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Hi so i played the game and now im gonna comment about it. Lets start off by saying this game has some good graphics and i really like the concept. Really impressed with the fact that you made this in a week, kudos! Personally i don't think that the graphics fit the deep web kinda vibe but they're still cool. This game has no noticeable flaws that stand out, the attention to detail is also impressive. All and all i really like the game, very well done. Tho i didn't get far enough to complete the game. That's all i got, cya!


Thanks for feedback man. As for the visual look, well my intention was not to go the cliched 90s hacker/deep web/spooky red room stuff, the color palatte and everything that went with it was directed towards a more soothing vibe, so that the game can ease you in and then sweep the rug under you. Obviously we spent a lot of time on the graphics, so much so that we couldn't deliver our own intended vision, we are already at work on a /complete/ version of the game. If you are interested then you can always stick around ^^.