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Be careful what you seek for.
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Game Design#543.6953.695

Ranked from 82 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Hey, I played your game and I didn't understand it that much but in terms of graphics, aesthetics, sound design and overall feel, you just absolutely nailed it. the boot of the computer and how the animations were made to mimic the rendering processes of old computer is just on point, Everything from the cover art of the game to the design of the OS looks visually appealing and beautiful.


We've also implemented the same in terms of sound now. We're remaking this as well, so keep an eye out.


The game, the look, all the little sounds were perfect! This was what I wanted to go for, but I was only solo for this game jam and didn't have a lot of time. 

I still haven't finished it, but I want to rate a few games and come back and explore all the details of your games! I love this!

Great job!


Thanks for checking us out dude! the game has like 10% of the vision I had intially, so we are obviously making it as close as our original intentions, that said you can follow us on twitter or bookmark us for future updates. 

And if you are planning to expand upon your game, let us know we will glad to help you here and there <3!


I won't give a rating as I couldn't understand what to do exactly ;/ However making an operating system in a week is a really big achievement :P 

From what I understood I should log into User and then I should get access to other commands, tho I don't know where to get pass :P

Also I found the UI a bit unintuitive, like this notepad. It took me some time before I realised how to exit it.

Anyway. That's the game I want to try again as it seems to be really well made :) Good luck!

PS: PLS hint xD

Developer (1 edit)

well you to have read stuff around to figure that out, its all there. As for design choices, yeah the game is not even complete to be fair with you, we couldn't implement a lot of things we had on the drawing board, even the notepad was a last minute addition to relay information into players. That said we are obviously working a /better and close to the original/ idea version of the game!and thanks for checking us out!!


I will try to find solution then. Good luck with working on it, it seems pretty promising!


This is better than most games on steam! Good job! 


thanks man, if you liked it you can bookmark us for future expansion that we are working on <3


Hi so i played the game and now im gonna comment about it. Lets start off by saying this game has some good graphics and i really like the concept. Really impressed with the fact that you made this in a week, kudos! Personally i don't think that the graphics fit the deep web kinda vibe but they're still cool. This game has no noticeable flaws that stand out, the attention to detail is also impressive. All and all i really like the game, very well done. Tho i didn't get far enough to complete the game. That's all i got, cya!


Thanks for feedback man. As for the visual look, well my intention was not to go the cliched 90s hacker/deep web/spooky red room stuff, the color palatte and everything that went with it was directed towards a more soothing vibe, so that the game can ease you in and then sweep the rug under you. Obviously we spent a lot of time on the graphics, so much so that we couldn't deliver our own intended vision, we are already at work on a /complete/ version of the game. If you are interested then you can always stick around ^^.


Very cool game.

A few bugs and missed features (god, i will love the console just scroll down the text...) but understandable due to the lack of time.

Didn't finish it (no offense but i didn't found the story intersting enough to keep reading journal entries and chatlogs), but i made some progress and figure out some passwords.

Good job guys :)


I've already implemented the scrolling down thingy.

It's alright, we believe that the story wasn't too interesting either, so we're starting anew with this game coming out as a full game after a month or so.

So, keep an eye out on @RektAlter or @Expiredbiscuits


I really liked the atmosphere, very retro and cool.

Check out our game, it's a bit simpler but still fun:


thanks for the rate man! be sure to stick around for future updates!
rated your game btw, interesting concept.


What a fun game!! Excited to see how it goes when its fully released!


thanks for the feedback man, rated your game too! make sure you follow me(@expiredbiscuits) and @Rektalter for future announcement and developement progress and stuff.


The game is pretty good!


Thanks man! if you really liked it, make sure you bookmark us because we are extensively working a full version of the game that we will release once the jam is over.


NOt my favorite kind of game but I like ur game


Well, thanks.


A brilliant idea and an outstanding design! loved each and every part of the game and i was fully involved! loved it! Great job! Keep it up!


It's not complete yet. I'm sure you'll find the plot more compelling once we fully launch the game.

Follow us over on @Expiredbiscuits or @RektAlter if you wanna play it in the future (we might consider a Steam release in the future).


Interesting game! I really like the style. Sometimes, the game was a bit confusing but it didn't take long to figure out what I had to do


Thanks for checking us out! the confusing part is something we are currently working on, since we couldn't put together a lot of things that we planned to, due to the deadline. A full game will be released once the gamejam is over. If you are interested, you can follow the project or just follow me @Expiredbiscuits and @rektalter on twitter ^^


Did you complete the game?  We'll be adding a lot of new mechanics, and releasing it as a completely featured game with more hacking stuff, hopefully within a month.

If so, check us out on @RektAlter or @Expiredbiscuits and we'll be posting updates pretty soon.


Cool game! The graphics style is real unique and looks like a old computer or a command prompt. The idea and feeling is really smooth and fun but It would be cool if there was text telling you what to do.


you check the sticky pad to guide you through the basics and use the help command to list out all the available commands. We were planning better ways to funnel players through but we couldn't implement them due to deadline and all. That said we are already working on the full version of the game, we will drop it once the jam is over. If you are interested then you can follow us @Expiredbiscuits @Rektalter on twitter for further announcements.


Loved the game! You sure this was made in a week :p. I was a bit confused on how to close the notebook but it's still fantastic.


Yeah, the sticky was a bit confusing to close I guess.

I'd add more info later on.


Really polished. :O

Amazing game!


Well thank you :'D

Hope you'll stay for future updates @RektAlter or @Expiredbiscuits


Really good game! not sure if i went wrong but i got sent back to the home menu when deleting a file and i'm not sure what else to do. Liked the style and overall execution - well done!


There's not anything else to do right now. You completed it.

Thank you for playing through! <3

We'll be making a whole LOT of changes soon, and it's gonna be a full game.


Alright well this game is fucking sick, glad i played it


Thank you so much!

Keep an eye out for updates, follow @RektAlter or @Expiredbiscuits on twitter for that.

It looks like and awesome game but I couldn't figure out how to connect to the police address. It seems the IP is so I typed port connect [] [shootandkill] but the terminal kept on saying given address not found.

If you cold help me with that I'll be more then happy to try it out some more, maybr I'm to dumb fot this kind of games.

The graphics are really cool and well made for a retro style game.

The sound fx are cool too.

I don't want to rate it yet because I want to see more before judging it properly.

Submitted (1 edit)

I had that issue - remove the [] around the ip and pass


Remove the third brackets, the third brackets [] is used for formatting and showing what should be written.

The proper command would be "port connect shootandkill"

I don't know, it's probably not my cup of tea, I connected to the server removing the brackets and I tried to figure out password for the different users, I tried the birth date of the chief in all the different possibilities and it didn't work.

The game is really well made and I like the concept but it is too hard for me.


Not all PCs have a password necessarily so connect to them directly without a password.

I understand if it's not your cup of tea. We're going to  add proper instructions soon, so maybe tell others to check it out then.


Nice game!

Check out and rate mine:


already rated buddy, good game overall. I will make sure my other teammates check out your game too!


Oh sorry i didnt noticed you had rated

And thank you so much that would be great if you tell them to rate my game thank you!!

played and rated yours!

don't forget to check my game please

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