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Was the last year's Game Off this big? This jam is turning out to be one of the biggest on itch ever.

Honestly i don't know myself, but i think the source code is the project itself. And yes you do need to upload it to the github repository.

Hi, i do have a github account, but is it absolutely necessaryto use it? i.e put my source code in the repository.

Like many people have said you could either go with the literal interpretation or not. Either way this game theme is extremely well thought out it's so vague, the options you can go with are limitless. The jam page has some hints too so i'd say this jam's difficulty is it's theme. I wouldn't recommend overthinking though. It might interest you to know that  bound means a to walk or run with leaping strides. Hope this helped! :)

Sorry to say, but this isn't gonna be easy. Virtually every time you wanna make a game you'll have to code. I know that's kinda unfair but thats how indie game dev goes.

Lol thats a cool coincidence. And i guess the mute  button fix will work, if there's no other way, but audio is necessary to give the game the vibez. But hey, it's a good game. Well done anyways! :)

Nice to hear that i can make even a little change. Don't worry tho, its natural. For me the first game jam was the Community Game Jam, you may have heard of it. The game i submitted was my first game and the jam had like a thousand participants. You can check it out, it's pretty bad tho lol. Hope you keep doing what you like and i think your approach is valid and tbh that's what game jams are for. To challenge yourself and test out new ideas, game engines and workflows. After all its just a game jam, no one is gonna kill you if you don't submit a game or if its not good. People i've met online in my few months were very friendly and i hope you get to see how limitless the world of game development is. Its impossible not to be overwhelmed, but you'll see that it's all about being you, making games you wanna make and challenging your talents or skill. Have a good one. Cya! :)

It was a joke, but in all seriousness the game is really good for a week long project. Really well done!

Thanks for playing. The game is pretty hard in the beginning but once you get the pistol, which is cheap on purpose it gets a lot more fun and then its a matter of time before you unlock the other 2 weapons. I tried to make as fun as possible. Glad you enjoyed! :)

Thanks for telling me that and yah, i guess i didn't play enough to get to the mop and the vacuum. But hey, it's a good game. :)

Thanks for telling me that, i'm a beginner myself, but i'd say your outlook is narrow. I agree that UI and sound isn't as important as learning how to code or getting used to a new workflow or a game engine, so if you looked at this jam like an experiment to see what you could do than yah you're right and i'm wrong but if you wanna make fully functional games those things are necessary. And try not to restrict yourself by thinking that your just a beginner and you cant do this or that, but don't be too ambitious, i know what i'm saying is kinda contradictory but i know you get it. And 3D games are wayyyyy too hard to make if you're an indie game dev, 3D modeling, texturing, animations, sound, environment, coding and  game design. All of those things are hard enough on their  own and while i think that 2D games are easier to make they're perfect for beginners and not only beginners.  And they are definitely not boring or underwhelming. And hey, i'm not forcing you to make 2D games, in fact i'm gonna encourage you to keep making 3D games and at the end of the day game development is just about having fun and learning. So what i'm trying to tell you is that game development is such a vast and open space it's easy to be overwhelmed. So keep doing what you wanna do. I know how you feel cuz that's how i thought in the beginning. I don't wanna come of as condescendingjust helping a fellow noob lol. Cya and hope you have fun with your new game dev journey!

Hi, so i played the game and now im gonna comment about it. Lets start off by saying that i didn't like the way i was just threw into the game without any knowledge or a start menu of sorts there to tell me anything. UI is a very important part of a game and it needs to be good. There's no sound or sound effects, which is also important in a game. Like i said, the point of the game isn't clear even after reading the description. Though i really love the rotation of the world, if its not a secret can you tell me how you did that? But that's pretty much the only thing going for the game, the graphics are just a bunch of cubes and a sphere with the player being a cylinder, i'd say you were a bit too ambitious. But hey, good job. It was a nice try. Hope you take all of this into consideration, kudos!

Hi, so i played the game and now im gonna comment about it. Now i'd say that this is the wrong interpretation of a habitat system. Most of the time it's either a game, where you make different animal species evolve or a sort of test to see what would happen. And that is no easy task. It requires the knowledge of machine learning and you have to know how AI works, what are neural networks and so on. Now, i don't know much about AI myself, only a bit, i understand the fundamentals. The game as it is, is a pointless piece of software. No matter what, the one result one can achieve is the death of the habitat, so the point of the game is to see how long the habit will last and that in my opinion is not fun, if there's no "what will happen" involved. Enough about the AI and whatever. Lets talk about what else to improve. There are some sound effects in the game which help it a lot but some sort of a track would've been nice. And the graphics aren't to die for. Now, i understand that time is a thing and maybe i'm asking too much, but i think a week is sufficientto make a decent game. But hey, nice try. Hope you take all i've said into consideration. Kudos!

Hi, so i played the game and now im gonna comment about it. The games is really fun. Despite it getting pretty repetitive pretty soon its a good experience. The sprites are cool and the game is polished, the music was a good touch and the sound effects were also really cool. It was satisfying to kill those people, but why do they have such short range, its like pokemon lol. They also don't do that much damage and are easy to kill. The movement is very slidey which i didn't like, but i guess that was an artistic choice. One thing i really like about the game is the cleaning mechanic. I like how not only can you erase the mess seamlessly it also changes form and shape. If its not a secret how did you do that? Im rather curious and about the cleaning it'd better if it cleanup radius was just a bit bigger. All and all this is a good entry, kudos!

This is a really fun game. I'd go as far as to say that this is the best jam enry. There are no noticeable flaws with the game, i'm impressed you guys made this in a week. That's an A from me. Kudos!

I see you got the inspiration from Passpartout. But the game is glitchy. The audio glitches whenever i select a new color, and it ruins the experience. The music is a good touch tho. The UI looks clean and the sprite work is cool. This game isn't bad but needs work. All and all a solid entry. Kudos!

Hi, so i played the game and now im gonna comment about it. First of all, why did the dead mother appear when i water the plant? She was like "bitch why?!".. ok nvm lol. But seriously the game is pretty cool, really impressed how much you did in one week. The animations are smooth and polished and the sound effects make the game play so much better. Kudos, this is a very good entry!

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I'm a bit disturbed lmao. This the type of shit you watch and die a week later loool. But anyway, there's not much to say about the game, cuz it's just a joke, or is IT?!.. no?.. ok.. But in all seriousness scoring this as a game wouldn't be fair cuz it's more like a cursed video, but the experience was surreal and calming in a weird way. So good job?..

Hi, so i played the game and now im gonna comment about it. Lets start off by saying i'm impressed you managed to do this in a week. The car mechanic is so polished and smooth and the camera movement is just so well made. Tho the game doesn't have any sound, i'd say it plays better this way lol. No, but seriously good job. I don't know what the game is about, no tutorial, no nothing, i'm just thrown into the game, though the intro was cool. I guess you gotta collect the debris?  Due to it being unfinished, it loses some quality. I understand that time is a thing , but i really couldn't find any flaws with the game itself. Kudos!

Hi, so i played the game. Lets start off by saying, the lack of sound makes the game a dull, but i'd say that the cool game design covers all the games flaws and so, even without sound this is a cool game. But i do think that the levels are repetitive. Also an in-game tutorial would be nice. But i'm surprised how much you managed to do in a week. Kudos, this is a solid entry!

Hi, so i played the game and now im gonna comment about it. Now, puzzle games aren't my thing but i'm gonna be objective. The game starts off like a boner.. i mean it's wayy to hard in the beginning, but that may be me not being good at puzzles. The game is bare bones, the UI doesn't look good and the game plays a bit weird. The music fits it tho, it was a nice touch. The time given is also not enough to do squat so that needs fixing. I also noticed that the actual playable part of the game is like 35% of the screen and the rest of it is nothing. Hope you take everything i've said into account.

Hi, so i played the game and now im gonna comment about it. Well, lets start off by saying the game is underwhelming. The UI doesn't look nice, but once i got to the actual game it was kinda fun. Tho, the game needs more variety and i don't like how you just get infinity ammo and the movement is just too fast. The game not having any sort of sound is why its so underwhelming and boring. But i can understand that time is a thing. So the game is just bare bones but with work it'll be good. The sprites are actually pretty good. So kudos! Hope you take all this into account for the next game! :)

Hi, so i played the game and now im gonna comment about it. I realy don't like puzzle games but this game, despite being a puzzle game didn't have that kinda feel to it, it was chill. The game is very polished and the music with the sound effects, not to mention the amazing sprite work just gives the game an oomph. Thought i do feel like the game is just a bit too simple and maybe easy. I like how it gets harder but not to the level where its a challenge. All and all, well done. Kudos!

Hi, so i played the game and now im gonna comment about it. Lets start of by saying that the premise is op, it would make for one hell of a good game, but like Dr.Stone, poor execution ruined it for me. First of all, even with the instructions in the description the game was unclear to me. Building and era games like this a made and should be complicated and/or complex, but i think an actual tutorial is need. But that's too much to ask in one week so i'm not gonna tick off any points cuz of that. But what i don't like about the game is, the poor execution o(f)c, there isn't any music, just that one "can't play dat boiiii" sound and i don't think there's a speed up function in the game as well. I don't know how godot works so i can't relate i'll have to judge the game on its own merit. The graphics are cool but the UI is so bad it doesn't even matter if its 4D or 3D. But good job anyways.  :) I hope you take all i've said into account for the next game. Kudos, have a nice one! *tips fedora*

Thanks for playing! Means a lot. About that, i dont think its subjective id say its quite a fair assessment, but i had a hard time making the environment because i just couldn't associateanything with the theme or the game itself. So i just went for what i could and built the game on that.  Thanks for checking the game out! :)

I know what you mean. Good job anyways man, thanks for being such a sport.

Hi, cant open the game. No path found. I don;' know how godot works but if its anything like unity, you gotta post the whole build not just the exe, main executable file.  

This isn't even a game lmao. I mean, hi, i played the game and now im gonna comment about it. Lets start off by saying this aint no game. It's just a bunch of weird circles colliding with each other, literally that's it. Unless there's some hidden mechanic i don't know off. So that should say enough but meh. The "game" doesn't have any music just the collision sound effect. The sprites or 3d objects dont look appealing at all and the isn't any UI or game mechanics. So this is a no-no from me. Look, maybe you didn't have enough time, i can understand that. Whatever the reason im not doing this to discourage you. Just giving my opinion on the game and some advice lol. Good job anyways, it takes balls to even make a game. Kudos!

Hi, so i played the game and now im gonna comment about it. Now, the first minute of the game was fun but then it just got repetitive and frankly boring. I get the feeling that the game is just throwing 10 slimes per frame at me just to kill me and to get it over with and not to challenge me. Put simply, the game has no variety. And the fact that a single shot from the weapon is enough to kill a slime is proof enough, you can just run and gun and that's the whole gameplay. The UI and the sprites need work too. Not to mention there's no sound, no music, no sound effects, no nothing. I get the feeling this wasn't done in one week, cuz of time, which i can understand. I don't mean to discourage you or anything, i'm just pointing out stuff so u know what to improve. I'm new myself and critic from others has helped me a lot, but i'm sure you know that! :) Good job anyways. It takes balls to even try and make a game, not to mention participate in a game jam. Kudos!

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Hi, so i played the game and now im gonna comment about it. Lets start off by saying this game is really chill. Got me into it as soon as i started playing. It's so simple yet so relaxing. I also respect how polished the game is and how well it plays, not to mention all the hard work you put into this. The music gives this game the oomph, but there's this one complaint i got. Whenever i'm moving  around, panning, i accidently select the blocks i don't want to, so camera pan needs work, besides that this is a good, polished game. Kudos!

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Hi, so i tried to play the game and windows wouldn't let me. Said something about not having the right permissions. So i'd recommend replacing that exe file with the built version of the game. Idk if u used unity or not but i thing every game engine has something like "export game" or, like unity, build game. Cheers! 

Edit: Bitdefender also detected that exe file. May be a false positive but no one is gonna risk they're pc, so chances are most wouldn't even open it.

Hey man i know it kinda late but congrats on completing yet another game jam. Good luck! :)

My game:

My game:

My game:

Hi, so i played the game and now im gonna comment about it. Lets start off by saying that the voice acting is good and the graphics are also very cool. The music also compliments each level perfectly. I got past the first puzzle level but i got stuck at the second one. Besides that i think this is a good game. Kudos, cya!

Thanks for playing! Means a lot!

Hi, so i played the game and now im gonna comment about it. Lets start off by saying that i could barely understand what you were saying in the intro, but i'm not gonna complain too much about that. Speaking of the intro, you should've added a skip mechanic, but the story is pretty cool and funny. Besides that the game itself is very fun and it has this rush to it. The music is very fitting and gives that rush kinda feeling i was talking about. The graphics are also pretty cool. Tho i dont think it fits the jam theme, i didn't play all the way so please tell me if i'm wrong and ill rerate it. All and all this is a good game. And may i ask what game engine you used if any?


Hi so i played the game and now im gonna comment about it. Lets start off by saying this game has some good graphics and i really like the concept. Really impressed with the fact that you made this in a week, kudos! Personally i don't think that the graphics fit the deep web kinda vibe but they're still cool. This game has no noticeable flaws that stand out, the attention to detail is also impressive. All and all i really like the game, very well done. Tho i didn't get far enough to complete the game. That's all i got, cya!