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Like the camera shake effect and the explosions -great fun

Got up to 45 - fun game I wish the ball would move a bit faster

I like the running dialogue you have throughout the game.  I agree that the game is quite hard, but I do like that you don't have to start from the beginning every time.

Love the nostalgic game play and the escalating difficulty

Game brought a smile to my face - love the artwork

Really enjoying this game wish there was a scoring system

Still, really fun concept

I really like the design of the house and I am glad that if I get stuck in the walls that the space bar rescues me

Gets really hard around 30 wish the planets were just a little bit more spaced out.  Love the camera shake 

Wish there was another way to fire, but really like your level design

This is a great memory game and is deceptively hard

Great game for 3 hours would be great if the turns switched faster and i could pick from more types of attack

Could you make the guns clip bigger in the next update cause I keep running out of ammo

I made it out of the house is that what i was supposed to do?

Enjoyed this - what are you supposed to do when you fall and the scene is your character facing the large road upwards?

This is a lot of fun.  Big fan of the memory needed to remember the maze when i can't see it

Harder than I thought - really like the game mechanic

Great level design - it took a while for me to figure out level 3

Still can't find the exit, but having fun trying 

Really like level five would be great if you had a back button to navigate between the levels

Fun game concept I wish that i could use the mouse to point and click for the fine direction targeting and deploying the trap

Most fun I have had with mini-golf in a while

Really liked the game mechanics and It would be great if you introduced some missions or tasks in the next update.

Enjoyed this game when you update this after voting could you make the asteroids bounce more when they get boxed?

The description is THE KEY to enjoying this game. I haven't managed to unlock the church, mansion, or market yet,  but will keep trying.   The game is quite addictive actually.