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Thanks! I already rated your game - Liked it :)

Really good game - one of the best i played. Liked the puzzles, simple art and sounds. Great job! rated yours, here is mine for anyone to check out :D here is mine - just rated infer-no.079 , well done :)

Really good game! not sure if i went wrong but i got sent back to the home menu when deleting a file and i'm not sure what else to do. Liked the style and overall execution - well done!

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I had that issue - remove the [] around the ip and pass Here is mine if anyone wants to try, feedback is appreciated! I am playing yours now :D

Really liked this! Well made, i like the simple art and audio. The gameplay was some of the best in the jam for me - maybe it would be cool to be able to attack the enemies with the character, like using a sword or something (low damage of course). Did have the issue where the enemies got stuck but it sorted itself out as i played. Well done!

If you can, it would be great if you could play and rate my game - feedback is also much appreciated :)

I will play, rate and give feedback on your game now

Good idea, could have some improvements in audio and some graphics, for example the ability to turn off/ down sfx. Additionally the timer went into negative numbers and it would be good to give buttons feedback. Nice job though and keep developing! :) here is mine - i will check yours out now :D  rated yours the other day :) Here is mine if anyone wants to try, it is a platformer with disguised obstacles

Nice job! I like this use of the theme. There is mine - it is a platformer with disguised obstacles. I will play yours now :)

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Nice game, the graphics are simple and i like the varying difficulties. Well done! 

Here is mine, a platformer where some obstacles are disguised Here is mine, i will play yours now :D Here is mine for anyone that wants to try :) (platformer) here is mine for anyone wanting to try

Awesome, thanks a lot! I will try that as soon as i get a chance

Really liked this, great job! Really liked the graphics (if you dont mind - could you tell me how you made the glowing platforms? I would love to be able to make ones like them) and the audio was good, core movement worked perfectly, the camera shake was nice and the ending was well done too.  All around great game!

I like the style of this game, the graphics are nice and the idea is good! All the issues i had have already been addressed. Well done!

Here is mine if anyone wants to try it :) platformer with hidden obstacles

Nice game! I liked the animations! Would be nice to have a few more objectives if you update the game. Additionally i found a spot behind the house where the spiders cant reach you. Well done! :D

(1 edit) Here is mine, i will take a look at yours now :)

Edit: rated your game - well done!

Thank you! 

 I dont think i checked the tutorial well enough before entering, so i will go back and adjust it when i get a chance. Not sure why the jump didnt always work, but i will be trying to fix it post jam. I like the idea of faster movement, will be adding that too. thanks for the feedback!

I like the way you did the reveal mechanic! The controls are responsive, i like the level design and simple graphics. All around good game, well done! (rated) Here is mine, thanks for doing this :D

Nice game! The music is good, i like how it changed depending on what area you were in. The graphics are nice. Didn't have time to finish it, but I like the idea of getting all the characters different items to get the ones you need. well done! 

Here is mine, I will play and rate yours now :)

Yeah I am, thanks!

I have already played and rated yours - good game :)

Here is mine if anyone wants to try it

Thank you!

Nice job! I like the animations of the robot as you move and the background having depth. The jumping was responsive, but it would be great to be able to move left or right in the air. Additionally a pause menu and quick restart key when you fall would be nice. Otherwise it is really good, well done!

Thanks for the feedback! I added the extra level options as after the jam i will be adding a couple more for the practice, probably should have removed them till I made the levels lol. I have rated and played your game too - really liked it!

Hi, yeah i have had issues where the jump is unresponsive - i will be looking into better ways to do it post jam. Thanks for the feedback!

Really liked this! Well made and polished - good movement, great graphics style and the music was really well done! Great job!

There is mine - speed platformer with hidden obstacles

I will play and rate yours now! :D

Thank you, really appreciate it! All a great learning experience!