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I love the shovel!

I really liked the pixel art in this game. Great job!

Dam! It's a really nice game.  I really enjoyed how hard the last level was. Please do more levels. We all had a lot of fun.

One thing you could do: Make (certain) pipes reusable, but I don't know if that breaks the game. If so, maybe remove them after they have been used. You made a game that can be expanded very easily. Placeable walls that bounce the ball back, pipes that teleport the balls, are obvious candidates. I really would play this again if you add more levels ^^

This is so cool! I did not know of this sand flag game maybe i'll try it out in real live ^^

Nice idea! You could use some visual indicator to tell the player which robots are controlled. But cool game I like it!

Very cool!

Nice! Very cool concept, I love the flair!

Haha took me a while to get it good job!

This is nice. Are these fish boids? One thing you could consider is giving the chameleon-fishes different start positions on their color change animations, so they don't always look the same. I enjoyed your game :)

Damn, the introduction of the game is so cool! Good game overall I enjoyed it ^^

I really like these twin stick shooters with a more tactile approach. I also laughed at the way you incorporated  the theme. Good job!

It took me a bit to figure out but very cool!

Oh no I exploded is there a good ending? The game has a really fun concept

I loved this! This is so good! If the dialogues were more unique or told a story it would be even better. But still 5/5.

This is the hardest version of snake I've ever played xD I didn't even make it to the boss. But it's a nice twist on snake, I like it. Maybe add a difficulty option were the snake speed is lower. Cool game!

Oh, I remember programming this game in a preliminary course for university ^^ keep it going!

Thank you very much. I just wrote the description for the game if you want to know more about it. It was a bit late yesterday and I just couldn't be bothered anymore. I'll make sure to play your game as well ^^

The game is sooo cute even my project partner immediately started talking about how cute it is as she walked by. Good job I only wish there were more levels :>

Haha very nice game ^^ even comes with the camera controls of that era

Very cool good job!

Wow I really love the concept. Could be nice worker placement game if you tweak some numbers ^^

Oh cool I added it to my collection to be notified on any updates ^^

The game looks really good. I liked it very much. Cool theme aswell ^^.

Solid and fun movement. Maybe you could add some additional platforming challenges to make make it harder and more interesting to get the glowing spheres. That way you don't need that much more 3D models and no additional coding but it could make your game more interesting. Anywaycool game keep it up ^^

Its very fun to build up the unstoppable spinning circle of death love. Very cool game I only wish it was longer. Also good job on teasing the boss in the beginning.

Very nice spin on the all too common toilet paper idea. Fun game.

This looks soo good. I love it.

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I am SO sad there is only one level. I would have loved to see how you explored the puzzle mechanic. And tha MUSIC oh my. It fits so well to the already nice art you have new fan, music dude. 
Seriously more people need to play this ^^.

The game looked really good I liked the lighting and the rain and just the mood overall. Nicely done. Very cool.

Fun game maybe you could up the fire rate and the number of toilet papers to make it a bit faster. Good job.

You intertwined the jump and run part with the survival part really well good job. I would make the cut scenes shorter or skipable. Fun game ^^.

I loved the face he made when jumping ^^ Cute little game.

Great looking game. Could be even more fun if the controlswere more direct like WSAD or something. I love the visuals.

Wow the game looks sooo good.  And it sounds good. And the mood is great. I love it.

Wow that's parenting done right. Really good job.

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Very very cool concept. One time some food fell of the table and I was screening at my screen.

Cool concept. I took a while until I realized that the color of circles that indicate the problem matches the backpack color you head to use. Maybe you could write that some were in the tutorial bc thats a useful feature. Cool game.

Very cool game I loved the movement mechanic. I played it with my girlfriend and head a lot of fun.

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I like twin stick shooter style games.  Maybe you could fix the movement controls. Sometimes the character isn't moving even though I'm holding a movement button. Comment here if you do so and Ill play it again ^^. Good game. Great mood.