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Hey, GameDevOverdose here, No that is not intentional. I don't think there is a fix to the bug, but fortunately enough you can exit the game and restart it, there would be a button in the Main Menu that says "Continue" which will put you back to the "Act" where you were.

Hello Everyone!

I am GameDevOverdose, I am the Writer, Director, Designer, 2D Artist and Programmer of this project (you can check out my previous stuff at and I am working along with a friend of mine who is doing all the Sound Design/Music Composition etc. and we are looking for a 3D Artist to collaborate with on our new project. The game’s name is Forever and Ever and it is based on an A.I and the concept of nested simulations, I can’t go into too much detail here but the game is going to be featuring several different Art-Styles, Gameplay mechanics, Dimensions etc. as for the progress that has been made on the project till now, the game’s script is fully completed, many gameplay sections are programmed and some 3D work has already been done. Here are some basic requirements for the game:

  1. Proficiency in Unity Game Engine
  2. Proficiency in 3D Modelling, Texturing, Rigging, Animation
  3. Passion for the project 😄

The post is not paid, but if the game ends up being paid the revenues will be shared. I am sorry if I come across as vague for the details of the game itself but if you’re interested in collaborating with us or knowing more just contact me at my discord: GameDevOverdose#7614 (You might need to send a Friend Request first) or at my mail:


Thanks a lot for the review! and as for the game itself, it was made for a Game Jam/Festival and I don't really have any intent right now to take the concept further, but who knows.

We're planning to put out an update that fixes some of the issues our players have been facing, so we'll keep the Linux build in mind too.

Hello Everyone!

I just launched my first 3D game, The game is a Psychological-Horror based on Stanley Kubrick's The Shining.

Here's the game's Trailer:-

Here's The Link To The Game:-

Hello, here's the steps to downloading the game:-

1. First of all you need to extract the zip file and after you're done with that this is the folder you'll see.

2. After That just open this folder and run the .exe file named "237.exe"

If you're still not able to find the .exe file, I would suggest re-downloading  the game, that will definitely solve the issue.

I hope this was helpful, if you encounter any other issue let me know.


I don’t know what could cause that issue, but you can try the downloadable version, it is much more stable.

Thanks a lot for the feedback :D, I was actually planning to expand on this idea further.

Hey I've rated your game and i just absolutely loved the game's visual design, feel and aesthetic.

here's my game-

Hey, I played your game and I didn't understand it that much but in terms of graphics, aesthetics, sound design and overall feel, you just absolutely nailed it. the boot of the computer and how the animations were made to mimic the rendering processes of old computer is just on point, Everything from the cover art of the game to the design of the OS looks visually appealing and beautiful.

Thanks a lot!

Here's my game:-

I really liked the concept  of the game and the direction its heading for, This game really has a lot of potential. I particularly liked the graphics and music. Keep it up.

here’s my game:-

this is my game:-

this is my game:-

Here’s my game:-

Hello guys! This was my first game jam as well and I had a lot of fun making my game. It’s basically a narrative platformer.

This is my game:-

Here’s my game:-

Hey man I would really appreciate if you could play my game:-

Hey man, this is my first game jam:-

My Game:-

guys this is my game:-

Guys this is my game:-

Hmm, the only fix to that one is to download the game.

Thanks a lot for the feedback man, And no the wall climbing was not intentional, I just forget to make the friction on my player zero XD.

Thanks for the feedback! I’ll definitely take my time to drop some feedback and rate your game.

Thanks a lot for the feedback! I really appreciate it. I will definitely drop some feedback for your game too. Btw the bloom effect was made by using unity’s post processing profile on the main camera and turning up the bloom option.

Thanks a lot man :D

Thanks a lot for playing and rating my game man I really really appreciate it. :D

Hey man I am watching the stream I am just not able to reply in the chat room XD.

here’s my game:-

Here’s my game:-

Here’s my game:-

This was my first game jam and I had a lot of fun creating my game.