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still a valid entry, but you are not required to pay anything.  You can rate it on its visuals or just skip that entry  

Really like the card system for upgrading skills.  Can't wait to see more quests.  

Two  glitches I found:

 -I was doing a 2 minute survive quest, but it switched in-game to killing a specific enemy that i couldn't find.  

-One iteration of the game started with four cards already on the map that i hadn't earned.

Great idea hope you keep developing this concept!

Kept running out of shrinks, but very pleased that i got past the first part.  Fun level design  

The Legion Discord is also useful for promoting your game

yes, absolutely

you're fine this event is to help improve/find bugs

as often as you want since you are trying to use the feedback to make a better game - just drop a comment on your submission feed to let people know what you have improved 

Really Fun I am up to this level and will have to play some more later not sure if i am going to beat all 27 but i will try 

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got to turn 2 before it just locked the browser.  

You could try not launching the game when the page is first opened and see if that helps

Played on Chrome browser

think I need more practice - really liked the game because i am a fan of all things TD.  My only issue is that i kept trying to click and drag the towers to their location

they can already be finished this fest is to help get you more play testing

It is optional to give feedback on other submissions, however you will find that the more that you rate - the more others are happy to drop by and test your game based on itchios karma system 

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yes 🔥

Hi there,

all you need is an itch page with the link to the steam game.
if you have a demo you can include it in the itch page to help get more people to try your game

this would be a good example of a Steam only submission from the first feedback fest


Please ask any questions you have 🔥

excellent asset pack 

Tags are optional and there won't be a theme since you will be using whatever game you would like to pitch

TTRPGs are welcome as well 

For pitching, a working demo isn't essential.  You can simply submit your itch page with screenshots and outline your idea to start getting hype and interest in your game concept and lore.  I have seen pitch tweets do well with a just few screenshots and a well crafted narrative.

Cool I will share some of these from Indie Legion twitter during the week 

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Use hashtag #getpitchready and share your twitter links below to get practice before the submission period   🐦

Ask any questions about the event here 🔥

1. Yes

2. Nope, whatever you want to show off

3. Yes, games are rated on and rank in 

overall fun (primary category)




all game formats welcome 

you can join to participate and review other games

Feel free to ask any questions here

This is a great way to blog about your journey through the game development progress.  Just add a 'New Topic' and title it [dev log] and your project's name to start a new conversation.  

Feel free to ask any questions here

always enjoy all things pinball

good idea about the tetris monitor 

Well that escalates quick I need more coins lol 

Game didn't load for me, but the concept looks cool 

little awkward at first cause i kept running into the droid but great puzzle game

Solid space shooter just don't ignore the recommendation of full screen mode on browser 

Excellent trailer really immerses you into the plot and setting of the game 

Looks like cool gameplay would like more of the story in the trailer

Really like the idea of simultaneous multiplayer for what is usually a turn-based concept 

That was a really good trailer - excellent scene transitions

Your color palette for game is great

Really like the detail that you have put into the environment