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I just released a browser version for Whack A Fly.  Try the BBQ Storm game it's free exclusively for the browser version.

Whack a Fly Features:
• Endless fly crushing mayhem
• Challenging Gameplay
• Excellent focus trainer
• Scaling Difficulty

I picked the goose and faced the owl - I never had a chance.  This is great

Takes a little time to get used to the mechanics, but there is a good foundation here

You have a decent foundation here to make a physics based puzzle game.  You just need a goal and scoring system

This was incredible feels like it will be the next Cuphead

Lots of potential here

Controlling two at the same time is very challenging and fun

Like the way it almost plays like a story book - once the camera is fixed this will be a great game

Whoa level 3 really steps up the difficulty 

Lots of fun maybe wish it got harder quicker

Solid side-scrolling action like the rewind feature!

I somehow got killed looking at the rules lol.  Great graphics

Stuck on day 3 are you supposed to go to the top of the mountain at the end or is that a dead end?

Very professional looking.  

Really fun wish the bubbles would wait maybe one or two more seconds before disappearing

Very challenging and fun will be back

Thought the game could have moved faster until i got to level 5 - good design 

Love these types of games the flying eyeball is a nice touch

Like the owl balancing game

I don't think the d4 likes me very much

really enjoying this how do you plant the seeds and how do you borrow from bank?

Simple and fun - very enjoyable

Whoa that escalates quickly - really like how you have to dodge the wrecks after you shoot them

Fun game just would like it to get a bit more difficult/faster maybe around the 5000 score mark

Once I got a grip on the controls I really enjoyed playing this game

Definitely trial by error.  Favorite moment was accidentally jumping off a platform i couldn't see onto spikes that turned out to be exit lol

Great art style and the random monkey characters are cool

Great job for your first game.  The browser version was very stable for me and I like the power up shots you can collect.   

Lol a lot harder than I thought

Great visuals

Great twist on a classic game - saved to a collection to play later

Really like the background art you used for the game

Solid game play on the browser - too bad about the shots being invisible (kind of added an unexpected challenge and feature though)

The play button on the main screen seems reluctant to work, but once you get past that,  the game play is great.  Really like the tutorial images you have to help show what to do.   

I like the ongoing 'thought' dialogue at the bottom particularly when I keep going in circles

Relaxing and challenging - I always die when I go off screen and respawn in the center

The youtube video really helped give useful tips

Favorite weapon is definitely the wand!

Like the game - how much cash do you need to get the next animal?

Got to level 5 ! Jumping a little awkward on that level - Great Game