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Thank you very much for the kind words!

Thank you for your feedback! Currently the game is no longer on development, as I didn't even think that someone would be playing it after the jam for which it was created ended, but I'll try to find some spare time to fix this

Thank you very much!

I'm not particularly fond of shmups, so I'm a bit biased towards the base gameplay, but I did like the overall progression and the visual style. The real problem lays in the amount of visual noise that the game posses, mostly due to the very intrusive background and the small projectiles that the enemies fire. With some polish on this regard it could become a solid throwback game!

I really like both the sounds and the overall look of the game (especially the turning of the frog), the base concept is also on point with the theme and with the scope of the jam, my only complaint is that the jumps felt a bit clunky sometimes, but other than this the game is really solid

Very interesting concept, some added visual polish/juice (like a trail behind the bomb, for example) would have gone a long way, a very solid first game overall, great job!

This is by far one of my favourite entries in the jam, the presentation is top notch, I would actually like to ask if you have done anything by yourself to achieve such a visual style or if you followed some tutorials, either way excellent job!

Thank you! What do you think needs polishing?

Sorry, I meant to say "a somewhat similiar game" ahahah

One of the most polished and fun entry in the entry by far. My only complaint is that the character movements seemed to get stuck on the sides of the screen sometimes, but it may have been my browser/computer fault, especially judging from the highscores ahahah, excellent job!

Despite the fact that I stalled the game for a considerable amount of time with just 4 or 5 base turrets, the scope of the game is very ambitious, maybe a bit too much, as some of the elements lack a clear explanation. The UI is also a bit all over the place with respect to consistency and readability, but aside from this I really liked the fact that you went for a 3D tower defence, and in particular I really liked the 3D models you created.

It could have been interesting to have some more depth concerning the way things are placed around

While not being very fond of "normal" platformers, I really enjoyed that fact that the level could be mastered with time and the overall looks of the game. Some of the background elements were a bit too much stylistically different or out of context to blend in well, but the aestethic is surely very refined (I love the way this guy jumps)

We have made a somewhat game, if we invert the direction of progression and ignore the fact that you were bold enough to create a story based on such a gameplay premise. Stupid things aside, the art is very interesting and wildly varying, while also featuring a satisfying UI. I struggled to understand what most powerups did though, most of them did not appearently have an evident effect on the progression, but maybe it was just me not playing enough or not paying enough attention

I am incredbly fond of pixel art and white-black-red color palette, hence this is obviously one of my favourite entries aestethically. I also appreciate the fact that you managed to create a game very far from the obvious genres commonly connected to a theme like this. My only complaint is that the choice of reinforcements did not feel meaningful enough, but apart from this the game could be a very nice mobile game with some more content

While I didn't particularly appreciate the gameplay, as movements were a bit too clunky and the eggs were sometimes falling at unfair rates/amounts, this is by far one of best entries in terms of art quality. With some polish this could be very entertaining, good job!

Love the blend of 3D and 2D art between the starting menu and the actual game, it is evident that you really had fun while making this, also considering you had one of the most clever ideas to base a game on I have ever seen. I think that the gameplay could be refined a bit more though, maybe an indicator on where you have to fall would have been nice (possibly making things too easy though), either way great job!

I loved the arcade machine with the meme posters behind, as well as blending 2D and 3D. The pixel art was very nice too, but I was not extremely fond of the gameplay, mainly beacuse of the difficulty (or I may just be very bad). Good job!

Incredibile pixel art and animations quality, while also providing a very original take on the theme. My only complaint is that I initially found it difficult to understand what was the point of the game other than being a taxi driver. Aside from this, incredibily solid entry in the jam, one of the best for sure

Although a bit clunky, I really like the overall monochrome aestethic and the progression system, I think that with a bit more polish this could become very fun

Thanks for your feedback!

That's really strange, were you keeping the button pressed or pressing it repedetly? It should work either way though, we did not encounter this problem and also the rest of the people who commented didn't report it (maybe you're the only one who actually played the game)

Thanks for the feedback, we did not have that much time to work on it so it's still a proto-proto-prototype, hence the total lack of polishing

Very interesting, I really like the console-based approach, it makes it stand out from the rest. I did not really get into the game itself, since as soon as I figured out the general direction it was going it was already ending. Still, very personal and original, good job!

I initially struggled to understand the basic concepts of the game, but after a couple of level it all came together pretty nicely. The art style is on point and the gameplay flows quite well with the sounds and the music, also the mechanics themselves are quite simple but original, nice job!

A really creepy take on Pacman (which arguably is already quite creepy); I really liked the music and overall sound effects, also I found the theme very original and interesting. I wish there was little bit more going on gameplay-wise though and I could not stop noticing the resemblance of Greg with Shrek's Gingerbread Man ahahah. Great job!

Despite the fact that after a couple of runs the game is basically over, as you can afford any amount of big turrets, I found it strangely addictive, probably because of the fact that I could come back after "losing" but keeping what I earned in the run. Graphics and sound are bit generic but they do they job well, the turrets are quite nice though

I loved both the arcade cabinet UI and the in-game sprites, they are lovely. The gameplay feels quite nice too, except for some jumps that were a bit annoying, great job anyway!

The only game that was worth 5 stars in the "theme" section in my opinion, lacks a bit too much in the gameplay but this is pure genius, the art style is also quite interesting

Not really related to the theme but there is an incredible amount of juice in such a simple mechanic, so props to that

Interesting concept and fitting art style, but I found it rather difficult to play via mouse and keyboard, the latter controls being especially unintuive, but I still managed to get the highest score regardless ahahah

Does not shine for its originality and the difficulty ramps up very slowly, but the models and the colors are nice, also the music is fitting

Dashing towards a monster stuns it for a second, that way you can push it and get away from it, no rng at all. This is a somewhat "hidden mechanic" that I was hoping for the players to find out by themeselves while playing, since I thought that it would be natural to try dashing towards the monsters and see what the effects was. On my part, I should have added an explicit visual indicator of the stun, there is at least an audio cue for it.

Very interesting concept, despite the fact that it's not really connected to  the"protect" theme. I love the art style and the overall "demon" theme but it feels quite out of place with the mechanic itself, it's also a real shame that given such cool sprites the player has to focus only on the part of the screen with the numbers; I would have put the equations over the demons personally, it would have been more impactful. Anyway, great job!

Thank you for the kind words! I think that you're right, having the possibility to slightly move the light around could have added an interesting new layer to the game, I should try that and see out it turns out to be

Thank you! What do you mean with "edited some stuff"?

The game is indeed a bit slow, but it was done on purpose for the atmosphere's sake. I tried to compensate this making the player move faster and dash longer when the shield is not on. Also, what do you mean with "getting stuck"?
Having (maybe limited) control of the light source could have been interesting indeed, I also thought of blinding enemies with light but the point of the game is the trade-off between visibility and protection; if the light gave both of them, it wouldn't have made any sense.
Thanks for your feedback anyway!

I realized a bit too late in development that players may find the game obscure (sorry for the pun), mostly for what concerns the movement between rooms. Apart from that, this is basically PacMan with lights ahahah

We both made a light-based game using Godot and we also have a somewhat similiar cover art, nice ahahah. I loved the minimalistic art and the light mechanic was also really interesting, even though I think that the game should be a bit more punishing when the green square goes into the light: I managed to cheese most of the levels with very little regards of what the yellow one did. Anyway, it's one of the best entries in the jam in my opinion, excellent work!

One of the most original entries I've played so far, very interesting. Apart from a generic sound design, I think that my only concern with the game is the UI: it feels a bit too bloated to me, you could have went for something much more elegant and coincise. Despite this, I really enjoyed playing it, thanks also to the amount of different items that you managed to create

The aesthetic is great as wel as the overall theme, maybe the sound design was a bit too uninspired in comparison with the latter elements. I used to like ragdoll games a lot back in the days and this game is also a very nice addition to that genre, even though it took me a while to understand that I could drag across any part of the screen and not necessarily near the ragdoll itself. My only real complain with this game is that it totally unrelated to the theme, but apart from this, great work!