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Cool idea the switch from simple soldier platformer to army leader strategy game!

Loved this one! The music and mood are fantastic, perfectly capture the feelings of being alone in the nothingness of space. Amazing writing too!

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I liked it! Very challenging to figure out at first. I didn't understand the goal of the game at first, i didn't understand you could edit the numbers, i thought you had to figure out the combination from the set  of numbers. Once you get that, you can progress easily.

Pretty fun and challenging experience overall, well done!

The 2D art was really great and i loved that transition, smart.

Thanks for the feedback glad you enjoyed! That's a sanic fast time damn

Thanks! Appreciated!

Actually i run him over with a time of 2:05 ;)

Loved it! There are soooo many weapons! Unfortunately i wasn't able to get to the boss (i tried) but had a blast. One of my favourites so far

Great game! The combat feels really nice and the art and sounds fit very well. Walrus + Busterword is OP!

I like the gravity mechanic with placeable planets, very creative!  Good job guys!

Nice platformer mechanics! I beat it in 9:05!

Impressive work! The only thing missing is a lock-on feature since kiting monster is tricky.

Love the art, the world building is also awesome, many nice little details.

Nice stealth mechanics, i enjoyed it. Creative work!

Thank you for the kind words!

The art and animations are amazing, the movement and shooting is fluid. Nice work

Thank you!

So hard in a fun way, love the way you have to multitask. A feedback on the arrow  when you get it right would be nice.

Very cute concept, would love to play the complete version of this

Hehe thanks! You can actually save them all with enough teamwork and solidarity!

Jazz always fits!

Hehe thanks

Thank you!

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Thank you!! It's actually the first time i tackled into coding RTS mechanics even though i've been an avid Starcraft2 player :D


Love the idea and amazing execution! The game is really polished under every aspect, impressive work!

The only thing gameplay wise is that you can just keep clumping infected people together by drawing circles on the same spots and do the same with non-infected ones and it becomes really easy to win (except the last level hehe) and their different character paths don't really matter anymore. 

Maybe if you could only draw straight lines so the pathing mechanic is used more! Not sure about that. Anyways, great game guys! 

Thank you!

Very creative idea! I didn't understand how to save the other knights besides the red one, not even sure if it's possible. But yeah, the idea has potential, could be a really nice puzzle game if the goal was to save them all at the same time!

Thank you man! Appreciated it!

Very cute well made game! The graphics, sounds and animations are polished and fit quite well, and that level design! So many levels! Amazing work!

Funny game! 

Sometimes crabs are hard to see because it's dark and they accelerate a lot while falling.  Maybe add more feedback to crabs falling, like bounce sounds and subtle trail/fx so they can be caught better!

Graphics are fantastic and the sound of the waves crashing on the island is relaxing!

Unfortunately there's too little gameplay and it's too easy! Could be really fun with some added challenge, like some sort of puzzle instead of revealing the position on the map immediately!

Very cute game!

I like the pixel art and the mechanics are simple but well polished. 

The aiming mechanic is not used since enemies always come from the same 3 directions. It could have been WAD or left/right/up arrow to shoot and it would have been the same and actually spared us some wrist pain you get later in the game from clicking back and forth at high speed.

Or instead, let the parachute enemies to fly at you from multiple directions.

Very interesting concept, i love the art, the music and the sounds fit nicely.

The mood is  perfect, really makes you feel like a predator tricking them fool humans!

Would have liked a kill counter to keep track of how many enemies you killed!

Very pretty game, i enjoyed it.

Controls are a little bit awkward at first, i think the direction arrow feedback should be on the ship not where you tap your finger, otherwise you think that's the direction the hook is going when it's not!

Other than that, the game is very polished and the game is fun. Good job!

Thank you for the feedback

Nice game! It's fun to run around trying to get all the endings. Took me a while to find the "box" piece of the radio haha!

A little nitpick is that when you open the crafting menu you cannot move but the timer keeps going, i think you should still be able to move.

Thank you!

Thanks a lot!

Now that i think about it, you were also streaming so that may have impacted your performances quite a bit.

But yeah, overall didn't really have time to optimize..

Thanks for playing!