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Thanks a ton for the kind words and for playing our game so much! Glad you enjoyed it. My personal best is 94.

Thanks for checking it out! We definitely struggled with the time limit and our programmer almost had the visual feedback for good matches but couldn't get it working in time for it to make it in. Definitely on the same page about end state and restart stuff too! Thanks again!

Yeah I just couldn't tell if that was supposed to be happening or if it was a bug. Some kind of acknowledgement that that may happen would make it feel more intentional.

Very cool! The difficulty jump from medium to hard is quite extreme o.o

If you expand on this, I think it could help to revisit the jumping physics. It felt too strong. Congrats on your first game!

Very cute, and I liked the little pbbt sound the cats made sometimes. I would've liked a clearer understanding about the cat behavior--sometimes they'd seemingly just lose interest and wander off while the pointer was on in front of them.

It's very cute but the objective and mechanics weren't very clear. It would seemingly randomly stop me and display "llama's x1" and put me back at the start.

I don't know if maybe something isn't displaying properly other than the numbers and names in the middle but I couldn't figure out what you're supposed to do. I had to read the comments to find out that you have to click and drag, but I still don't know how to tell which person I'm supposed to connect the calls to.

The controls were a bit rough but overall it's a nice game! Feels polished and has good replay value, a straightforward but engaging loop.

Thanks for the feedback and for checking out our game!

Thank you, and thanks for playing! Yeah restart button woulda helped a lot but that time limit got to us :/

Yeah sorry about the lack of restart button :( Thanks for playing!

Thanks so much for checking it out! Yeah we were bummed when we realized we didn't have time / forgot to add a restart button lol

I agree with the other commenter that you've got something there conceptually with turning zombies back into humans. But in its current state, it's just a bit too repetitive and samey for me.

Wow, thank you! We agree that it needs more content, and we definitely have expansion plans. Stay tuned. :) Thanks again!

Thank you so much for playing and for the kind words!

The progressive darkening is an interesting mechanic. It took me three tries of constant clicking for any of my attacks to land, though, and it didn't feel fun. With a more forgiving attack range and some sounds to give the player feedback for when an attack lands, I'd try it again.

Very enjoyable to play! Trying to catch the fast lil birds while remembering which ones you've already photographed is challenging indeed. To beat it I had to yell out loud their colors as I took their pictures to help me remember haha. My only real critique is that it doesn't really have replay value and as such is relatively short. But feels whole. Good job!

Nice lil self-contained game. Feels like it is what it wanted to be. Wasn't a fan of the sounds--they were a bit sharp. Also, it loses a bit of mystique when you figure out that just hanging out in a corner is much safer than moving at all. Maybe making the play area round could balance this.

Clever concept! I like the strategy to it, but the controls felt a bit clunky, especially for moving (maybe just wasd or arrow keys to move instead of clicking?). It was also unclear how picking up the bullet would affect action points. Having sound would be nice :)

Thank you for playing! The eggplants just spawn every now and then.

Yay thank you so much for playing our game!

I kind of don't get it? Needs instructions.

Cute and whimsical! Got 141 deer. I have small hands tho so it was rough having everything on one side of the keyboard. Having a run button felt unnecessary because there's not much of a reason to ever not run. The feed + water sound effects made me feel like I was doing something wrong at first because one of them is very sharp and the other sounds like a "you can't do that" low vibratey sound.