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For anyone who encounters the crash, we are fixing the problem and  we will upload a [POST JAM FIX] version

try to download this :

and follow the instruction for install the .dll 

for the mac we are looking for building a version in these days !!

Can you give me the name of the .ddl file?

This week we will try to upload the mac version :)

Thanks <3

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Sorry for the inconvenience we know the crash problem but we can't upload a fixed version for the duration of the voting. when the results are online we will upload a fixed version. Thanks for the nice comment <3

This are the solutions 

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Sorry, we didn't design well the levels, so they are a little bit confusing for a new player who doesn't know the mechanics.
 if you want to know how to do that level here is a video with the solutions:

5 star for the music

This game has a hollow knight vibe, i liked the mood and the atmosphere but the gamplay lacks a bit.

i think to make a better gameplay the doors has to be label with the level name or be unique in style  so you have to remember the levels names or the types of door and can go further whitout have to guess too much and this would make the game a little less frustrating.  

thank you very much!!

The kid with the mustache fooled me so many times haahahah

My mexican friend and i are falling forever

I think as a tower game needs more spots to place the turrets because when you place down two turrets and upgrade them, and you had to wait until you are dead.

But overall its satisfaing and on point with the theme.

5 on audio only for the sound of the machine gun!

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As an Italian, i appreciated a lot the game over and the hate for pineapple on pizza but now I'm hungryand I want pizza ahahaha.

Nice little game btw <3

I think the game for each jam needs to be unique you can't submit a game through a ton of jams you have to do it in the time given and it has to fit the theme if you made this earlier it's kind of cheating .

 I don't usually play these types of games but enjoyed it ! great work!

Maybe to improve the readability I would add speech bubbles.
I had to play it three times to catch the suspect but I love the end.

This game has potential, it's core concept is genial!!

Fix the movements a little bit slippery add a little bit of detail to the graphics and it's perfect <3

I was having fun but this happened :(

I really love the art stile and the concept <3

it's seems i am stupid i click on the right file now hahahahaha

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i have Windows 10 and i'm using chrome i'm doing something wrong?

I feel like a party game right now isn't the best idea because not everyone has somebody to play with at home with the quarantine.

But I have my brother, so I enjoyed it !! it is a very polished game. the only thing i would add is a timer to show how much time remains. 

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Dovremmo fare un gioco simulativo di cantieri per tenerli a casa ahhaahha

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Your game is very entertaining it deserves more rates and attention!!

the only thing I would fix is the collision of the enemies with the ground because my turret shoots always on the ground.

Well this was a trip! fricking creepy and deep at the same time

i can't get further you win ahahahaha 

Thanks for playing the game and the nice feedback <3

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love your game

how many bananas do you have exploded?

World Record?

Nice little game would be perfect on mobile

Lot of fun!! i really enjoy the movements.

If you wall run the game gets easier except for nightmare mode ahahah

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Thank you very much!! "Oh Boy, Coins!" (made in only 48h) is one of my favorite submission.

 if anyone of you are reading this go check him out!!

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I like very much the game design and the idea is on point with the theme. the only things i would change is the movements.

I hope you win <3

5 star on audio only for the intro 

Thanks for the nice comment!!  I'm happy to see that you had fun <3

I love the 2D/3D Graphics me and my brother tried to make a MetroidVenia like this once.

I liked very much your game it's super fun, the movements are a little bit clunky but i understand that you had a limited amount of time. 

PS: If you are willing to make this into a MetroidVenia you have my money  


The trick was to make the character still and not moving so we could make fewer models and more curated also the graphics we have chosen is not very detailed. 
Another thing which helps us was the blueprint system of Ue4 and the material graph because we could reach good results in a short amount of time.