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Played and rated both of yalls if ya wanna rate mine!!!

You wouldnt happen to have a link to the cryptid game jam would ya?

Gearing up for ludum dare! Hopefully the theme is fun!

GOnna play yours if you wouldn't mind playing mine!

I went ahead and played yours if ya could play mine!! If either of yall wanna play!

I know its a bit late but if you havent id love for you to check out mine

Ive got one if ya haven't ! happy to rate as welL!!

Ill play that right now!!

Rated a day a go looks like!

Looks like I played yours yesterdy!!

Yep! it said i had rated 21 hrs ago!

Rated! What a fun game!!

Rated! Hopefully you get the 5 more!

Like Eaz I am happy to help as well!!! (if ya wanna throw some my way too)




If ya don't mind and anyone in this thread as well rating mine!

Id love to swap ratings!

Rating here shortly!

Playing now!!!


Played and rated yesterday looks like!!

Playing now, hopefully you check out my game as well!



Played it this morning! Fingers crossed you get the other two! Hopefully you enjoyed playing my game as well!

Looks like I rated yesterday! Lets keep signal boosting though!

I went ahead and played yours too to help ya get 20 ratings!  What a neat one!
If ya wanna play my game that would be awesome!

Rated yesterday looks like!!! Hopefully others in this thread help you out!

I rated yours as well! If ya wanna rate mine that would be awesome

I went ahead and played yours to hpefully get you over the 20 hump! If ya don't mind and wanna play mine

I played yours as well! Hopefully it helps get you over the 20 hump! if ya wanna try mine!!

Nah I get it! I should have uploaded all types of builds(Also in the  weird nerd sector with a mac for work) I played yours and it was a lot of fun!

Awesome! Playing now!!

What awesome aesthetics!!!! Thanks for sharing

Awesome! Happy to rate yours :) 

Played and rated! What a fun game mind rating mine?

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Hey yall, I'd love to get some more feedback as I would like to potentially turn this into a full fleged game at some point

I also have the remainder of the time free to rate your games so addem and I'll play em!

EDIT: IF you see others in this thread you haven't rated, go ahead and rate them! We are better together!