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Thanks for your words!
Yea I know, it's not very replayable, I managed to create something very simple and small to submit a day before the jam ending, in order to better manage submission moderation and the overall jam org :)
Organizing and moderating a jam is very hard :O

A nice single game. 

Sounds were very nice, and it's fitting the theme
That's pretty good for a jam entry.

Control were a little woobly
Graphic surely can be improved

Thanks for your work!

Extremely polished, with an unique graphic design.

SFX and music where absolutely perfect, the idea was neat and original and it's really theme fitted.
Woah, very nice work!
Thanks for your efforts making this :)

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A very complex game!
Pretty solid for a jam game, and also you nailed the theme.
Music was perfect, trivias and potato facts were enjoyable.
Very very very very good, nice work!

Things to improve:
UI: efficient, but surely improvable


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Nice bats!
Maybe, even with the simplest puzzle, implement some sort of gameplay on it :)
Awesome work :D

that's a LOT of knives :O

The first one!
Icons are usually very centric-based, so the core logo must be in the absolute center.

The second one is better for an "in game" splash screen

Great work! 
After the jam ends, you'll be able to comment and rate all the other submissions

Hi there Ryancole
Thanks for your message.

I just removed ATG Studio's entries :)

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Hi CrackIT!
As an organizer, I can officially confirm that the theme will have nothing to do with viruses.
It will be chosen randomly among a pool of possible themes selected by the organizers, a few minutes before the start.
It is our firm intention to choose a fun theme that can distract us from this bad situation.
Have fun with Quarantine Jam!

Thanks for your words!
We're very sorry, it's a known issue we've encountered in the last minutes and we had to submit.


Game Over in act 3 sometimes don't allow you to respawn after death.

An image, that's all.

Nice game,  I panicked when I wasn't able to return on a planet after a big jump.
Thanks for your work!

Awesome game and 3D style
The menu animation is great and sound effects are very juicy.

The mechanic nailed the theme and in the overall it's very polished and fun.


Little note:
On the second level, if you miss the little buddy and it goes away, you have to close and re-open the game because we can't restart :(

I'll surely play it later with my girlfriend :)

Where can I find the game? I can't find the download link

Nice little platformer :) 

Keep working and improving your skills as a game developer!

Hey there!
The gameplay and graphics reminds me a little of Downwell, really nice!
Maybe the game it's a little slow, some speed-up can greatly improve the gameplay.

In the overall it's a great entry, really fun to play

Shovelman is an awesome character concept :D

Very innovative puzzle game, that's also pretty polished.

Maybe the chromatic abberration was not needed, because it can ruin some clarity

Thanks for this great entry!

Thanks for rating share, feedbacks are very precious :D

I hope you'll like my entry :) That's my entry, I'll be happy if you can try it :)

My entry is :

I'll be happy to share some suggestions, play and rate your game :)

Oh, my bad! I didn't see the "try again" button.
Now it's WAAAAAAY better :)

Thanks a lot for your words, Lust1 :)

This reminds me some look n' feel from Another World and Uncanny Valley.
I love this art style!
The game fits the theme and it's pretty solid (no major bugs or problems)

Nice work!

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Don't be anxious, every jam game it's important, even unfinished/little ones! They're like medals into your gamedev uniform. Just keep collecting to improve yourself and learn something!

And btw your entry is great!

Thanks a lot for your kind review, Muffan :)

Thanks for your kind words :)

Nice driving game that fits the theme :)

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Lots of levels and an epic music, nice!

the story is very original and fun
Little note:
Dialogs are unskippable, if I die I have to re-watch the entire dialog :(
Dialogs are skippable when u die, just press the TRY AGAIN button :)

Pressing R kills the player

The game says that I have to press the "roll" key, but what's the roll key? :(

The style is awesome and the retro-music is very pleasant.

Thanks for your work :)

Maybe controls are toooooo slow, but it fits the theme :)

Keep working on your skills, gamedev it's hard and it needs lots of dedication :)

I don't understand what to do.
Can u write commands / a short description to help fellow players?
Thanks :)

232MB? it's a little too much! :)

Hi there, thanks for partecipating to this jam, your work is nice and theme-fitting.
Practice and progress, this first steps are a fundamental passage everybody we're into.
Keep working on it, you're doing great!

We need the data folder in order to play your game..

It doesn't seems to install. It's a problem of my computer?