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A memory game about birbs
Submitted by memel06, Ponyo21 — 1 day, 4 hours before the deadline
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Game Design#513.4293.429

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Fun game, great humor, 10/14, would become a renowned ornithologist who will be remembered for ever again.

I liked that you had 14 whole birds and the ambient music, but some of those birds just move around too quickly. It wasn't impossibly difficult though so I think you could improve it greatly if you could just slow down the birds a bit.

Nice job for an early submission!


The intro was hilarious. Haha. Pretty cool memory game! :P The objective and controls were made very clear.  I also enjoyed the backstory intro and ending text. I did enjoy the variety of birbs too, felt like catching Pokemon but ornithologist style.  The music was nice and the pixel art is actually pretty well done! The controls were pretty smooth but snapping some of those birbs was pretty tough since they moved so fast! Overall solid game! :)


The game is really cool, and the design of the birds are cute and well made, in general the gameplay is nice for a jam, Also it could be  a really cool addition to the game having a Photo Album thing when you finish with all the photos you taked.


Wooh I will be remembered forever ! Good game the concept is nice :)


Really good game! I made 12/14 for the first try, had to replay to take photo of them all :D

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

Damn these birbs are fast tho. I like the game, it's challenging and enjoyable. Well done.

Deleted post

Nice! I myself am not a big fan of pixel art and still, the setting of the game was very cool and relaxing. The core idea on its own is somewhat exotic and adventurous. I really like that. What I missed a little bit while playing was being able to move diagonally (but I can understand if this is a design choice) and maybe a short cooldown to the camera so that it feels a little bit more realistic and it's harder to double click and make a double.

Congrats for the effort!


5 star on audio only for the intro 


Really fun! the overall setting and gameplay were interesting!


Perfect amount of birbs and film to make the game challenging without being too hard!  The island is gorgeous and fun to walk around.  The only minor quibble I can think of is it'd be nice if, at the end of the game, you got to see all the pictures you took of the birbs, so that you can figure out which ones you took, reason out which ones you didn't take, and see which ones took away your extra film.  But in any case, this a very fun and complete jam game -- great work!

Jam HostSubmitted(+2)

Definitely my kind of game: nonsense chirping, crazy roaming, funny mood.
5 stars for audio to support the artist.


10/10 for just screaming birb.


This is a great memory game and is deceptively hard

Jam HostSubmitted(+1)

Actually, this is not my type of game, my memory is like a goldfish 😅
Anyway I like the graphic, and walking over the water.
The play button has destroyed my headphone 😅


Very enjoyable to play! Trying to catch the fast lil birds while remembering which ones you've already photographed is challenging indeed. To beat it I had to yell out loud their colors as I took their pictures to help me remember haha. My only real critique is that it doesn't really have replay value and as such is relatively short. But feels whole. Good job!

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks for your words!
Yea I know, it's not very replayable, I managed to create something very simple and small to submit a day before the jam ending, in order to better manage submission moderation and the overall jam org :)
Organizing and moderating a jam is very hard :O


Pretty cool! I expected a Little bit more of "help" from the game, remembering all these birdos it's not easy


The intro was so funny. The gameplay can be a bit frustrating when the birds are moving fast but the idea is nice. It’s a good memory game with an original setting. Great job!


Great game overall. Not exactly my type but very good!