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Don't touch them ballsView game page

An WebGl / android game involving lots of balls about not touching things.
Submitted by Wizart — 23 hours, 26 minutes before the deadline
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Game Design#1662.2782.278

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Jam HostSubmitted

Nice gameplay idea! Controls are just about right, IMHO it's ok to have some inertia. Maybe you could consider adding just a couple of materials with improved lighting design and you have a very nice game here. Solid entry!!


Simple idea but that's really not a bad thing. Good job on finishing a game. I had fun playing it :>. Maybe you could change a few simple things to spice it up. Make the movement more responsive it (almost) always feel better to fight the enemy and not the controls. Also you could change the score system so that it is not timer based but on pickups for example. That way you encourage the player to move through the map and not to wait in a corner and watch the score go up.


A bit too simple in my opinion, also the ball feels a bit slow. You could add some powerups or different types of obstacles to avoid maybe.


Got up to 45 - fun game I wish the ball would move a bit faster

Submitted (2 edits)

Simple but fun concept. 

The graphics need work, my advice when working with minimal style graphics is going for a more flat look, which means do not use specular/metallic, keep saturation down and use coherent colors not random. You can just google a color palette if you don't feel comfortable tweaking colors, really it takes 5 minutes to do it all and i think it would definitely improve the look of the game.


Nice little game I'm sure it would be much more fun on a mobile device as that is what it appears to be intended for. However the game play was fun. I over all enjoyed it.


There is an Android APK to play it on mobile available. I just provided Windows and HTML so that everyone will be able to Test ist quickly and hassle-free :)


A nice simple game that fits the theme and is well functioning. My suggestion for improvement would be adding a UI element that tells you how many "lives" you have left, and maybe a few  small obstacles for the player and the other balls, just to spice it up a bit  :)


I intended to add a a big bad ball that tries to catch the player, but i ended up spending the last day with my kids instead :) my son is a little sad, because he misses his Kindergardenfriends since it's closed down for Corona-safety. So we played with our dog and spent the day outside in the near Forrest and our garden. It was nice.


Nice lil self-contained game. Feels like it is what it wanted to be. Wasn't a fan of the sounds--they were a bit sharp. Also, it loses a bit of mystique when you figure out that just hanging out in a corner is much safer than moving at all. Maybe making the play area round could balance this.


thank you for the feedback. Initially I had the camera following the player around a bigger round Map, but I wanted the player to be able to see all of the balls simultaneously so that one can predict their movement better. But you are right, I'll try varying the lvl


Needs more stuff/contents. The graphics aren't that good. The idea is good just needs more...


Thanks for the feedback maybe i'll add more.

Jam HostSubmitted(+1)

A nice single game. 

Sounds were very nice, and it's fitting the theme
That's pretty good for a jam entry.

Control were a little woobly
Graphic surely can be improved

Thanks for your work!


Thank you for your feedback.