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I needed some time to get used to the controls but after that (and finding how to change camera mode, it should be told in game not only on game page) it was quite fun to play. Cockpit or chase camera should be default one. Classic camera is not the best option because you can't see enemies behind the view. Also I love how interface looks in cockpit camera, so immersive! The game could use some more sound effects and also some nice music while shooting bad guys would be nice.

I don't know if it's my slow PC but right after starting level framerate gets choppy for a while and even slight mouse movement turns my helicopter upside down making it unable to start. Despite mentioned flaws the game have very big potential and I'd love to play it more when campaign mode will be released.

Actually It's made in Godot 😆

Thank you!

Thank you! I'm glad that it got you hooked till the end, hope it was worth it :).

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Thanks! Glad you liked it.

Music for battle level was taken from a music pack that I bought on sale a while ago. Not the best Pack tbh but yeah, this song is quite good 😁

About left hand blood attraction skill - It takes 20 of your blood and it should be used when there are more than 4 blood pickups nearby to compensate this. I should communicate this better or maybe rebuild it entirely to make it more usable.

Again, thank you for your feedback 😀

Good entry! I like the voice acting, adds a lot of charm to the game! Couldn't get more than ~2000 pts. The game gets challenging pretty fast. I think it's good if you like to return to game and get better at it, I'll probably do so :)

Nice implementation of the simple idea. It was fun to play and there are even some easter eggs! (I think...) I like the distinguish art style, fits the game perfectly.
Honestly I would gladly play slightly expanded version of this game.

Simple yet brilliant approach on Jam theme. The intro was really funny with all this voice acting and weird story. Graphics are pleasant and creates a nice atmosphere.
The game itself plays good, rocket jumping gets tricky pretty fast. I didn't manage to get last few cracks on the first level tbh. Guess I'm lacking some rocket jumping skills ;D. But the simplicity of the idea and it's implementation is so on spot. Congrats!

Nice one! I died a few times before I got a hang of the mechanics but afterwards it was preety fun. I liked the campaign with a funny story, intro and ending. Graphics are good, mechanics are engaging and pushes you through the levels and sometimes requires some planing to get through some areas without drying your battery.

Issues found:
- As anachorlight said, there is a problem with movement when you move and use your gun at the same time that makes it hard to navigate.
- The final boss can be shot from the distance without stepping in area with smashing fists.
- I think that I killed all plants in the first level and it didn't ended, but maybe I missed some enemies.

Just completed the game. It was fun and satisfying experience. It feels great to walk through corridors while shooting terrorists in the head :D Perfectly recreated vibe and looks of early 3D games! Looking forward for your next project.

Rant time: It deserves a Steam release with proper price. It is way better than most crappy cashgrabs that regularly shows on Steam. Consider making a special Steam edition or something ;)

What a beautiful love letter for all retro shooter fans! It is blast to play. Smooth and responsive controls, awesome atmosphere, crispy low poly graphics and OMG... this retro filter...

Keep it up!

Demo version is available to download!

Get it here:

Release trailer:

Invaders from other dimension invaded our world. A lone marine is sent to fight them. Will he succeed? Will he be able to carry burden of following orders? Or will he even follow them?
Dimension Invader is a upcoming top down shooter with a little story twist and three endings.

Demo version coming this week!



It looks nice and seemed like you put some work in it but randomly altering controls is just not fun and challenge is artificial. I gave up after few levels. Maybe with little redesign and putting different mechanics it would be really nice game.

Wow, that was interesting! You are a great storyteller :) Game is simple but it really kept me hooked until the very end! And it's nice to see someone using Godot engine ;)

I like it! Sounds are kind of creepy (especially background singing) Graphics are really nice. Controls are good. Difficulty is getting high pretty fast, some checkpoints would be nice :)

Great idea with doing small quests in world where anyone can lie to you. I really like it. You surely  put a lot work into this game :)

Hi everyone! I've already rated your game Smoothy88 but I'll rate other games from this thread instead ;)
Let's smash those 20+ votes together! :D

If anyone's willing to help me, here's my game:
Dimension Invader

It's impressive how much work you are putting in this project. I didn't tried it yet, but definitely gonna use it in further projects because it's a game changer in managing audio in Godot. Thank you for this addon!

Rated your game ;)

Here's mine:

Thank you! I'm glad you like it :). Currently I'm done with fixing bugs and adding some quality of life improvements (including higher vision distance so you can spot enemies earlier). It'll be available after gamejam, but if you want to play updated version earlier I'm putting it on Gamejolt this night or tomorrow ;). After that I'll finish my other project and I will continue updating and adding content to this game :) once again thanks for the review!

I see you put much work into making those RPG mechanics and random loot system, that's amazing! Grapnics and interface are simple but they do the job :) one of more innovative game of this jam!

Here's my game :)

Dimension Invader

Cool game. I like the graphics. Mechanics are nicely done but dying because you touched side of the spikes is just unfair... It's sad that dialogues aren't working, it seems to have some interesting story to tell.

Please give my game a shot and rate it if possible ;)

Nice iedea with the plot twist at the end (even if it's easy to predict). I was able to run and jump through almost all of the enemies without even fighting them. I like the Idea of your game. It could be a nice project if you want to expand it :)

Please give my game a try and rate it if possible ;)

Good thing that you have a video playthrough because ending glitched in my case and there was no sounds so I didn't understand it.

Anyway, the game is really awesome! It has nice graphics, good controlls and clever gameplay mechanics. But damn it is hard at times :P. Very impressive work!

Please give my game a try and rate it if possible ;)

Decent entry. I like the idea and it's sad that game is impossible to finish (I assume). Also graphics are quite interesting :) you should finish it and make a full game ;)

Ugh! Last level is really frustrating, but I finished it! Yay :P I like the graphics, it reminds me good old days of flash games :D I don't know what's the point of including wall-jump in levels designed around floating platforms...

Give my game a shot and rate it if possible ;)

Idea with changing dimensions is really interesting but I don't really like implementation. It's just not intuitive. But there surely are people who will like this kind of game. I'm just not one of them.

Nice graphics! Gameplay is quite simple but it does the job. Music is bit too loud and little repetitive. The game has potential :)

Please try my game and rate it if possible ;)

Very nice and polished game! Lovely graphics and original idea with stacking bodies to proceed. It is fun to play and gamyplay is really smooth. Great job!

Please play and rate my game if possible ;)

Looks nice! Controls makes it hard to play, but it's quite fun anyway.

Please give my game a shot if possible ;)

Wow, nice to see a horror game in such gamejam :) Interesting mechanic with lights and darkness, I liked it. Good graphics and sound (though it's bit loud at times). I'm definitely going to play updated version!

Please give my game a shot if possible ;)

Interesting experience. Nice graphics and audio (except bit annoying keyboard sound in dialogues) It's fun to play and platform sections are really well designed. Dialogues are fun to read and ending have a nice twist. There are few typos though.

Please give my game a shot if possible ;)

Gorgeous graphics! Gameplay is simple but really fun. Controls are responsive, smooth and polished. It's quite short but that's understandable for gamejam game ;)

Give my game a shot if it's possible ;)

Great game! Interesting story with a twist. Love the graphics and creepy atmosphere. Awesome job!

Not sure if you're into top down shooters but you can check my game! It has little bits of story too :D

I didn't manage to pass final level (I guess it was final). But I had a lot of fun! I'll definitely play it again. Graphics are simple but clear. You should add more sounds and some music. It's really impressive that you managed to put few interesting levels that are enjoyable to play.

Give my game a shot and rate it if possible ;)