects. To do the menu control with the player is really smart and visually pleasing.

As for the game itself. It suffers from the same issues that most other games had. Those hidden or unreal platforms are getting old after the 15th time. Yet controls felt responsive and the level hinted at the possible depth that the game could have if you put in more time.


Solid gameplay. I basically loved it! It's a bit weird as i had to think a bit on how to actually hit the "Play" button. Overall I like it. Good job!


Game Design
I think you did a great job at creating levels that requires the player to break the fourth wall. The controls are nice.

It was nice to get fooled by the game in almost every level. Small touches like the fact that in level 1, the platform that disapears is always the first one you touch, makes the next plays a bit more original. I think you should add more replayability touches to the levels, it makes it great.

I really like how you navigate in the main menu. Again, great level design.

Its nice that there is a story to the game, I like the concept. Also XD for Options menu.

I agree, the particles are really nice in your game, also the fact that there is variety. The bloom/glow effect is also very nice. But, I feel like the colors could match more? That is the only factor that makes the graphics a bit less extraordinary.

Fits the game well, its not repetitive and its not too loud XD. Nice music :D


Thanks a lot :D I will try to make levels a bit more generated so that when you die, you have to make a bit different decisions, great idea :D


This is my favourite game so far :) 


WOW, this game is fenomenal. The graphics are gorgeous, the sound is perfect, the character movement is super nice. The only negative part is that it could be longer haha. Really nice game, congratulations :D


Wow, I'm actually blown away by the graphics very pretty. Also great controls! 

Please Rate:


Gorgeous graphics! Gameplay is simple but really fun. Controls are responsive, smooth and polished. It's quite short but that's understandable for gamejam game ;)

Give my game a shot if it's possible ;)


Thanks :D Great to hear that. I'm not sure if I manage to play it, as I got exams, but I will do my best to find some time ;)


also I want to change graphics a lot for full release, so colors will also be included


A short but great game. And it's all shiny :D Like the art, especially the ending. Good music.

I love the "animations" when controlling the cube, also the trail and respawn animations are great. Nice work :)


Really liked this, great job! Really liked the graphics (if you dont mind - could you tell me how you made the glowing platforms? I would love to be able to make ones like them) and the audio was good, core movement worked perfectly, the camera shake was nice and the ending was well done too.  All around great game!


Glad you enjoy :) Glowy platform are really easy to make. You need to open Unity with Lightweight render pipeline, there you will have something called postprocessing volume and there you can set bloom (its the intensity of this effect). Then you create an object with spriterenderer and add your texture (in platform case it was rectangle). Then you need to create a material and set it to LWRP/lit. And you should be able to set something like emission map. When you click it you can set intensity and change it to 2. After you add material to your spriterender it will glow :) good luck!


Also here is a tutorial I made on my particles, it might be useful:


Awesome, thanks a lot! I will try that as soon as i get a chance


Very cool, I love all the particles and the calm atmosphere, the audio is good too, and I liked the story, good game!


I like the simplicity of the game.  Fluid movement and cool audio. 


Nice game!


Nice particles! The idea was simple, but works. Controls are bit clunky, but still playable.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Loved the visuals, music, game play. Great job! check out our game, we'll appreciate some feedback 


WOW! I got through the end! I hope in a continuation in the future! I love the style.


Thanks :D if I ever make a continuation I will write to everyone who wanted it, so you wont miss it ;)


Like a lot of people I got stuck at the titanic stage (even after trying the tip told to others) and the time limit killed it for me.  Otherwise the simplistic style of the game with the smooth control is good!


Thanks for playing. I should definitely work on level design ;)


We might very well be looking at one of the top games in this Game Jam!  Absolutely Stunning Beyond Words.

Developer (1 edit)

Its truly uplifting to hear words like that. Thank you

(1 edit) (+1)

The particle effects are so dope!  Love the playable menu screen!


Controls are sruprisingly simple yet working for a jam game! Usually jam platformers always miss something with movement but you did something very nice! I love the visuals, the music is simple but fitting, and even though I didnt quite get the story Im sure there was thought behind it. Godd job on this, I only wish there were more levels because it is a bit short...


Great work !! A polished game with smooth controls and unique visuals !! You made a good use of all well known visual effects available in the engine and ended up such beautifully.

You can find our game Last Code Here ....Last Code

Last Code

It is a game about a Technical Supervisor during an interview with 2 different endings depending on your choices....

Entire scene was 3D modeled and textured during the time frame too....

Check our game and please feel free to comment your reviews.

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