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This is genuinely a cool game. The amount of customization available is really impressive. It looks good, sounds good and feels good. The amount of freedom given to the player and that combined with everything else makes this game something I've never seen or played before. Well done.

I'm not well versed in music at all, making a track of my own would be worse than the silence presented in front of the player. So since I couldn't find a song of my liking, I decided to focus on the gameplay instead. I appreciate your time.

Thank you for playing and taking the time to give feedback. I don't think that the title of the game is necessary in the start menu, since I think that the name is irrelevant, plus you already know what the game is called, since you downloaded it. I didn't think that adding a fading text saying "click the left mouse button to shoot" was necessary as that is pretty much the only mechanic of the game, but as the game progresses and becomes more complex I do see the need of such things. I agree with everything else, it needs more work. I appreciate your time.

Hello, cool game you've got going here, it has interesting mechanics, but I think that it can get quite repetitive after a while, since all you have to do is try out different recipes and eventually, of course, you'll find the cure. I didn't get far enough to buy that last page in the recipe book, but am I correct to assume that the cure is stated there? If so this makes the game even more dull, since all the player has to do is earn enough money and then buy it. This could have been done better in many ways, like slowly introducing new recipes. Besides that this is an interesting  and a very different game, well done.

Thank you for playing and thank you for your recommendations. I appreciate your time.

"A bunch of hoes." And that is how the magnificent story ended after punching hoe and abruptly killing her. (Yes that's the name I gave to the female, don't judge)

All of that aside, I'm fairly impressed with the story you've got going here. I truly didn't expect anything as complicated as a storyline and it's interactive no less, with different endings, so I clap my hands to you. All the mechanics this game has, it's mind-boggling. Is there a specific game engine for interactive fiction, or did you do all that in one day. Anyway, the story is genuinely entertaining and the look of it all is superb. The customizability is another impressive feature.  All and all I don't have any complaints, truly well done.

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Hello, I'll play your game. If you're interested here is mine:

Hello, the game is cool.. for the first 5 minutes. I know that this was a 3 day long jam, but I'm just giving you ideas, in case you decide to keep developing. The game doesn't have anything that would interest the player after, like I said, the first 5 minutes. As it is right now you just quickly hit 2, than the left mouse button, than hit 1 and than hit the left mouse button again, that's all it is. I didn't even need to use the syringe or the medical face mask. I can't really tell who to use the syringe on, so naturally I won't. I don't even have to use the medical face mask because, as long as I'm quick not many people will die and the increasing maximum death count helps with this, so I recommend just decreasing the amount of time it takes for new people to arrive and increase the mess spawn rate, but while that would make the game more challenging, it wouldn't help the main problem. I recommend giving the player some visual feedback so he knows that someone has been infected. In the case of the face mask declare a virus epidemic, so that the player will be forced to strategize. And a virus pandemic won't be "cleaned up" by the player, so a time limit will do. Like I said, I'm just giving you simple ideas, imagination is a tool, so use it. Also, give the player some audio feedback when he uses the broom and the spray bottle. I know I'm nitpicking, but doesn't it make sense to use the cleaning solution first and then the broom, but anyway, maybe change the sprite of the mess once one of the tools have been used. Of course, every game gets boring after a while, but the experience has to be great and it has to last as long as possible, so I recommend slowly introducing new things and mechanics to the player, so it won't be boring. All and all this is a pretty cool game, well done.

Thank you for playing. I appreciate your time.

Hello, I'll play your game. If you're interested here is mine:

PS: You don't need two links, one will do.

Hello, let's talk about your game. So.. the game is unplayable. I don't know what sort of mouse sensitivity you're used to, but you have to make micro adjustments to actually aim and what is up with this speed, it's too fast to actually take in what's happening. The gravity also seems to be none existent, once I jump it takes me around 4-5 seconds to land. The options button in the start menu doesn't seem to work, so I can't even adjust anything. There also doesn't seem to be a pause screen in game, so I can, you know, get to the start menu without closing the whole game. The start menu transitions are cool, but I feel like you put a lot more effort into that than the actual game. There also doesn't seem to be a way to gain ammo, but I can't really say because of the whole unplayable thing. Also, what sort of enemies just straight up one hit you? Did you do any testing? Sorry for being harsh, I can't give you any advice because, like I said, I literally can't play the game. Once that is fixed hit me up and I'll give it another go. Have a chill day.

I'll play your game. If you're interested here is mine:

PS: Next time include a link to your game.

Thanks for playing. Thank you for your recommendations, I'll take them into account. I appreciate your time.

Cool game.

That was my theory actually. Have a chill day lol.

Hello, I find this game to be quite creative. I haven't really come across anything like this before and more importantly it's done the right way. It's not hard to guess what the game is trying to tell you, but sometimes, this always happens during combat, input isn't being registered. Now, I don't know if I have to follow some sort of order when it comes to pressing the right button, but I find it to be a bit annoying. Otherwise this is a really cool game. Well done.

Hello, you've got a cool game going here, it's fun to play. Don't really have any complaints, except that the screen quickly fills up with popped beanies and there doesn't seem to be a good way to get read of them, which limits movement and inevitably results in a loss. Besides that this is a fun game, well done.

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Hello, let's talk about the game. While I admit it is an unusual concept, the puzzle s are simple and most of the forms go to waste. I'm not going to be harsh in my judgement since it was a 3 day long jam, but I do think most of the forms could have been used to create more elaborate puzzles. Anyway let's move onto something else, I got a little stuck on the walls, or the blocks I should say, but it's nothing of major importance , also I got stuck in the narrow passages sometimes. I also dislike how forms are reacquirable, but this too is quite trivial. All and all I do appreciate the work put into this, well done.

You're welcome, have a chill day.

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Hello, I love the game. It's fun but not only that, it's thought provoking. I appreciate how the game teaches you the basic mechanics and then tests you. I noticed that once under a platform, the game stops you form picking up any amount of coin that would get you stuck, I'm quite interested in how you pulled it off, I have a theory but I'd appreciate you sharing that information. Anyway, like I was saying, this is one of those games I wouldn't mind playing in my free time, so well done, I don't have any complaints, it's a full-fledged puzzle platformer. Kudos.

Yes, it is a major flaw. Thank you for playing, I appreciate your time.

Hello, why bananas? Why must we explode such magnificent berries? And with a machine gun no less. Ignoring the slaughter of bananas, this game is pretty good, it's surprisingly entertaining. The machine gun burst is well tuned, it allows it to be used for the right amount of time. Though the game may be simple, it managed to entertain it's player, well done.

Hello, you've got a really cool game going here. I love the grappling, even in mid-air it's very fun to play around with, tho the stationary hand without a material looks kinda weird, but it doesn't really pop out, so it's quite minor. Besides that I'm pretty impressed with this open world vibe you guys have going on, but I do think that the amount of time gained after delivering toilet paper is short. All and all I enjoyed the experience, well done.

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Thank you a lot for playing! Your kind words and time are very much appreciated.

PS: Yes, I'm planning on adding upgrades to the game in the future.

Hello, you've got a well made platformer here. I appreciate how challenging the game is and I like the ability to chose the power-ups, this makes the player think and strategize. Everything looks very nice and polished, I also appreciate how the cube changes every time the player dies. All and all there was a lot of effort put behind this and it turned out well, good job.

Hello, you've got a good game going here. I enjoyed the trivia and random facts, the trivia is just the right difficulty, you can sometimes use logic instead of factual knowledge, which I appreciate. The game has a lot of features, but why don't the cooks the player hires make any money? Just a minor question, besides that I enjoyed the experience, well done.

Thank you a lot, your time is much appreciated.

Thank you for playing. Yes, this game needs more work, appreciate your time.

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Damn these birbs are fast tho. I like the game, it's challenging and enjoyable. Well done.

Cool game.

Hello, let's talk about the game. It was worthy of a grin in the beginning but then it just got weird. All the weapons covered up 80% of the screen, but that really wasn't a big deal, since the zombies weren't really a challenge, with the 10 guns and all. Speaking of zombies, the player can't really tell when the zombie has died, since they don't really walk towards you, they "manoeuvre" towards you. I found that the days end abruptly and the same could be said about the little monologues. The models seem to be out of proportion as well, like that ginormous table in the yard, but this is just nitpicking, nothing important. However, I do appreciate the effort put into this game, well done.

Thank you for playing! Yes, the rotation damping was intentional, but it turned out to be the wrong choice, I thought it would look more natural. Thanks for your time.

I'm impressed. Very impressed.

Really nice game, this looks awesome for a 3 day long project. Weaving through the traffic is also quite satisfying, don't really have any complaints with this game, but I think that the continue button shouldn't take you back to the start menu, but this is very trivial. Well done, an enjoyable experience.

Not to brag, but I did it on my first try. Sorry, felt a bit cocky and had to get it off my chest lol.

As you wish.

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I appreciate your time, thanks for playing. Interesting idea, haven't really thought of rewarding the player based on accuracy but it makes sense, I will take that into account. Thank you.

A lovely game, or is it even a game? I don't know what the right noun to use is, but i appreciate the message. If you want me to I will rate it, but I don't think it would be fair. Have a chill day.

I will play your game, if you are interested here is mine:

There doesn't seem to be a downloadable file.