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#staysafegamejam #videogame #visualnovel #graphicadventure
Submitted by Eulalia Porto (@laliaporto), Beatriz Sabater Serna (@SabaterBeatriz), gamedyx — 1 hour, 57 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Best Mood Mojo#153.8333.833
Overall Creative Craze#223.8333.833
Relevant to the StaySave! Jam Theme#343.8333.833
Player Engagement Power#813.0003.000
Innovative Impact#1022.6672.667

Ranked from 6 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Very ambitious goal to create a narrative based game during a 48 hour gamejam, your team managed to pull through though and did a pretty good job. Curious to see what you will be able to come up with now that you are not restricted by the unforgiving nature of a gamejam timelimit.

Also, the text scrolling was kind of distracting, it's a cool effect but the way the text scales felt weird. Maybe try having it be fixed size instead ? (Might be a weird complaint, but just felt like pointing it out :) )


The game looks really good. I liked it very much. Cool theme aswell ^^.


Thank you very much!

We will continue developing this, so it's nice to recieve this kind of feedback :)

Have a good day!


Oh cool I added it to my collection to be notified on any updates ^^


Cool dialogues and art but there's no game-play I felt!

also, in the morning the bubble keys doesn't show up again!



First of all, thank you very much for your feedback!

We'll going to improve all the experience, being the first thing changing all the input for choosing the dialogues to something more intuitive like using the mouse and click on it. Being honest, we did like that just because we ran out of time.

About the no game-play feel... yeah, I kind of understand what you said. We focused on telling a story, more about the decision-making and the visual novel style. But I personally think (as the Narrative Designer) that we couldn't reach in the time we had: here we only had an intro, nothing else, not even showing the main core. Since we'll continue developing this, I hope once we have more days added, that sensation of no game-play goes out. Stay tunned for changes in the next weeks!

Thank you very much for your time trying this!


Mouse button is the best and common choice.
Ok, no problem, we will see you, Lalia, and your team with different version of this game later ;)


Very cute characters and nice visual style. I dig it!


Thank you very much! We are still developing this since we wanna show the full experience, so stay tunned for new changes in the next weeks!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Nice art  dialogues and sound!

Does it stop after the dialogue in the morning?

'Panda' looks more like a fox ;)

Thumbs up!


Thank you very much! We really appreciate your feedback on our game :)

About that, yes, we couldn't solve some bugs in the event line so it stops there. However, we are still in development, and in the next weeks we are going to do a full rework on everything, and finish it so it gives a full experience. 

About the Panda visuals, I'll give this feedback to the artists so they are aware of it. 

Again, thank you very much!